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  1. Simple and cheap solution to this - just bring back the old Home Ales sponsored 'Ivor Thirst' scoreboard that used to be situated on the uncovered terraces on the Kop. For any youngsters, this was the way we were updated on other game in the olden days. You had to buy the match programme, in which a number of relevant games were listed in A - Z format. At half time the blokes in there put up numbers below the letters to give half time scores at the nominated fixtures elsewhere. The Forest (away) game was always included and the tantalising wait for a 1, 2 or 3 to go up first followed by a zero second was always met by a huge cheer when the home team were in front. The internet is a great invention, but sometimes the old ways were much more exciting.
  2. Firstly, I only rated 5 of the 13 players above a 6, which hardly qualifies as "most". The reason we didn't get enough shots on target and win is because the midfield and forwards didn't play that well. Out of the six of them I only marked Hemmings above a 6 because I thought he did a decent job as a lone striker with very little support. There are no right or wrong answers on topics like these, they are designed to give those unable to attend a general idea of who played well and who didn't. By all means disagree with my ratings, but it would be more helpful if you offered your own.
  3. Scholfield 6 - kicking not the best, did make one good save from a deflected shot. Tootle 6 - still not the Tootle of last season, but did ok. Stubbs 7 - didn't do much wrong, looks a good player in the making. Duffy 7* - I know Duffy has his critics, but his reading of the game makes him our best option in central defence. Milson 7 - looked solid, he has made the left back position his own. Enzio 5.5 - can't fault him for effort, but we struggled to get him involved in the game and he missed by far our best chance. Rose 6 - did a decent job in stopping them build attacks. Alles 4.5 - had the first touch of an elephant and still can't beat a man. Vaughan 5 - I though passing was supposed to be his plus point? He struggled to do even the simple stuff. Doyle 6 - always made himself available for a pass, but his set pieces were poor. Hemmings 6.5 - did as much as could be expected as he was often left isolated up front. Mackail-Smith 5 - I was hoping he would be brought on, but not his best day. Patching 6.5 - some good moments in the short time he was on. A dull game which neither side did enough to win. I suppose we are a point closer to Yeovil, but we have to be far more creative if we want to stay up. The most disappointing thing is that in the last 20 minutes we struggled to get out of our own half.
  4. I generally agree with the ratings, we were poor all over the pitch. I don't know if we approached the game thinking we are suddenly a good side, but there seemed an air of arrogance and complacency about it all, starting with the decision to rest Stead and CMS. Newport wanted it more than we did and got what they deserved. The man of the match award had to be the easiest of the season, but those awarding it still managed to get it wrong. When Hemmings was announced it was met with a mixture of boos, puzzled expressions and laughter. Jim O'Brien was the real winner by a mile. Not everything he did came off, but he was the only one willing to try things and the only one who really looked like he was up for it.
  5. The temptation is to give top marks all round, but this is my best alcohol related attempt at being rational: Schofield 6 – hard to rate him, because he had very little to do. One wayward kick, otherwise fine. Rose 8 – defended well and offered some good forward options. Barclay and Stubbs 8 - I'm rating them as one as they were hard to separate. Mature beyond their years, won almost everything and when they got changed I think they would find Walker and Hamilton in the back pocket of their shorts. Milsom 8 – our left seemed to be the focus of their attacks, but Milsom withstood everything they threw at him. Mackail-Smith 8.5* - We’ve been regularly linked with him in the past and I always hoped we would sign him, but when we eventually did, I thought it might be too late. How wrong was I? He caused them problems throughout, and supplied the superbly controlled finish for the decisive goal. A great addition to the squad. Doyle and O’Brien 8 – again I have to rate them as one because they offer the same - a calm head, a crunching tackle, and an always available option for the simple pass. Again, both of them are brilliant signings. Boldewijn 7 – not everything came off, but he genuinely scares defenders. The opposition tend to double mark him which should free up space for others. Gomis 7 – his willingness to run, chase and offer an outlet for a pass makes him a good forward option. Maybe needs to offer more goal threat, but looks another good addition. Stead 7 – didn’t give them an easy afternoon, came close with a header and did his job. Allessandra 6 – did ok in his short spell. Hemmings 6 – missed a good chance but at least was in the right position. May still have a part to play. A really, really enjoyable afternoon against them at last. Maybe they now know what it feels like when your team just don’t turn up, a feeling we are all too familiar with. Full marks to Neil Ardley who won the mental and tactical battle against Flitcroft hands down. The reality is that we are still 24th, but that can wait until tomorrow.
