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  1. Definite must win game as we are then going into a spell of some tricky fixtures, followed by another spell of tough games. My worry is that some of our players will be pretty rusty, having not played for a couple of weeks, but on the plus side they should be fresh.
  2. Especially with Wrexham being able to spend stupid money on a bang average Ollie Palmer. One assumes they are just going to chuck the ball into the box for him to create havoc for Mullin to capitalise, because I doubt they will get many goals out of him. With a bit of luck it may have a more negative effect.
  3. I also follow John Campbell @Super_Danny_Allsopp and find his videos to be excellent viewing, no mass hysteria, he just tries to deal with the data available. I think that David Schneider doesn't realise that the most densely populated part of Russia is in Europe . Obviously didn't get a very good grade in Geography.
  4. Tonight has been such sad news. For me, he has been the voice of Notts for both commentary and news for all of my life. I remember sitting by the radio as a kid waiting for any second half commentary or news on Notts and he was the man that always brought it, without him I would have probably ended up as a Man Utd fan! Tonight though has probably brought me my best ever day reading social media feeds, such great tributes show the respect that people had for him, not one bad word. Thank you Colin.
  5. I remember the days of Clemence, Shilton and ( to a lesser extent) Corrigan vying for the England number 1 slot and would say the 70s was probably the last decade we had a wealth of top quality keepers compared to the rest of Europe/world. Post Shilton, I would only probably call Seaman a world class keeper and he was well past his best for the 2002 tournament, a bit like Shilton was in 1990. Pickford has done OK, but he is a good keeper, not a great one and I would probably say he has been the best since Seaman.
  6. This is great news as I thought he would be off to a league 1 club now the window has been reopened and let’s face it, he is way too good for this league. He gives us great balance as the RWB position has been a bit of a struggle to fill this season, not so much defensively but offensively. We’ve pretty much assembled a very useful first XI, my only real concern is backup for Wootton and I would prefer another backup Centre Half.
  7. Such a shame what has happened to Dover as they were always one of the strongest National league sides over the last few years. Notts need to get an early goal and then I can see us scoring a hatful, anything other than a win will be a disaster as we follow it with matches against King's Lynn, Barnet and Wealdstone. We should be looking at 12 points from 12 over the next four games.
  8. If the rumours are to be believed, Tshimanga is off to the Championship this January which will add to their transfer fund pot. I struggle to believe this as his goals have single-handedly won games for them this season and I think they would drop into the playoffs without him. I think Roberts will bide his time till the summer and then move to a league club, there is no point moving to Chesterfield who play pretty much the same system that we do.
  9. Wasn’t he suspended for the game? I’m sure that was our first league game since he picked up his 5th booking.
  10. I’m with @Super_Danny_Allsopp on this. Very good player by all accounts, but it is in a position we don’t need cover in, unless Ruben is going? If Ruben does go, I would rather he was replaced by a proper number 10 rather than a jack of all trades (no offence to Brunt at all).
  11. Could have been different if they had kept 11 on the pitch but we will never know and I’m not complaining. It was a definite penalty, but I’d like to see the replay as I did not see it as a deliberate handball. As for Wrexham, they were basically a look for set pieces and long throw into the box sort of side and reminded me a lot of a John Beck team (for those with long memories). They got lucky with the goal they scored and never really looked like getting another to be honest, apart from the pen, which was more of an error from Vincent than good play by them. I thought Richardson and Palmer were immense and the rest excellent, it’s bonkers watching Cameron’s ability with the ball at his feet as centre halves aren’t supposed to be able to do that!
  12. Happy new year everyone. I celebrated by getting slightly inebriated at home!
  13. I would say that if it is detrimental to the first XI strength, then call the game off, like all the other promotion contenders have. No point playing the game for the sake of it with a weakened side if it could mean throwing away points. The only reason I can see this going ahead would be for the gate receipt money.
  14. No football for some of that year and hardly any fans for the rest means it could have been a lot worse. Would like to see the accounts for all sides in the division to see how others were affected. Hardy lost us more with supporters money.
  15. They've withdrawn as there is only a 5 day window for the game to take place after postponements. I would say that pretty much guarantees that our game will be off, or they will be forced to play with a depleted squad (not sure what takes precedence). It was only a matter of time, before it trickled down to the lower leagues after the news of premier league clubs postponements, Maidenhead have also withdrawn from the competition for the same reasons.

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