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  1. Fozzy

    Kevin Nolan's a no for me

    He won't come back, remember when Milsom signed again earlier this season? Should never have left Hardy tweeted, obviously a veiled swipe at Nolan. I think there is a rift there that will not be fixed easily. Would I have him back? No. He relied on his motivational skills as he produced dull football that relied on winning the ball in our third and boot it up to a target man. When he tried to change that system we never won a game.
  2. Fozzy

    Match Discussion: EFL Trophy - Rovers (H)

    Same here, totally forgot about the game until I picked up my phone at 9:30 and say that we were 4-2 up. Not interested in the slightest and think I only posted once on Twitter about it. Have no idea on the side except that Boldewijn and Dennis played because they scored.
  3. Fozzy

    Kewell gone

    Sorry @liampie but i think Nolan had lost the plot personally and was more interested in ranting about the referees, rather than his own poor signings. His football was one dimensional and he was unable to adapt to the change needed with the players signed in the summer. Look at the squad deficiencies, it is all his doing in not addressing them in the summer.
  4. Fozzy

    Kewell gone

    After that last contemptuous delusional interview at the weekend he had to go. The man was completely clueless and I actually have a bit more respect for AH in realising that he had made a terrible mistake and has acted quickly enough to hopefully avert the disaster awaiting us if he had left Kewell in charge. He will probably go for the man i think he wanted in the first place in Neil Ardley, but for me, Ferguson would be the better choice.
  5. Fozzy

    Match Discussion: Game 13 - Latics (H)

    Is it down to the National I fear? Get in the bin Kewell, you know about as much as Fullerton.
  6. It comes to something when you have to put on yet another CB and remove your only striker, the bloke is proving as the weeks go on that he is totally clueless! Where the hell was the entertainment tonight? He needs to be brought in front of the board to explain his actions as people are paying good money to watch that utter car crash of a team selection.
  7. Fozzy

    How do you like your eggs.?

    Absolute favourite is a fried egg sarnie with brown sauce, but generally I'm not fussy and will eat them all ways possible except raw.
  8. Fozzy

    Pavement parking opinions

    I don't have an issue with people parking on pavements as long as they are still leaving enough room for pedestrians and buggy/wheelchair users. The issue I have with the van is the fact that it is causing an obstruction by parking across a dropped curb crossing and also he would not be blocking any driveways if he moved forwards, or back a few yards, . There should be a universal law for everybody, councils shouldn't be allowed to make up their own rules (ha ha) concerning pavement parking.
  9. Fozzy

    Match Discussion: Game 17 - The Valiants (A)

    Is the right answer! For someone allegedly 6ft 3 (I have my doubts) he is unable to command his area and his judgement as to whether to stay or go is farcical at times. As long as he has no one challenging him he won’t be on his game. Big mistake not bringing another keeper in during the summer.
  10. Yet again we send out young players to a sub standard league, I just don't get it. If these guys are going to progress they had to go to a side at least one division higher as this just isn't going to push them in the right direction and could in fact prove detrimental to their futures. We should have kept them in and around the first XI squad if a suitable loan side couldn't be found. Waiting now for the inevitable "Released list" next summer.
  11. Fozzy

    Dennis against Vale

    What's the worst that can happen? Lose? We're doing that anyway at the moment, so might as well try and find some consistency up front and actually put a goalscorer on the pitch.
  12. Fozzy

    Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment

    We recruited badly in the summer, people were looking at Boldewijn, Dennis, Hemmings, Vaughan and were thinking that it would be easy this year (even the Peterborough chairman thought we would be up there), but we released: Collin - Not replaced O'Connor - Not replaced Shola - Not replaced Milsom - OK, he's back, but only just Forte - (goals not replaced) Alan Smith - Not replaced (maybe not on the pitch, but behind the scenes) The top three are the killers, Keeper, Midfield linchpin, and Target Man, pretty much the spine of the side. Without these, we were always going to struggle. There are six, or seven players that need to go in January, but can't see them willing to drop to non league, which is probably the only league that would want them. Looking at the side now, it is a bit damning that the only summer signings in the first XI are Boldewijn and Hemmings. Vaughan looks terrible and not suited to league 2, Dennis & Kellett have never looked fit, Thomas has looked OK in patches and the kids don't count. I don't think we will go down (famous last words), but I cannot currently see us finishing anywhere in the top half now.
  13. Fozzy

    Fa cup Notts County draw Barnsley away

    Best hope they suffer a flu epidemic and have to field their youth side.
  14. Fozzy

    What’s your favourite pudding ?

    If it's sweet, I'll eat it and almost certainly enjoy it! Big fan of traditional puddings such as Apple pie, Rhubard crumble, Spotted Dick (no not an STD). Also love a Cheesecake, which is currently by favourite eating out desert, but my absolute favourite is the good old fashioned Bread and Butter pudding.
  15. Fozzy

    Is this squad a promotion winning side?

    There have been plenty of sides in the past that have been bottom and near bottom in the first couple of months (Barnsley a couple of years ago) and ended up having incredible runs to get promoted and I think we have a chance of that. The key is to get ourselves into the top 9/10 by the turn of the year, then sign another midfielder and a target man that really improves the side. If we do that, then I can see us getting into the play offs and (this time) having the form to finish it at Wembley. Bringing anybody in though, may be subject to a few going out.

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