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  1. It will all come down to our ability to escape the press that will be employed against us. We are more than capable of beating all the clubs put in front of us, but we are also capable of buckling under the pressure in games. I can't predict the winner of these playoffs but if I had to, I would back Solihull. Mainly because they have finished the season very strongly and played some tough opposition in that run in.
  2. Might as well start Brindley and Cameron as they both need minutes in their legs, ready for the playoffs. IB should go with his strongest team, but don't think her will.
  3. .Really good article. I've always thought he would be good enough for the Premier League, but I suppose there aren't many clubs bigger than Celtic.
  4. Doesn't time fly, didn't realise he was 28 years old now!
  5. I love conspiracy theories! Would like to see if this gets investigated by the authorities, but seriously doubt it.
  6. @Dripsey3 Halifax want third and aren't guaranteed a home semi, so they will not be resting players as currently Solihull have that position on goal difference. I think Stockport will do it by a point, although they got beat at the weekend, by all accounts they were the better side until Wrexham scored so should make it over the line. I fancy them to beat Torquay on Wednesday and will be good enough for a point on Saturday against Halifax. From a Notts perspective, Wrexham are in better form, so it would be in our interest for them to go up automatically as I can see Stockport collapsing in the play offs after practically have promotion wrapped up a couple of weeks ago.
  7. I can only see Vincent playing in a 352 @gtownjohnno. At the moment, IB seems to be leaning towards a 4231, which means he will pick Francis over him. Vincent would only play in that formation if Ruben gets injured, or in place of JOB. The issue with 4231 is that although it makes us a better attacking side, our defence is even more suspect against a physical side without 3 CBs playing. Arter was disappointing after his first game for us, and I would not be surprised to find out that he was carrying an injury, if that was the case. I would be sending Brunt back as well to be honest as he has also been disappointing. I'm assuming that we have kept him to cover several positions.
  8. We did the classic switch off after going two up. As they say, a 2 goal lead is always the worst one to have. We were very poor for 65 minutes of the match to be honest and would probably have lost against a top half side. One thing is for sure, Dover are just going to go all out attack against us as that seems to be what they are doing now in their games, with the goals they've suddenly found. We get rattled very easily and need to learn to play the ball over the top to get away from the high press as we struggle to play through it. Other than that, a win is a win, and another three points tomorrow will see us go 5th. We need to finish no lower than 4th in order to avoid Wrexham for as long as possible, but it could be a very open playoff system this year as all teams look very capable of beating each other in a one off game.
  9. Thought Arter was poor on Saurday, looked to be carrying an injury and his corners were a real struggle. As for the game, it was a fair result, but thought we could have won it. Wootton's miss was an even bigger one that Asante's for me and he should have buried it. Miller hit the post but I thought Slocombe had it covered as it was right in front of me. Other than that it was a game of few chances and the keepers were only really troubled by a couple of deflected shots and Rubens mishit drag back shot. Next two games are biggies and as @menzinho says, I would definitely take 4 points from them.
  10. Next challenge will be the high press that they are bound to adopt again, but if we beat them we can then see Halifax in our sights. Stockport & Wrexham will finish first and second by the look of things, the challenge is to grab that 3rd place spot., which would be unbelievable bearing in mind we looked to be struggling to make the playoffs at all a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Should have won by a greater margin really, but a win is a win and (shock, horror ) a clean sheet as well! I would still like to see the squad strengthened further for the run in, but Arter (as expected) is taking the Mick in this division. Far too good and should be unbelievable once fully fit. We have played our best football all season with 3 at the back and probably need to continue that way. If that means shoehorning Cal Roberts into the side or benching him, so be it. P.S. Really pleased for Sam Slocombe last night, thought he had a good game.
  12. I would say that the reason we are not good enough defensively is because our midfield is too lightweight and small. They become overrun against sides with pace and power, which heaps too much pressure on the defence and it breaks. That along with our sides lack of height is the reason we will struggle for a playoff place.
