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  1. Where do you think Notts will finish this season?

    I'll predict 14th place so have gone for mid-table. Too many weak areas and too little competition for places at the moment to expect a play off push. It will need 3 or 4 more signings to give us a squad capable of competing at the top end.
  2. grant is back in black & white!

    Fair play to Alan Hardy (eventually), this is a bit of a 'Wow' signing. I expected Grant to go to a League 1 club this season so very pleased to have his services. It was obvious from his interviews and body language that he enjoyed his spell with us last season, let's hope he carries on where he left off.
  3. A bit more optimistic if anything. They looked what they are, a team a couple of levels above us but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of chances we created with a weakened team. The team for the last 20 minutes in fact consisted of one first teamer (Milsom), 2 fringe players (Forte & Dickinson) with the other 8 made up of triallists, coaching staff and youth players. Of the new boys, Jones looks a better option at left back than Dicko, and Hawkridge has impressed me more than Alessandra so far. Alessandra has struggled to get involved a bit, though I don't think he's been played in his best position. Can't say any of the triallists really caught the eye. The loan of Grant should fill the creative midfield slot, but we still need a few more players in to fill the other gaps.
  4. I'll be there tonight, but unfortunately can only predict a comprehensive defeat. We will struggle to put out any sort of competitive team from what I can see. The strongest (in the loosest possible sense of the word) would seem to be: Collin Tootle, Duffy, Hollis, Jones Hawkridge, Hewitt, Milsom, Alessandra Stead, Ameobi I assume Curtis Thompson is still injured, so unless I've forgotten anyone that only leaves Dickinson and Forte on the bench who would be considered as genuine first team squad, with the other places made up of triallists, coaching staff and youth players. We need a few signings urgently.
  5. Stead is wearing the (quite stylish) training top in that vid. The actual home shirt is definitely striped.
  6. I've gone for Elliott Hewitt. If we play him as a holding midfielder I think he can make himself an automatic selection.
  7. Pre-Season 2017-18

    I'm afraid it's impossible to give any real opinions due to the weakness of the opposition. The game was played almost entirely in their half, and it would have been an easy win even if I had played for 90 minutes! In the first half Hodge looked quite lively and second half Dan Jones got forward well. I quite enjoy this fixture because it offers a first glimpse of the new faces, but it doesn't serve any purpose other than to blow away the cobwebs and make a few quid for the hosts. I'm hoping to make a first visit to Basford United on Saturday, but we won't be able to offer any real opinions until we face better opposition.
  8. From the tweets / reports I've read, it's pretty embarrassing all round with both chairmen apparently calling each other liars. Just sort these deals between yourselves, stay away from hints and false promises on social media, and only tell us supporters when a deal is done and dusted.
  9. Pre-Season 2017-18

    A 0-6 stroll in the sun against very limited opposition, with goals from Milsom, Tootle, Stead (2), Ameobi and Smith. Different teams in each half with a few triallists on display. Alan Hardy was in attendance, but I take back what I said about it being easy to get a beer - the queue at half time was horrendous, although there did seem a few more there than usual for this fixture. First impressions on the new kit are neutral - I like the front, but the faded stripes on the back make it look like the shirt is on inside out. Also, the gold numbers aren't easy to identify, and that was from a couple of yards from the touchline.
  10. Pre-Season 2017-18

    I'm planning to pop along to Hucknall tomorrow as it's closer for me than a home game. I'm guessing it will be the usual full squad playing half a game each and not being sure who a few of the players are, but it's easy to get a beer at Rolls Royce with a good barbecue, so with a decent weather forecast I'll probably get the old cycle out.
  11. Interesting list, but I'm afraid only number 8 gives me any real cause for optimism - "Kevin Nolan – A young hungry manager who seeks success not just for himself". We were at rock bottom when he took charge, but he managed to get an apparent bunch of wasters to resemble a football team. He's set himself pretty high standards, and the squad doesn't seem to be any stronger than last season, but if he can get them all to perform to their best we could have a decent season.
  12. Joe Jones: Why I am not impressed with new Notts County kits

    A good read Joe, but two things make me doubt your judgement a bit - firstly you saw last season's away kit as "a nice, strong, bold colour (hot pink, not red!)". Wrong, very wrong - it was an awful colour in it's own right, but it's unforgivable borderline redness was just a step too far. Secondly you openly admit you once disliked Oasis, although you do redeem yourself by citing youth and stupidity as mitigating circumstances (I can only use the latter these days). I suppose there is a limit to what you can do with black and white stripes, and our 'outside the box' flirtations with chevrons, barcodes and pinstripes were all disasters, but I think the new one is a good effort. I'd have to see the faded back stripes 'in the cloth' to see if they work, but I'm quite tempted to add the (lifelong Notts fan) Jake Bugg logo and make a rare full price purchase.
  13. New Notts home and away shirt (17/18)

    It's unfair to claim that Jake Bugg has "latched onto the club for a PR boost". All the many media reports say he is a lifelong fan, and his sponsorship will generate far more publicity than the rest of them put together. How many other sponsors will make The Sun? https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/3816729/notts-county-announce-that-rockstar-jake-bugg-will-become-an-official-club-sponsor/
  14. New Notts home and away shirt (17/18)

    Nice shirts, I particularly like the gold trim on the home shirt. Get the Jake Bugg logo on the front and I might well be tempted. The away shirt is a bit similar to a couple of recent ones, but at least it's not pink!
  15. Apart from the 150th issue I don't usually buy the shirt when it first comes out, I'm a bit of a tight@rse so if I like it I wait for one on ebay for a tenner rather than £40. I must admit the that the option of no sponsor makes a bit more appeal and it's one I would go for 99% of the time. However, the chance of having 'Jake Bugg' on the shirt would qualify for the 1% option. I'm a bit past the "cult fashion item" stage mentioned above, but I am a JB fan so I may well purchase the new shirt if the design is acceptable.

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