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  1. Saying that mansfirld are really spending cash this time just digned lee Angol from posh wont be on cheap wages. either so thats angol spencer also marc mcnulty is on his way there apparently they musy have one hell of a budget
  2. There is certain things i hate whoever we sign certain people wont be impressed who are you expecting ronaldo messi who? expectations of some fans Hes 28 and none of us have seen him kick a ball yet kevin nolan has more knowledge of football then we do. so il trust his judgement one he actually turned down a contract to stay at lincoln also was rumoured colchester were intrested and oxford on twitter again rumoured so And if you belive in rumours theres certain people claiming liam sercombe of oxford is linked with us cant see it happening tho as oxford want a fee Also we dont have any wingers left an grant looks likely to go wigan or bristol Lets not do what we have done before spend big money on players like mcleod
  3. Use navy when my dad goes up use broken wheelbarrow when on my own and 3 pints of guiness for Β£6 quid cant cant argue good atmosphere to
  4. Campbell is not a winger i said this to @chris any decent winger worth his pay would exploit that spave use pace and be direct to the full back he didnt. He hardly did anything he just got paid to watch
  5. This is intresting i travel from worcester but go thro birmingham and i rember when villa were playing derby and a train from derby pulled in all you saw was around 20 lads smashed clearly lookin for villa I travel to meadow lane on my own an away on my own have a few pints etc no problem with anyone. Goin wycombe on my own to even tho heard wycombe the actual place is a crap hole as a town an is rough
  6. Arent newport that bottom of the league team that came to meadow lane an hammerd us and could have 4 or 5 expect cheltenham to do the same we are in big trouble. Unless alot of these rubbish players have there contracts cut and we start to bring in what we need
  7. Its flitcroft thats my money on anyway but who knows
  8. Have a strange feeling its flitcroft whos got the job
  9. Zidane is coachin one of the worlds richest footballing clubs and have everythin in place how would he do with a burnley side
  10. I dont aagree with hes played under good managers may have learnt stuff etc etc Stevn Gerrard has played under top managers and the premier league his carrer and england an won champions league. Doesnt mean hel be a decent manager same for smith i hope its one game only and im unsure as to why on every bookies hes odds on for the job before he was announcrd csretaker manager
  11. Apparently St Mirren are interviewing jamie fullarton St Mirren who are bottom of the scottish championship. I hope he doesn't get another footballing job no one should have to go through his footballing ways god help them if he gets the job
  12. I've always said I'd rather make mistakes in the oppositions box then our own six yard box. Stan is good at times yes but as for oconner missing the penalty that could of happened to anyone yes he didn't have a brilliant game no. But Stan should never of played that back to the goalie he should of just cleared it if in doubt hel know that himself.
  13. Burke is not fit lazy hardly runs jus jogs doesn't tackle has one decent shot out of 20 attempts. i don't think he's that good at all
  14. don't think the budget is stretched just we have loads of players like milsom who's always injured but won't move on as he's a injury prone and people won't take him. Hewitt is another one rubbish who would take him Mcleod big wages who will offer him what we may be paying him. its still a big squad to big

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