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  1. Yes, like that a lot. In fact I'm the opposite as I like it more than the home shirt. Its not too bright, coming from someone who bought the fluorescent yellow shirt once upon a time, now that was bright!
  2. This is going to be the first of many if something is not done soon. A lot of clubs will no longer be able to function, lower/non league clubs don't have the luxury of vast somes of TV money to subsidise existence, they will just die and they will have to do it without their fans watching.
  3. Yes please, but would expect Utd to want him to loan him to an EFL team.
  4. Agreed. I like the main body of the shirt, but the neck area is all wrong with that white flash, it might have looked better if they had carried that around the whole neckline. Personally I have always been a fan of football shirts with a collar, but that is probably an age thing!
  5. Only disappointed in Booty going to be honest, but the bloke is injury prone so can fully understand why. Looking at who has been offered contracts, it will all come down to who offers them the most money.
  6. Some nice easy listening from me. High N Dry - Def Leppard Highway to Hell - ACDC A Day at the Races - Queen Ace of Spades - Motorhead The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden
  7. Last day working from home tomorrow before going on Furlough leave for however long. Got a few DIY jobs around the house to do which should last me a couple of weeks if I pan them out, but after that, god knows what I will do with myself. Going to venture out to the supermarket on Thursday which isn't a trip i enjoy normally, let alone with the current restrictions, its going to be a bit of an eye opener to say the least. Good job I've got the dogs to motivate me to go on my daily Boris walks!
  8. One of my favourite seasons was that one @Chris. We played some brilliant football that season, just a shame the season after was where it all started to go horribly wrong for us. Got to admit though that I always associate that shirt with Gary Mac, the top flight shirt is the one I associate with Tricky Tony. The double playoff shirt under Warnock is probably my all time favourite Notts shirt to be honest, loved the amber trim!
  9. This man. 8th birthday present. Always was a fan of Utd as well as Notts, but local shop only had top clubs shirts.
  10. Two options in my eyes. Make the whole season null and void and then start again next season, which is harsh on some teams but the fairest solution. Put back the completion of this season to late summer and then start next season in October/November (if we are lucky enough to be playing again by then), but truncate the season by cancelling all domestic and European club cup competitions for the year. You could possibly then be back on track. There would obviously be a transfer window issue so that would have to be cancelled as well and some arrangement over player contracts. The
  11. I would think about using it, but not totally convinced. I have used the tram in from Hucknall before, but to be honest it was a pain having to get off at the station and still be left with a fair walk to the ground, especially when my seat is at the opposite end. It's still easier for me to drive in and park.
  12. Whether we go up or not, the only area in desperate need of change is the middle of the park. Change the CM options and we should be fine. Personally I would also replace Boldewijn, he is just a luxury we could and can do without.
  13. Fridge normally after they are open, but sometimes forget and put them in the cupboard after use. Sauce does tend to last us ages and we always keep them a lot longer than the recommended time scale, not harmed me yet!!
  14. I used to like quite a bit of the Genesis stuff and like Phil Collins' vocals and found that they evolved with the time, a bit like Queen did. And who can forget the Spitting image video to Land of Confusion!! One of my all time favourite music videos.
  15. Exactly my thoughts @NottsTastic, struggling to see him as an upgrade on Tyson who we let go and just see him as an option. Wootton and Dennis would score us plenty of goals with a dominant midfield behind them. Would have much prefered out efforts were put into finding a central midfielder who is an upgrade on what we already have.

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