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  1. I keep hearing these players are good enough, no they aren't, only Fitzsimmons, Ward, Enzio, Hemmings and Dennis have shown any quality for me, Vaughan obviously has quality but difficult in League 2 for him. The new manager needs to be brave, get Osborne in on the wing, Patching into Midfield, Kellet either left back or left wing.
  2. Wouldn't send Osbourne out on loan, he should be starting while Enzio is out, We need to replace Jones,Evina, Brisley, Duffy, Husin, Milsom, Thomas. The manager needs to change it, no point changing the manager if he's going pick the same players that all the fans know aren't good enough, we need direct players who go forward rather than sideways and back all the time.
  3. As a club at this time Mansfield are poles ahead of us, just because they are our rivals it doesn't bother me saying that, I like to see clubs well run and that's exactly what they are......doesnt mean we can't turn them over on Saturday though, but we'll need to be near our best (with Steady and Kane back) and the Stags having an off day.
  4. Solid appointment and that's what was required.
  5. If it's not going to be Hurst, then I don't really want any of the others mentioned.
  6. It looks like there is only one spot for going down as i'd be very surprised if Macclesfield don't finish in bottom two, if we continue to play like we did the last 3 games ( not including Donny game) then we will definitely be joining them.
  7. I don't like to single people out, but less than a handful can hold their head up to a certain degree.
  8. We are already a laughing stock but reappointing Nolan would take it to another level, the owner needs to listen to the fans this time, whoever comes in will have to have the fans support from day one. If Paul Hurst doesn't come then I'm seriously going to start to worry.
  9. @liampie Correct,these players will not keep us up.
  10. If truth be told on current form we deserve to go, if the worst does happen, hopefully we'll come back stronger all with a dose of realism
  11. Lack of ability with most of the players, pride in the shirt with some of the players, as for confidence if you ain't any good you won't have any. Whoever said being the England manager was an impossible job had never watched Notts County.
  12. I don't like making comments on things that are not football related, I understand football, don't pretend to understand how takeovers work, everything is just speculation unless you are in the know and pure guess work, things will eventually sort themselves out in the fullness of time and I firmly believe everything will be done in the best intersts of NCFC.
  13. I agree with just giving Cooper the job till the end of the season especially with all the uncertainly going on around the club, the slight issue I have is he has a big impact and everyone likes what they see but down to a bit of bad luck in certain games he doesn't reach the points target (after all you don't always get what you deserve in football), I just hope common sense prevails.
  14. Just wondering if this has been done before where a manager needs to get a certain amount of points before being offered a longer contract? It feels like nothings ever done simple at Notts and just seems on the surface like it's an added complication.

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