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  1. I would change "it's a mug's game, unless you're a bookie!" to "it's a mug's game, if you're a mug!" Gambling is one of my big interests, and I could probably write a book on it. I maintain that a shrewd and disciplined gambler can make a modest profit since the introduction of online betting. Most of my accounts are funded by the sign-up offers that all bookies give, and if you pick the right ones you can get a very good start and at worst minimise your losses. There is one reason the bookies win and one reason only - they fix the odds in their favour, typically with a 10 - 15% profit margin. As a basic example, the toss of a coin is a 50/50 chance, or evens in betting odds. The bookies won't offer evens though, they would make both options 10/11, meaning that whatever the result they will pay out £100 for every £110 staked. The tenner they make covers their operating costs and a bit more. That's where the "mug" punter comes in. Luckily, there are enough of them for the bookies to offer enhanced terms on certain events, and that's where the shrewd punter gets involved. I bet frequently, but it's just a hobby to me so I usually only bet in small stakes, usually from £2 to £10. It's a long time since I had to add funds to an account.
  2. For anyone interested, the latest fixtures, results and table for league and cup can be found here. Edit: Don't think the link works - click on this instead: http://www.football-league.co.uk/documents/final-third-development-league-newsletter-19-08.01.16549-2890718.pdf
  3. Whoever we get as manager, I hope he enjoys his six months with us.
  4. I'm mainly just the home games now. I did use the official transport for Liverpool and the Ladies cup final at Wembley, but I mostly drive to the local(ish) games. Not many of those this season, but I will definitely get to the Stags game. It will be a bit strange to be back at their 3-sided ground!
  5. The sort of crowd that attends remains to be seen, as these are the first reserve games played at the Lane in years. I would guess 400 - 500 at best, but it's a good chance to bag a prime seat in the main stand at a bargain price. Now I'm at the 'old fart' (senior) stage it will only cost me a quid so I'm planning to be there on Tuesday. If I make it, I will no doubt bore everyone with one of my incisive match reports later in the day!
  6. Jose Mourinho for me, and he's currently out of work. Worth a look Ray?
  7. The following reserve fixtures in the Final Third Development League will be played at Meadow Lane this month: 12th v Doncaster Rovers (2pm) 19th v Scunthorpe United (2pm) 26th v Hartlepool United (2pm) Prices are £3 Adults, £1 concessions. I have fond memories of attending reserve games in the old North Midlands League way back in the 70s and seeing players like Pedro and Benji graduate to the first team, so I'll try and give these a go.
  8. Welcome from me as well, even though I'm only a couple of days past the welcome stage myself! Any forum is only as good as it's posters, and my brief experience of this one is that what it may lack in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. I look forward to reading your views.
  9. I'm a bit concerned that the score will be P-P looking at the weather forecasts. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing as we would have a new manager and maybe new signings for the rearranged game. If it does go ahead anything we get would be a bonus for me, we just don't seem to have the defensive strength to withstand pressure away from home. If I was pushed for a prediction, it would be 3-1 to Accy unfortunately.
  10. The bookies haven't got it all wrong. They are not trying to predict the next Notts County manager, they are simply offering odds with a view to making a profit. As Tarquin says in a market as small as this one it only takes a modest bet or a fresh rumour to see the odds plummet dramatically. I'd only take notice when someone suddenly goes 1/8 or shorter, that usually means it's a done deal.
  11. In no particular order: Don Masson - quite simply the best player I've ever seen in the black and white stripes. His range of passing was sublime. Started in Division 4, went on to star with Scotland in a World Cup!!! Les Bradd - a real centre forward, put a cross in the box and Big Les would get on the end of it. The cross he got on the end of at the City Ground in the 89th minute (0-1) remains one of my all-time favourite Notts goals. Brian Stubbs - the type of no-nonsense, hard as nails centre back we so badly need now. Stubbsy would run through a brick wall to win the ball. Stevie Carter - an old fashioned winger with amazing dribbling skills, it was as if the ball was tied to his bootlaces. Would regularly leave 3 defenders flat on their backs! Lee Hughes - a blast of sheer quality after a decade of dross. Hughesy had the class to be playing two divisions higher when he signed, and became the focal point in our table topping season.