  13. It was worse @DangerousSausage Started off quite promising for the first few minutes. Yeovil started the game with the high press, but we managed to get through it and created a couple of really good chances. We then went right off the boil and the rest of the half was pretty average. Second half we were woeful. Awful header from Francis to put us in a mess and although Jaros managed to block the first effort, he had no chance with the goal as he was out of his area. Never put them under any real pressure and got lucky with the equaliser. Highlight of the day for me was the Melee. Tempers were frayed, so our response was to bring on that timid soul DKE! Their number 14 was subbed to stop him getting sent off from another foul and I thought Ruben was going to go with his reactions to the ref not giving him anything. I think at the moment unless something changes, we'll struggle to make the playoffs, we're not a big or physical enough a side and if teams press us we struggle as we only have one playing style.
  14. Let's face it, we probably would have won that game with any other referee. Four strong penalty shouts, where we should have at least thad two of them given. But that said, we should have buried some of the chances we created Brindley missing practically an open goal was shocking, even though he was stretching for it. It won't change the context of the season as far as top three is concerned, but could cost us a playoff place altogether.
  15. Actually watched it a few days ago. I remember the takeover talk but could not remember any names. It is on the excellent "Magpie Goals!" YouTube channel. Well worth a visit for a bit of Notts nostalgia.
  16. I look forward to this game eventually taking place, sometime in the next 10 years!
  17. Cheers @Piethagoram , somebody must have fed Charlie the wrong information!
  18. Couldn't make last night's game, which is probably why they won so convincingly! There was a lot of talk last night as to when we last hit six in the league and the consensus is that it was back in 1983 against Sunderland, but I found on the internet a date of 05/09/87, 6-2 against Southend and was wondering if anybody can corroborate that it was the correct scoreline and was indeed a league game? I just cannot find it in my memory. I do remember that we had a pretty good season that year but fell away a bit towards the end of the season which cost us automatic promotion.
  19. Battered us second half to be fair and we had no answer to the high press they used. Hate to say it, but felt that the first substitution was wrong, we needed to switch to a back 4 immediately and get an extra body in midfield, not switch one central midfielder for another. Vincent for Brunt was the wrong call, it should have been Francis for either Taylor or Richardson. Might have been a different game though if Ruben had buried that free header to make it 2-0 in the first half. Oh, and forgot to add, which brain dead idiot thinks it is a good idea to put nearly all of our 6 foot plus players in the wall for that free kick?!? It was going to the big centre half all day long and we practically gave that goal away with that decision. I would love to know the National league conversion rate for direct free kicks as I bet it isn't that high.
  20. He is a barrister who hated the Brexit result so launched several legal objections against it and the vote leave campaign whilst championing the Peoples Vote. He has been an anti government campaigner since and launched several more court cases against them over the pandemic. He is renowned for admitting that he killed a fox in his back garden with a baseball bat.
  21. Founder is non other than the fox murderer in chief Jolyon Maugham. I think we already know where his loyalties are, so hardly an unbiased source of information.
  22. I would bring Vincent back in as we could well need his energy for this one as Grimsby will be well backed and up for it. Brunt is a player we didn't need, so if he is picked he really needs to up his game and show why he is so highly regarded. Desperate for the three points, but fear we are heading towards one of those spells that have blighted us for too long and we'll end up showing mid table, rather than top of the table form.
  23. The more I read about him, the more it looks like a really good signing. I will reserve judgement until I have seen him play, but from what I have read, he looks ideal for the type of keeper we need.
  24. Definite must win game as we are then going into a spell of some tricky fixtures, followed by another spell of tough games. My worry is that some of our players will be pretty rusty, having not played for a couple of weeks, but on the plus side they should be fresh.
  25. Especially with Wrexham being able to spend stupid money on a bang average Ollie Palmer. One assumes they are just going to chuck the ball into the box for him to create havoc for Mullin to capitalise, because I doubt they will get many goals out of him. With a bit of luck it may have a more negative effect.

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