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  1. Permanent: Jon Stead (Only player to give a flying **** at times during his stay) Loan: Louis Laing (First stint in League 1)
  2. Well, the penultimate paragraph is definitely true. Nobody believes a word he says anymore and the pure hatred for the man coming from social media has now reached epidemic proportions.
  3. For it to be a meaningful protest it will have to be a sizeable percentage of the fan base. Hardy isn't going to be bothered by a couple of hundred people camped outside of Meadow Lane, we would have to be talking over four figures. Even then he probably won't be there, it would only get his attention if everybody descended onto his beloved golf course.
  4. Smurthwaite, as at least we would know what we're getting. Would you rather be bitten by a snake or a spider?
  5. Listen to music. Would you rather the club be bought and a hotel built where the Kop is, or enter administration?
  6. Mel Brooks once said to hope for the best, but expect the worst. I've been expecting the worst for weeks and if it turns out better then I will be relieved, but still got that nagging pain that it is all going to end in tears.
  7. Gained a stay of execution for another month, the torture goes on!
  8. Well, we'll find out tomorrow one way or the other. If the bill is paid then we'll know that the takeover is close to completion, if we're forced into administration then we're up that well known creek.
  9. Totally Agree @Chris, it will either be Hemmings or Dennis that leaves and not both. Personally I think it will be Hemmings as he must be on a fair whack and probably more than Dennis. Dennis is a goalscorer and that is what we need, hopefully he will realise this and give it everything as he didn't feature that much for Grimsby when on loan. Stick him alongside a big target man and he will score plenty, put him with Hemmings and I'm not so sure.
  10. I don't view it as a supporters trust as how can it be one with no input from the supporters? It's more like a private venture set up by a few mates to promote their own self importance. I've no trust in them at all as they haven't made themselves known or held a democratic election of officers.
  11. Tough one to call regarding Ardley as although he was dealt a bad hand, he was unable to inspire the side enough to get us out of the situation, even though we had a lot of games left to play. I'm not too fussed if he stays or goes and the same goes for O'Brien. Let's see what the alleged new owners want.
  12. About time. Will miss JIm O'Brien possibly and would have swapped him for Doyle, but can understand him wanting to go as he can do better. Of the ones still here, I would still expect Enzio and Hemmings to leave and would try to move on Kellett as he is too small and injury prone. Etete will probably be sold as well to be honest. The key depends upon who the new owner is and what they want from Notts.
  13. As already mentioned, he has to be kept in and around the first XI as the national league is his standard at the moment. As he becomes older and bulks up, he could become a very useful player for Notts. I don't like seeing young players being discarded by Notts as finding and using young players used to be one of the things we were half decent at 20-30 years ago.

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