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  1. I think you can sign free agents at any time, which includes outside of the transfer window.
  2. Depression is an illness that many people are totally ignorant and find it easy to be judgmental of, it is not until it affects someone close to you that the sheer scale of the illness really hits home.
  3. This brings the question as to who will make way, Hollis or Hewitt? Hewitt is the more mobile of the two, so I can actually see that working, but I don't think that Hollis has done a lot wrong since he has come back into the side. Yes, he will make the odd mistake, but that doesn't get punished as much in League 2 and playing regularly will help to iron out those mistakes (hopefully). If Hollis is dropped, I can definitely see him leaving in the summer.
  4. Looks like he is doing the rounds this season. Still under contract at Wycombe, but hasn't got into the squad since October Hartlepool sent him back after a month of a three month loan (only used as a sub) Been on trial at Port Vale, working with John Harbin from his Plymouth days and they didn't want him. Now with us. Branston wasn't that complimentary of him when he played with him at Plymouth, said the talent was there, but just tends to run around a bit. We can and have done better in the loan market and it might not cost us anything (or very little) and of the players mentioned I only rate Murray, who is coming back from injury and has McLeod and Stead in front of him.
  5. I wouldn't say he was in their side regularly, he only started 22 league games in a season and a half and he was on the bench nearly as often. Looking at this season he has hardly played and couldn't even force his way into Hartlepool's starting XI. All I'm saying is that if we need a winger I think we can do better in the loan market and at 23 he should be a regular and fulfilling any potential he may have.
  6. You can only have a certain amount of "bad eggs" in a side, otherwise you're in trouble. If we need a winger, I would rather we went and got a youngster with potential on loan, not one who can't get into a League 2 side regularly.
  7. Don't really want Banton to be honest with his alleged attitute, whereas Addison used to be decent, but injury prone. MacKenzie might be the type of player we need: Strong and dirty, speed doesn't matter so much if you can read the game well. Neither Strodder, Foster Lee, or Edwards had any pace, but all were great for Notts, who knew where to be and when to challenge at the right time.
  8. I can understand this, but he was a decent pro and wouldn't have hurt to keep him for the rest of the season.
  9. Ray seems obsessed in trying to find the next Eddie Howe from somewhere, hence all the first time managers he keeps employing. Personally I see little point in this because once he does find him and he has success, a big club will come along and just take him away leaving us back at square one. Guy Branston is an issue that desperately needs addressing. To the fans, he appears to be running the club and the recruitment, he needs to be booted into the background and told to find some decent centre halves, which is a job for Julian Winter.
  10. Good! At least one decision the club has got right. Small comfort though with Jimmy going.
  11. Gutted by this decision, he's not had a fair crack of the whip this season and I still think that he is a better player than Stead and would have created more chances for McLeod to score. Stead's past it, whereas Jimmy has a lot of years left in him, which means we will be hunting for another striker in the summer and players of his type are rare. He cared enough last season to come back and play when he was nowhere near fit in order to try and keep us up, how many players around today would have done that? Good luck at Cambridge (surely?) Jimmy, looking forward to seeing you make a bigger joke out of our defense than it already is in April
  12. Some mobility would be nice, we are just too static and make it way too easy for the opposition to run past us, which McCourt will do easily if he is in the mood. I can't see us getting anything out of this at all and can see a pasting if we just try to defend, so 5-0 to Luton. I would normally put a 1 against our name, but just can't see us creating any chances. Noble, Aborah and Murray to start please, with Bennett, Campbell and McLeod making way. I could swap a lot more, but doubt it would happen!
  13. At the end of the day, the one thing that attracts fans more than any other is a winning side and until we can produce one that can consistently win games over several seasons, we will always struggle to raise support. Once we do have a good season (Got to happen sometime surely?), we should try letting fans in for a tenner over several games and this might retain a few to come back regularly.
  14. Would be a shame to lose him, but he was a victim of versatility. We were told that Moniz originally wanted two players for every position, but that must have been lost in translation, because what he really wanted was one player who could play in two, three, or even four positions. Trouble is most players can't do that, as has been proven.
  15. I didn't hear the interview, only from a third party who said the same thing. I can only think that it was GB that didn't want him, but haven't a clue why as he is miles better than anyone else who plays in our back four. I still stand by the fact that we need a big ugly centre half though and not Sheehan in that position. Sheehan as a left back and centre half cover? It would have been a yes.
  16. More useful to dress him up and use him as a corner flag, he would be more mobile in that position as well!
  17. I have no idea on the standard of Irish football, but if it is physical then that can only be a good thing. Too often talented young players just can't hack it in the men's game because they are not prepared for the physical nature of lower leagues football early enough.
  18. Warnock used to always leave 2 or 3 up front and we had blistering pace back then with Johnson and Bartlett (and Regis in Div2), so the opposition had to keep 3 or 4 back to cover them. Bringing everyone back just invites pressure and gets in the keepers way.
  19. Awful team selection, non existent tactics (apart from hoof it), players low on confidence, poor manager = one thing, relegation form. Lets just hope we got enough points early doors to see us over the line, but it could be grim next year.
  20. They found it easy to bully us and the ref was happy to let them, Elliot won everything in the air first half and the shot for his goal would have gone into the stands nine times out of ten. I was quite pleased to see Adams back in the side, as I was sure this would have released Milsom into midfield to strengthen it, but no, they were the opposite way round, so all we had was Curtis desperately trying to make things happen. Jamie Fullarton said when he joined that he wanted Notts to play effective football, well there was nothing effective in what I saw yesterday, just despair. I don't know where we go from here, as they were truly woeful and I can't see a lot of non season ticket holders paying to watch that every other week.
  21. I take it that Sprockel has been banished from the club for impersonating (badly) a footballer? Wouldn't mind seeing McKenzie again, as I have only seen him once and he did OK, but I think he is made of glass.
  22. I seriously doubt we will ever see Amevor again, but I can see Fullarton going out and getting a centre half with physical presence, which is our priority after all. Good luck to Sheez, but we are covered at left back and I would rather see the money available go elsewhere in the team. He might come back in the summer, as I'm sure we will want to talk to him, but it all depends on if the manager wants him, or not.
  23. My World: I would be golfing every weekend instead of the current once in a blue moon. Wife's world: She would say that I would be doing DIY every weekend, or shopping (yeah, right)!
  24. I could see Adams wanting to leave when Moniz was in charge, in fact I can think of a few players that might have felt the same and I also doubt the truth behind Murray's comments, they all seem a bit desperate to me, as though he is trying to say the right things that Mansfield fans want to here. I bet all Adams has said is that he wants to play football, so he is back at Notts to show what he can do.
  25. I've not read and I'm not going to read the bad press he has had in the past, as far as I'm concerned, he is the Notts manager now and I will support him until he is either sacked (or deserves to be!), or moves on. He knows far more about football than I do, but there is the one thing that definitely needs addressing that has not been addressed for several years and that is the need for a Gary Strodder style centre half. Someone that gives the players and fans the confidence to think we are not going to get beat easily with him at the back.

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