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  1. I used to take part in pub quizzes a few years ago, but not anymore. I found that they were becoming a bit too competitive after they were only originally done for fun. We used to win our fair share back in the day, but then you started to see serious teams forming just to win the (not that generous) prizes, so we gave up as it stopped being fun.
  2. @Pie since 89 we were in the top flight at the time the plans went in, so I can understand the reasoning for DP to create a 20000 all seater stadium as it would have been a similar size to the old one and I seem to think that there was talk at the time of 20K being introduced as the minimum capacity allowed. I was a little baffled reading this thread with members that haven't been active for ages and then I clocked the date of the posts!
  3. Unfortunate result, but if I had to pick, it would have been to get knocked out after 90 minutes than have to play extra time and penalties. Priority is the league and I wouldn't want those extra minutes to mean that we lose on Saturday.
  4. It was more of a reference to his ridiculous 6ft 9inch size than footballing ability and Wootton handled him brilliantly, he just bullied him to the point that he never looked like scoring.
  5. Great game to watch from our perspective and the result was never really in doubt once we went in front, even with Solihull bringing on a basketball player in the second half! I thought everyone played well, although it took a while for Palmer and Roberts to get into the game and Chicksen made a couple of positional errors. Our first goal was pretty special, brilliant through ball, great cross and excellent finish. Also good to see Mitchell get his first league goal which he took well.
  6. Personally thought he was very average and was a bit lost without a dominant centre half alongside him. I wish him well, but I would seriously doubt he will be good enough long term for Wednesday, especially seeing as he is already 21. He will get better as he gets older, but might need to take a step down to achieve what he wants.
  7. League two sides shouldn't hold any fear from us, in fact it looks as though there are probably at least half a dozen sides that would be comfortable in that league. Keep it tight at the back and nick a goal up the other end. Only downside of a good cup run from what I can see is that we would be putting our players in the shop window.
  8. I'm confident that if we can keep the squad and especially Cameron fit, then we will be strong enough to crack the top 3 again. We need a goalscorer, Roberts to find his form and Ruben to carry on what he is doing up front. If we have to cover injuries, do it with experienced loanees, rather than kids. I don't think the fixtures coming up are any harder than the ones we have had, plus we haven't played the bottom 4/5 in the division yet and as I mentioned the other day, without injuries to Cameron and Rawlinson, I think we would be top or very near to it. I'm looking for us to be around 4th in the table by the halfway point and hopefully still within 5 points of the top position. Strngthen a couple of positions for the second half of the season and have a real crack at finishing top. The key will be if the Burchnall football will still be as effective on the heavy winter pitches.
  9. That would be utter madness on our part!
  10. The accident statistic always leaves me shaking my head, as all it will mean is that the shift will move to mornings, especially with kids having to go to school in the dark. At least the current system leaves most children travelling to and from school in daylight hours. That hour in winter makes very little difference. Personally I'm not too fussed either way, but would be definitely in favour of having a double summer time (like they had for the 2nd World War) during the months May to August in order to maximise daylight hours in the summer.
  11. Excellent win against my second team. Looking at comments made by home and away supporters, I think they could well end up being the team to beat in the league this year as they were missing several players. Our recent upturn in form has so much to do with the Rawlinson and Cameron (especially Cameron) partnership and just shows what we were missing against Woking Halifax and Altrincham. Frustrating as we could be top of the table if they hadn't got injured, or we had signed an experienced loanee to play alongside Lacey.
  12. Would that be the old Magpies pub on Daleside Road? I used to go in there before home games as it was just at the end of Meadow Lane. The site is now a KFC & Harley Davidson garage.
  13. I have many happy memories of this pub as it was was our regular Friday after work haunt in the early 90s when my old company had an office on Highfield's Science Park. We used to finish at 5:30 and around 20 of us would descend on the place for a couple of hours.
  14. Most season's the fans will pick a new whipping boy and it looks as though it's DKE's turn. The only way it will change will be for him to find some form and put it some solid performances for several weeks. It doesn't help that he has been one of the players to blame for several goals conceded this season and the fact that he is not playing very well.

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