  6. I realise it doesn't make me right, but I'm still struggling to see how he played "superbly well". To play superbly well he would have had to make a string of brilliant saves, and he didn't make a single difficult save! I also realise it's about more than just saves, and he may have communicated with the defence well but his kicking was average. I suppose your definition of "playing superbly well" is rather different to mine. This isn't meant to come across as just criticism of him, because I did highlight some positives in my earlier post. It was just an appraisal of his performance against Lincoln.
  7. A couple of things wrong with that post. Firstly, he didn't play "superbly well", he had a slightly below par game in my opinion. Secondly, saying he was beaten by a well driven shot into the top corner is plain wrong. It was a low shot from 25 yards that I feel he should have got something on. I thought it at the time from my seat in the stand, and TV replays have done nothing to change that. I agree that his defenders should have done more to close the attacker down, but he seemed slow to react. Don't get me wrong, I think he will make a good keeper in time, but Saturday wasn't his finest hour. I would certainly pick him ahead of Fitzsimons, and I will highlight a couple of positives. I loved the way he went around the whole team just before kick off wishing them all well (reminded me of Kaspar), and I loved the passion he showed celebrating in front of the Kop after their penalty miss. He can only improve and I think he will turn out to be a good signing, but you can only give marks on what you see, and a 6 was the most he deserved against Lincoln.
  8. Schofield 5.5 - didn't convince on crosses and maybe should have done better with their goal. Rose 7 - solid defensively and offered something going forward. Milsom 6.5 - did a good job at left back, certainly a better option than Jones. Stubbs 7 - looked confident and composed, stood up well to the physical threat they offered. Barclay 7 - as above. Allessandra 6 - got involved in the first half, faded as the game went on. Boldewijn 7 - a constant threat, good to see him back. O'Brien 7 - formed a good partnership with Doyle, together they addressed one of our biggest problems. Doyle 7.5* - Always in the action, held midfield together and gave us shape. Looks a very good signing. Stead 6.5 - led the line well and won more headers than usual. Mackail-Smith 7 - worked hard to close them down and offered plenty of movement up front. Subs Hemmings 6 - did ok when he came on, hopefully still has a part to play. Gomis 6 - the odd glimpse of promise, let down by his control when his chance came. A much better performance where we matched them for effort and had a central midfield for once. Unfortunately, the reality is that it's another game ticked off and we're only one point better off. The positive is that if we can repeat this level of performance over the rest of the season, we still have a bit of a chance.
  9. A few candidates, but Michael Doyle just shades it for me. He gave us the calm head in central midfield we have lacked all season. Always in the thick of things, just a pity we didn't have him earlier.
  10. Usually it's hard to pick a MOM because there are so few worthy candidates, but today it's difficult because there are so many. That was a real team performance where everyone worked for each other for once. Even though we didn't get the result we deserved, I suspect most of us are more upbeat than we've been for a while. If we can repeat that level of effort and desire next year we will be ok, if we slip back to the Macc performance we're doomed. On to the topic, my vote goes to Pierce Bird. For a lad of 19 to make his full debut against the most potent attack in the division and play like a seasoned veteran is something else. I've always liked what I've seen of him, I just hope he gets more first team action to show how far he can go.
  11. Nice idea, but getting rid of a footballer on the basis of him not meeting minimum performance standards wouldn't have a cat in hell's chance in any industrial tribunal. Unless they are guilty of gross misconduct, once you sign them you are stuck with them until their contract expires. The blame lies with whoever signed them if they are no good, or with those failing to get the best out of them if they do have some ability.
  12. How can he sack them? The only way he can get rid is to pay up their contracts or find another club prepared to take them. Neither are likely.
  13. The positive is that whatever the result, we can't go any lower..... until May, and that's the big, big negative.

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