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  1. If they really have offered him a 3 year deal I would be amazed if he didn't accept it. They won't want him playing reserve football however, so a loan deal somewhere seems likely. I would expect a few League 1 clubs to show interest, but we do have 3 things that might give us a chance. We're local for him, it would be easy for them to monitor his progress, and he clearly enjoyed his spell with us last season. It would be good to get him, because creative players who can score goals aren't easy to find.
  2. Pleased with this. A poor right back, but passable cover in central defence and a promising central midfielder. Not the sort to win many MOM awards, but if he carries on improving he could play a positive role next season.
  3. I've just got back from holiday where I had no internet for a few days, which meant I had to speak to my wife. Turns out she's quite a nice lady.
  4. I liked Wildin on what I saw in reserve games, a bit disappointing that he didn't get the chance to show what he could do in the first team. McMillan was supposed to be a serious talent, reports suggested he was being monitored by a few big clubs including Liverpool. Saying that, this was the season they should have been making the breakthrough, and neither did. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.
  5. I think Audel was one of those borderline decisions. I always liked his 100% attitude and he had some good games, but you always sensed a mistake wasn't far away. On balance I would trust Nolan's decision as Audel wasn't even making the bench under him and you would hope he will spend the wages better on someone else.
  6. A very difficult choice in that no-one was either outstanding or particularly poor. I'd agree with the sponsors at the game and give it to Haydn Hollis on the basis of a solid performance, no errors and a clean sheet.
  7. My sister, eldest daughter's boyfriend and regular squash partner all support Forest. Middle daughter's boyfriend supports Man U, youngest daughter's boyfriend supports Arsenal. When I say 'support', I mainly mean 'follow' because only my sister actually goes to games. I took the Man U fan to the Portsmouth game and he was genuinely surprised that the level of passion at a League 2 game outdid the few Premiership he has attended.
  8. Not too fussed on this one, as I understand it Adam Collin is contracted for another year, so I wouldn't be disappointed if he kept the shirt next season. As others have said he's a fairly standard keeper for this division, not too many spectacular games but not many poor ones either. If we have money to spare then look for better, but otherwise that money could be better spent elsewhere.
  9. Blackburn Rovers 2-1 Aston Villa Fulham 2-0 Brentford QPR 1-1 Nottingham Forest Carlisle United 0-1 Newport County Cheltenham Town 2-1 Hartlepool (Joker) Doncaster Rovers 1-1 Exeter City
  10. I agree with that, football commentary is a skilled profession where your main duty is to accurately convey what is happening on the pitch, but when it is for a low level local club you ideally need to have a slight partisan attitude, which isn't an easy balance to strike. Can't say I'm in favour of a former player stepping up to the main role, they are good for occasional comments but I doubt they would be up to the 90 minutes job. Colin was definitely old school, I can't suggest any names for his replacement, but it will be interesting to hear who follows.
  11. Definitely the end of an era. Colin is almost part of the furniture at Meadow Lane, it was his voice I heard on the radio commentating on Notts when I first started supporting the club 47 years ago. It's good to hear that he will still have a strong involvement (he hopes to attend 30-35 games per season) but at his age I think he deserves to miss those Tuesday night trips to Hartlepool in the middle of winter! I hope the club give him the opportunity to step on the pitch this Saturday at his final home commentary either pre-match or at half time so we can show our appreciation.
  12. This often quoted 28K income figure is a load of rubbish. It simply refers to what Alan Hardy projected the gate income and sponsorship would be. There is a £70,000 FA grant to be added, plus income for those players with a central contract with the England squad, and probably more. If Hardy has decided that the Ladies team are a drain on his finances that he isn't prepared to tolerate then he is quite within his rights to pull the plug. I just wish he had done it in a more professional and dignified way and avoided the half-truths and misinformation in the statement he issued. Surely that's the least someone losing their job deserves.
  13. Brentford 2 v 1 Queens Park Rangers Burton Albion 1 v 1 Leeds United Oldham Athletic 1 v 0 Rochdae Swindon Town 1 v 2 Scunthorpe United Blackpool 2 v 0 Cheltenham Town Stevenage 0 v 0 Mansfield Town (Joker)
  14. Sad to see them go. It's hard to argue with the decision though as the finances were never going to add up.
  15. Looks like you've got your 'disbanded' wish: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39667392

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