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  1. Tomorrow's attendance

    Or maybe you shouldn't have read it the way you did, end of, simple? I don't regret writing it because I know the way it was intended. If I had put "Any Notts fan who doesn't want to see a packed Meadow Lane must be mad", or "Any Notts fan who doesn't want to see a packed Meadow Lane must be off their head" you could take that as a slur on the mentally ill if you really wanted to. Anyway, I refuse to accept your warning because I can honestly say that no offence was meant, so I'll quietly log out and leave you to be offended in peace.
  2. Tomorrow's attendance

    While it probably wasn't the best choice of words, I'm amazed you were offended by it. If you really want to take it as a slur on people with mental illness then that's up to you, but it certainly wasn't meant that way.
  3. Tomorrow's attendance

    "Heavily published"? I presume you mean punished. If what you say is true, please name these clubs for me.
  4. Tomorrow's attendance

    Where did that come from? I never mentioned or even thought about anything to do with disability. I simply took 'hassle' to mean a much bigger crowd than usual, and that I'd be surprised if any ST holder wouldn't attend because of it. If it's due to disability that's a whole new discussion and one I never intended to be involved in. You have put two and two together and made five here.
  5. Tomorrow's attendance

    I think you are wrong. I was basing my claim on this from another site: "In England the rules of the premier league say that attendance figures that are publicly reported should be the number of tickets that are issued or sold. Not the number of people who actually attend. (I understand the football league rules say the same, although I couldn’t find the precise clause.)" I know Forest include ST numbers in their declared attendances whether they attend or not and have done for years.
  6. Do you enjoy cooking?

    Brilliant topic. Since I took early retirement cooking has become one of my passions, in fact I now only allow my wife in the kitchen on pot-washing duties! One of my specialities is a home made pizza, especially making the dough from scratch. It's also much healthier than a takeaway pizza, because you know exactly what has gone into making it, and the topping is generous and evenly spread. With a lot of supermarket pizzas, one person gets the ham, one the mushroom, one the onion and another nothing but cheese!
  7. Tomorrow's attendance

    Sorry Joe, but I predict your prediction will leave you with copious amounts of egg on your face. As I understand it, the attendance is declared on tickets sold rather than actual attendees on the day, which makes a forecast of 13,000 laughable.
  8. Tomorrow's attendance

    Sorry, but I can't understand that at all. Are you seriously suggesting that season ticket holders won't be attending "due to them expecting various forms of hassle on the day"? Absolutely incredible, ST holders won't bother going because it might be cold or a bit harder to get in than it usually is?????? How about them setting off 15 minutes earlier? I can't wait to finally see a packed Meadow Lane again, any Notts fan thinking otherwise needs to be sectioned in my opinion.
  9. Prediction League Round 30

    Leeds United 1 v 1 Cardiff City Preston North End 1 v 0 Hull City Northampton Town 2 v 1 Rochdale Plymouth Argyle 1 v 2 Blackburn Rovers Colchester United 1 v 1 Newport County (Joker) Luton Town 1 v 2 Exeter City
  10. Prediction League Round 29

    Barnsley 0 v 2 Fulham Ipswich Town 1 v 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers (Joker) Portsmouth 1 v 0 Shrewsbury Town Southend United 1 v 1 Scunthorpe United Carlisle United 2 v 1 Forest Green Rovers Morecambe 0 v 2 Mansfield Town
  11. The easiest 'GREAT BIG YES' answer of the season.
  12. 2017-18 League Two: Promotion and Relegation

    1st Luton 2nd Coventry 3rd Mansfield Play-offs Wycombe Relegated 23rd Morecambe 24th Barnet
  13. Match Discussion: Game 29 - The Grecians (H)

    The five man midfield just didn't work. Allessandra, Noble, Husin, Virtue and Grant are all technically gifted players with good passing skills but none of them are ball winning battlers in the mould of Yates and Hewitt, who we missed badly in the centre of the park. We made it easy for a decent Exeter side by giving them far too much time and space on the ball. You need someone to do the dirty work to succeed in this division, yesterday we had no-one.
  14. Prediction League Round 28

    Norwich City 1 v 1 Sheffield United (Joker) Sunderland 0 v 0 Hull City Northampton Town 2 v 1 MK Dons Plymouth Argyle 1 v 1 Wigan Athletic Coventry City 2 v 1 Swindon Town Yeovil Town 1 v 1 Chesterfield
  15. Being a bigger player than Ryan Yates was for us is a very high bar to set. If he gets anywhere close he will be a good addition.

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