  12. Thanks again for the welcomes, much appreciated. I'm not as bad as my NCM reputation makes me appear, I only really argued with Forest fans and those who seemed to have an anti-Notts or anti-Trew agenda. This site does seem to be for those who actually support the club which is quite refreshing. ps super_ram, Derby are my third favourite team. Called County, play in black and white, hate Forest - what's not to like? pps In case anyone was wondering who my second favourite team are, it's whoever Forest are playing.
  13. That was McParland in 2008/9, the most depressing season I can remember. We finished 19th, (really 21st because of points deductions for other teams). Incredibly Munto kept him on and nearly allowed him to wreck our Championship season.
  14. Unfortunately not, jockeys weighing 13st 10lb don't seem to be in demand. I did once sit on a thoroughbred and couldn't believe how far it looked to the ground below. I only got to walking pace, that was fast enough for me!
  15. Condoms? (If you have any XXXL to spare I'd be grateful, they're hard to get over here.)
  16. The welcome thread is indeed a nice touch, especially appearing within a few minutes of the initial post. One thing I forgot to add above was the reason for my user name - the 'Elite' bit doesn't mean I have a high opinion of myself, as many on NCM assumed. I signed up on there when 'Rivals' closed down and my Rivals name of Nuthall_Pie was already taken, so I picked the Elite name from a horse racing club I belonged to. With hindsight it wasn't the smartest name to pick, but I've had it for so long now I can't be bothered to change. You'll probably see my horse pic as an avatar when I work out how to do it!
  17. I'm a late arrival to this topic, but even now I honestly couldn't name a player who even comes close to 'stand out' status this season. I'm not as keen on Aborah as many seem to be, although he has looked very classy in spells most of his good work is in our half and his overall impact on the game is fairly minimal. I see him as an upgraded Andre Boucaud, excellent ball skills but a bit too easy to play against. I think we need a tough tackler in the Ricky Ravenhill mould alongside him to see him at his best. If I had to pick someone, I would go for Adam Campbell, though he is more about potential than achievement at this stage. Worryingly his worst game of the season was against Oxford, maybe a more defensive style won't play to his strengths.
  18. Nice to say hello again Tarquin, hope things are good in sunny Mexico. Apparently my 'crime' was being involved in a petty argument - a bit strange seeing as 50% of the topics on there involve petty arguments!
  19. Thank you for the welcome. Must admit I'm struggling to find my way around the site a bit but I'm sure I'll get there. I recognise a few names from NCM so they will know what to expect of me - very balanced and reasonable unless I'm talking to Forest fans! I have supported Notts for 45 years now, my first game was the season after Jimmy Sirrel was appointed, so a brilliant time to start. It was a combination of teenage rebellion and love for the underdog that made me go for Notts rather than the dark side. I barely missed a game, home or away in the 70s, but mostly missed out on the Wembley and Division One years due to young kids and a wife who worked on Saturdays. I never lost my passion for Notts and have had a season ticket in the DP stand for the last 15 years. I survived the awful days of the Trust ownership and McParland's management with enthusiasm intact so as long as I am physically capable I'll be at Meadow Lane if Notts are playing.
  20. In the first half we seemed to have sacrificed attacking flair for more stability at the back, but that just handed the initiative to Oxford. It's hard to blame the makeshift defence too much when the midfield allowed Oxford to stroll through at will. Burke and Campbell barely put in a cross or tackle all game , and those two with Aborah means an incredibly lightweight midfield. We badly need a Neal Bishop type in there to stop the opposition playing. The new manager has a big task on his hands, all we can realistically hope for this season is that we stay well clear of the relegation pack. I stand by what I've been saying elsewhere for months, that this squad just doesn't have the quality for anything above mid table.
  21. Hello everyone, looks like I've been banished from another forum that shall remain nameless so I thought I'd give this one a go. I've seen a few familiar names on here already. Regarding new year resolutions, I've made two: 1. I'm not going to drink any more in 2016 2. I'm not going to drink any less in 2016 Happy New Year to you all.

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