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  1. Nice idea, but getting rid of a footballer on the basis of him not meeting minimum performance standards wouldn't have a cat in hell's chance in any industrial tribunal. Unless they are guilty of gross misconduct, once you sign them you are stuck with them until their contract expires. The blame lies with whoever signed them if they are no good, or with those failing to get the best out of them if they do have some ability.
  2. How can he sack them? The only way he can get rid is to pay up their contracts or find another club prepared to take them. Neither are likely.
  3. The positive is that whatever the result, we can't go any lower..... until May, and that's the big, big negative.
  4. Here's the official government prediction of what leaving will mean for the economy: "Official figures say the UK economy could be up to 3.9% smaller after 15 years under Theresa May's Brexit plan, compared with staying in the EU. But a no-deal Brexit could deliver a 9.3% hit, the new estimates say. The Treasury estimates do not put a cash figure on the potential impact on the economy, but independent experts have said that 3.9% of GDP would equate to about £100bn a year by the 2030s". So in just over a decade we will be around £100 billion worse off per year!!! What a legacy the gammon generation are leaving for future ones. I wonder if MPs will have the guts to put and end to this farce? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-46366162
  5. Honourable mentions for Turley and Ward for dealing well with an endless stream of crosses from Carlisle, but for me Kristian Dennis just edges it. It's the first game I've seen Dennis actually look like a footballer. Lots of movement, good touch and workrate, limited goal threat but did as much as could be expected stuck up front on his own.
  6. That's the most worrying thing - Cheltenham looked a very limited team but they were still a class above us. A complete and utter shambles from start to finish, the players should hang their heads in shame after that. We are in very deep trouble.
  7. W Yeah, we'd never show someone the door and then get them back a matter of weeks later would we? Ask rob Milsom!
  8. I've heard Alan Hardy has ordered a few sacks for future managers.
  9. This should have come as a shock happening so early, but we have seen it so often at Notts that it barely raises an eyebrow. You have to get this appointment right Alan, anther mistake will most likely take us into non-league.
  10. I found an old vacuum cleaner in the loft, and sold it on ebay. It was only gathering dust.
  11. I always take an interest in the results of a little known Portuguese team called Portimonense. I was on an Algarve holiday over there and noticed fans going to a game in black and white striped shirts. I did a bit of googling when I got home and found out who they were. When I went back to the area a couple of years later I noticed they had a home game and went along wearing my Notts shirt. It only cost 5 euros to get in, and I really enjoyed it. I was amazed when their run-out music was 'Seven Nation army' by The White Stripes, same as ours. They were promoted to the Portuguese Primeira Liga that season.
  12. Notts invite a young African triallist to training. After a quick warm up, Harry Kewell grabs the ball and runs towards the empty net and boots it in. He then holds his arms aloft in celebration and says "ball, kick, goal", understand???. He repeats this routine several times always ending with "ball, kick, goal", understand??? After a while the young African lad interrupts and says "pardon me sir, but my English is very good". Kewell replies "Be quiet son, I'm talking to Kristian Dennis". If you don't laugh you have to cry!
  13. I find it amusing how leave voters constantly bang on about "the will of the people" based on a 2016 vote conducted on a pack of lies and scare stories from both sides, but are desperate to ignore "the will of the people" now that every poll I've seen recently suggests that now we have a bit more reality of what it will mean, most seem to see it as a big mistake, and "the will of the people" should now be disregarded!!!! ps If anyone who doubts this can find any poll where the majority still want to leave, please point it out to me.
  14. In summary I'd give Fitz 8, Turley and Enzio 7, the rest 4 but Evina, Thomas and Dennis only 3. Concentrating on the weakest links, Evina barely stopped a cross all night and his forward play was dire, Thomas put in one good free kick and disappeared for much of the game, and Dennis looks unfit and disinterested. I know he got minimal service, but Enzio showed that even if you get no service, you can still create chances if you put in the effort. It was painful to watch, Oldham looked like they had a couple of extra players on the pitch. When they had the ball, they had time to take a touch, look for a teammate in space and pick a pass. The movement of their players often gave them more than one option. Contrast that with us - whenever we had the ball an Oldham player was snapping at our heels, forcing us to go backwards or hoof it aimlessly forwards. There are two reasons for that, either our formation and shape was wrong, or the players didn't work hard enough. I think both apply. Our unmotivated bunch of misfits was comprehensively outplayed at home by a bottom half team. I thought it was silly to talk of ditching Kewell this early, but there is no doubt that performances like that will see us surrender our Football League status with barely a whimper.
  15. I've only seen Remaye Campbell in action, and he seems to have a physical presence that defies his years. I think he has a better chance than most of making the step up to Football League level. It was also really encouraging to see Etete get a sniff of first team action at Port Vale. My big worry is that if either of them are any good, a Premiership club will snap them up for a relatively low fee. Before that, it would be good to see them make a positive contribution in a Notts shirt.
  16. Apparently English is one of the most difficult languages to master. I found it quite easy, in fact I learned it as a child.
  17. Brentford 2 v 1 Millwall Nottingham Forest 1 v 1 Sheffield United AFC Wimbledon 0 v 1 Shrewsbury Town (Joker) Walsall 2 v 0 Burton Albion Macclesfield Town 0 v 2 Bury Tranmere Rovers 2 v 1 Exeter City
  18. I would beg to differ, I think it could make a big difference. I am a season ticket holder so apart from renewing I only use the ticket website for friendly games, cup games and the odd away game. Never have I known a business that makes it so hard for a customer to purchase their product. Alan Hardy has made great strides in attracting new supporters, but I wonder how many have been put off because it is so hard to give the club your money. I am a diehard so put up with it despite a lot of cursing, but if I was a casual supporter I would give up and take my custom elsewhere.
  19. Birmingham City 2 v 1 Sheffield Wednesday Millwall 1 v 1 Ipswich Town (Joker) Fleetwood Town 1 v 2 Blackpool Gilingham 0 v 0 Bradford City Colchester United 2 v 1 Lincoln City Mansfield Town 1 v 1 MK Dons
  20. Norwich City 2 v 1 Aston Villa Sheffield United 2 v 0 Stoke City Doncaster Rovers 1 v 1 Sunderland Luton Town 1 v 1 Accrington Stanley Crawley Town 1 v 2 Exeter City Macclesfield Town 0 v 0 Northampton Town (Joker)
  21. My predictions are simply taking their time to gel as a unit. That's the best excuse I can think of for how badly I'm doing.
  22. Brentford 1 v 1 Bristol City (Joker) Hull City 0 v 1 Preston North End Bristol Rovers 1 v 1 Oxford United Charlton Athletic 1 v 2 Barnsley Forest Green Rovers 0 v 0 Cheltenham Town MK Dons 2 v 1 Northampton
  23. Of all the options available I would probably go for Alfreton away despite the banana skin potential. I couldn't help but notice that Dunston UTS, the lowest ranked team left in the competition got their dream draw at home to Gateshead, who play less than 4 miles away. The game has been selected for broadcast on BBC media platforms, which will give a fantastic boost to Dunston's finances. This is what the romance of the FA Cup is all about, because these days it means far more to lower league clubs than it does the big boys in the Premiership who seem to see it as an irritation.
  24. Gillingham 1 v 1 Southend United (Joker) Oxford United 0 v 1 Plymouth Argyle Scunthorpe United 2 v 2 Peterborough United Colchester United 2 v 1 Crawley Town Crewe Alexandra 0 v 1 Bury Newport County 1 v 1 Stevenage

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