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  1. I have no wish to post on a forum, where an 18 year-old can "amend" my contributions......sorry, but I have principles ps....I'm not even sure that what happened is even legal.......but actually, I don't care
  2. I have no idea what this means, Jimmy, breaking bad....Saul? I understood the first bit where you congratulate a MOD on changing my actual words.....I am not sure that what this site has done is actually legal, but hey-ho, it was only one word that you allowed to be changed....so who cares? So if I say that Trump is an idiot...I could "punch" him?................you are allowed to change that to "ass***inate" him? (my asterisks....because you do know that almost all internet conversations are tracked and stored somewhere?) If you did that, I'm pretty sure the CIA/FBI/Homeland Se
  3. @ohstanleyaborah.....so a moderator can alter my words?.......without telling me, or anyone else.....wow, I genuinely didn't know that......actually it's pretty scary! So over on MAD, Ray is threatening to take someone to court over something that the person typed.......what if he didn't type it?.....but a MOD altered his words......I am genuinely confused.
  4. OK.....just popped in to hide from the absurd temps again outside..............I was running another 45 metres of goat and sheep fencing, and chopping cactus as I went.....I got a bit dizzy, spotted the temps were over 35 degrees C in the shade....plus my pint glass was empty..............anyway, I digress again, oops. I have just re-read my original post.....and someone has altered my wording.......honestly! Can you (whoever you are?), actually do that? I honestly don't mind....if it makes my posts funnier or wittier......but I seriously don't think I've used the word "pooping"
  5. Mark Cooper has recently identified the reason for our sporadic run of results.......niggling knocks picked up in training. To combat this problem, he has instructed all players to attend training......coated in bubble-wrap! After today's training, Mark was quoted as saying: "Things got off to a poor start, when two of the players turned up in shrink-wrap! They obviously didn't read the e-mail correctly....or they're just plain stupid, I'm not too sure" Both players were sent home again, with Mark saying ................................"They were both past their sell-by dat
  6. Don't worry, you're safe........your last post registered 6.3 on Tarkers Clapometer.
  7. I'm not being nasty or picky.....you have lots of interesting points, but I have to read many of your posts two or three times to understand them. You appear to put all your points together in the same sentence? If you talk, the same as you type....I'm surprised you don't faint from Cerebral Hypoxia.................I almost fainted , just by reading it! So........my free punctuation service. I have restructured your post so everyone can read it! (I prefer the use of ellipsis to indicate periods of intentional silence.............like that?) Here goes: "Balmy has s
  8. @notts-joe has given me the job of culling some of the PON members......now before you get upset at my new role, allow me to explain. This site uses up a lot of resources, and 606 users is simply too great a number, especially if you are not bothering to post anything. Lots of people have signed up, most with pretty boring user-names, just to avail themselves of the free PON t-shirt and 4 cans of Double Diamond offer. Some people have only made 1 post....just to introduce themselves.....here is an example from the archives: "My name is Fred. I have been a Notts fan sinc
  9. Putin would be interesting.....the guy has some serious clout!!
  10. If you make 10 posts, you get a free banana.............I'll swap you for an orange? Ignore me.....I'm mad......wibble wibble wibble
  11. Amazing how many fat people there is in the US......one day with me, killing and gutting chickens instead of driving to Walmart for his nuggets, and he will be asking for fruit and veg instead....hahaha
  12. I hate to say "I told you so", but the May 1st situation on Arctic Sea Ice (interactive graph attached) is literally incredible.....May 1st is an important date in as much as the Arctic is now in "full melt" mode, having had it's first full month of sunshine, and we all know that World temps are rising rapidly. https://ads.nipr.ac.jp/vishop/vishop-extent.html By hovering the mouse over the red line May 1st date we find this....1980s average 13.97 million, falling to 13.48 in the 1990s and 13.1 in the 2000s.......and today 2016?? 12.195......that is literally stunning........12.2
  13. Couldn't agree more. All this anti-Trew stuff started after yet another rookie manager was appointed. If we have Coops in charge plus the spine of a decent team, GK, 2 decent backs, 2 creative midfielders and 1 Hughsey-type striker, then quite frankly I don't care who "owns" Notts whether it be Mr and Mrs T, Donald Trump or Donald Duck.....if it's the latter, I bet we see a boost in Children's Season tickets....quack quack.
  14. If the Republican Party were serious about upsetting his Presidential campaign, why have they not found a powerful, credible alternative? Surely with the vast funding that could be mustered, they could out-spend Trump who is using mostly his own cash....I am starting to wonder if they actually want Trump to win after all. My main concern, being just south of the border, is his verbal attacks on Mexico. Building a new wall, sending back illegals, stopping US investment down here.......it's almost like talk of war, albeit an Economic War. When people talk about "illegals" the

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