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  1. Not sure as some weeks e look a top 3 side and others it just doesn't happen for us. If I was to make a guess it would be 7th, but at this moment I reckon we could finish anywhere from 3rd to 10th. Chesterfield will be fine, they're starting to pick up more wins than any other of the bottom 6.
  2. Out of interest, how long was his contract for? I seem to have it in the back of my head that he was given a three year deal?
  3. Good player on his day, but I just don't think he fancies it here. I think he would be definitely be on his way if it wasn't for his wages and I reckon if any club came in with an offer of around 80K, we would snap their hands off.
  4. Waiting for the next series of the Last Kingdom to come out. I love reading Bernard Cornwell's books and have enjoyed both Sharpe and Uhtred's TV adaptations. Other than that, I've been mainly watching Prime and currently trying to catch up on Carnival Row, but I'm struggling to really get into it.
  5. I shall reserve judgement until I have seen him play but he does sound promising. He should be able to cope easily with the National league after being in an even bigger kickers league, but his future will depend on how hungry he is to succeed.
  6. Good luck to the bloke, he needed a club change as he isn't going to get back into the Notts team on a regular basis and is probably top of the list for release this summer. Had potential, but his confidence was shattered last season, along with a defence that just couldn't cope with crosses into the box.
  7. I would prefer both, but If I had to choose one it would be a creative midfielder, but one with a good engine and quite quick, not one that only wants to attack and looks like they're running through mud when the opposition have the ball. I would rather sign nobody though than someone that isn't a big upgrade on what we already have.
  8. I'm not going to include loanees, so Alan Judge, Neil Bishop, Lee Hughes and Jon Stead have been the stand out players for me, none of the others come close.
  9. As a kid I had no work plans, I just wanted to not go to school and would rather go fishing instead. Now ironically, I'm an IT engineer for schools so always in them!
  10. I agree with @menzinho that out of the current squad I can only see Slocombe as still being here in 5 years time. A lot of whether the younger more talented players stay will depend on which league Notts are in.
  11. Agree with @Chris To make the playoffs we don't need anybody, however if we really want to put ourselves on the front foot we will need a winger and a quality midfielder. Everywhere else on the pitch we are sorted.
  12. We are talking about Notts right?!? Enjoying the ride at the moment knowing full well that we will probably get another kick in the teeth before long! I think we all would have taken the position we are in now after last summer.
  13. What internet service provider do you use: TalkTalk What are the advantages of them: Cheapish Do you like the service overall: It's Ok. Their routers are rubbish, but if you get your own router and reconfigure the DNS settings then it is fine. Very rarely goes down. Is their customer service any good: Hard work to be honest, threaten them a few times and thy will start to do things and give you a credit on your account What makes you disappointed by them: Probably a general thing, but phone boosts are quite expensive. Have dropped them now and dial from mobile.
  14. First Name: Brian Location: Bilshorpe Married/Single or Dating: Married Do you have any children? Yes Years you have followed Notts for: Since the 70s Favourite type of pet: Dog 3 Likes/ 3 Dislikes: Foreign Holidays, Golf, Cricket / Sweetcorn, Most Spirits (Alcohol ones!), Getting Older.
  15. Tony Garcia? Struggling to think of anyone else French that has played for Notts at that time.

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