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  1. Fozzy

    The champions league returns

    I don't even know who's broadcasting it nowadays, is it still on BT sport? In which case I won't see any games and not interested as the only subscription TV I buy is Prime.
  2. Fozzy

    Cedric Evina and Jamie Turley

    If panicking, sign more defenders and don’t address the two positions that really need sorting! Until we replace the keeper and tighten up the midfield, I fail to see much improvement.
  3. Fozzy

    Favourite fast food place 😛😋

    Papas fish and chip shop on Cleethorpes Pier is mine. Always make a point of going there when in the area, reasonably priced and the fish is lovely!
  4. Fozzy

    Renaming stadium?

    The new manager can only play with the hand he has been dealt, we all know that the squad is a midfielder and a keeper short of us staying up. AH has to finance those sooner rather than later.
  5. Did I miss anything? Not really returning the national team to the people by putting it on Sky TV now are they?
  6. Fozzy

    Renaming stadium?

    Personally if I was him, I would be putting all my efforts into keeping the club in the football league rather than worrying about some naming rights. To me it will always be Meadow Lane, just like it is still the Main Stand, County Road, Meadow Lane end and Spion Kop. Not one for changing just because someone else has put a name on it!
  7. Fozzy

    What other sports do you like.?

    Golf, Cricket, golf, cricket, golf, cricket and perhaps a bit of golf and cricket if I have a bit of spare time from watching golf and cricket!
  8. This is such a hard question as I would like to say the early 80s when Notts were promoted and playing in the top flight, but I quite young and didn't watch us live very often, so I will plump for the 89/90 season and our first promotion under Warnock and our first trip to Wembley. That was a great year and one I will never forget! After that, my favourite would be the 93/94 season where we beat Derby, Forest and Leicester at home in Div 2 and just missed out on the playoffs whilst playing some great football.
  9. Fozzy

    Defence is a problem

    The defence will sort itself if you put a decent keeper behind it and a good defensive midfielder in front of it! The back four although far from perfect is adequate for the division, but they need a keeper to bellow at them, alert them to threats and command his box, plus they also need a bit of a shield in front. Without that and we are back to the Moniz way of no protection at all in front, but at least they had a decent keeper behind.
  10. Fozzy

    Elliot Ward signed

    As long as he can head it, kick it, not dive, or make stupid mistakes then he will do. Doesn't look very quick, but if he has positional sense then that will counteract it. I just hope he is vocal and can organise as well.
  11. Fozzy

    So how will Kewell fair your thoughts.

    I think he'll do OK, already identified the need for a new centre half, so at least has half a clue! Let's just hope he has also spotted the need for steel in midfield and a new keeper. If he has, then he will have already answered three of the main questions being asked by fans. The rest is easy, just win games and compete in every game your side plays in.
  12. Fozzy

    Daily chat thread- Wednesday 29th August

    Working from home today, so not too taxing. Quiet time this week, waiting for it all to kick off again next week when the schools are back.
  13. If you are talking about shotguns, then yes I have. I was brought up in a shooting family, my dad was heavily into wildfowling on the Lincolnshire Wash as was my brother, so I used to go with him quite a lot during my teenage years. I used to also do a fair bit of pigeon shooting during the summer, with some clay shooting. I grew up living off the fat of the land more than butchers meat (one side of my family we’re also butchers in Southwell) and probably explained why I was so fit as a kid! In the end I gave it up as I was too heavily involved with football, cricket and fishing, so just didn’t have the time to dedicate to it.
  14. Fozzy

    Kevin Nolan gone, so what now?

    I doubt the budget will stretch to another striker, but we simply have to find someone that can take this team by the scruff of the neck and drag it forward. We all had doubts about Duffy being skipper and it is proving that this season is one too many for him (some will say 3 seasons). When you look at the side, the lack of height is frightening, so whichever players come in, they have to be 6 foot plus as well ideally.
  15. Fozzy

    Be careful what you wish for

    My comment was about Nolan, but still stands for whoever comes in and yes, I was talking about promotion as Hardy himself has stated that it is the aim for this season.

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