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  1. Hated 90s music, probably the 2nd worst decade there has been apart from the last one. Can only think of the Foo Fighters that started up in 90s that I will actually listen to. I don't even listen to any of my albums produced that decade from 70s and 80s bands. How Oasis ever made a living out of having a singer with a monotone voice I will never know, they only ever sounded half decent when Noel sang.
  2. As long as Bromley don't get through I'm happy with any of the others.
  3. Quite simply, it should be a case of expelling the clubs from English and world football. This includes the whole of the pyramid that they play at, no reserve football, no academy football, no junior football or women's. Deny work permits for any foreign signings as the current legislation was proposed by the Premier League, EFL and FA which the government accepted. Since these clubs will be outside this remit, they could in theory be denied permits. It appears the club owners do not care about the fans, they feel that the financial gain of the new league outstrips the integrity of the game.
  4. Time was right for a change, although it did surprise me. We should have kicked on from last season where we over achieved significantly, but this side has appeared worse and his dependence on an ageing, immobile midfield has been one of our biggest issues. There are still a lot of games left to play and I think the owners have thought that they have nothing to lose by changing it now rather than at the end of the season. Let's see what happens.
  5. Crap mate to be honest. Struggling to get motivated on the Notts front as I cannot get into watching them on a screen, it's just not the same or a substitute for the real thing. The sooner we're allowed back in the better.
  6. Condolences to his family, he was a brilliant player for us and I was gutted when we didn’t sign him.
  7. As long as he doesn't play JOB, Doyle and Reeves together from the start we should be OK, but can see us giving away a sloppy goal. 2-1 Notts, but if Weymouth score first 1-1.
  8. Slippery slope, once you suspend the season it will be a lot harder to get started up again. I think they will be looking at nearer six weeks and if not by then, I can see them null & voiding the whole season as there will be no hope of finishing it.
  9. Interesting thread and as I thought, the only real need for a mask outdoors is if you're in a location where you will struggle to social distance. She has a very unfortunate name though
  10. I thought this was actually one of Tony Blair's better ideas, vaccinate as many people as possible once in order to lift lockdown's sooner. Can't see an issue in doing this with the Pfizer jab as it gives quite a high level of efficacy after one jab, maybe more of a problem with the Oxford jab as it takes both injections to get to over 60% efficacy. The main aim is to get hospitalisations down, so would think the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation know what they are doing, especially with the chair being one of the developers of the Oxford vaccine (although he sat out of this discussion so as not to compromise his position).
  11. Classic example of somebody spouting off and not divulging all the facts! Maybe she should actually look at what the EU countries that grow sugar beet are doing before commentating, but then that does not fit the agenda. Ten EU countries have also approved the emergency use of Thiamethoxam, not just us. Which then opens up the can of worms about the amount of times EU countries have approved neonicotinoid emergency use in the last two years, Belgium (ironically) being the worst offenders. Why do you think that you don't see so much Oil Seed Rape in the fields nowadays, it is because of pests so UK farmers are turning their back on the crop because they have played by the rules and can't control them, whilst other countries just grant an "emergency authorisation" for pesticide use.
  12. I'm sorry, but if you think Starmer is ahead of the curve then you must be watching him through your red rose tinted spectacles. The bloke has sat on more fences than there are National jumps and even his own members are starting to turn against him. The red wall doesn't trust him and he has now alienated remainers with his comments yesterday. I think you have missed my comment about the whole political scene being a disgrace. Boris has been appalling, I didn't want him but we ended up with him and he has had free reign because Labour are in the wildeness (thanks to Corbyn politics and a poor front bench), he won't see out the five year term, that will be handed to Sunak most likely and he will probably stroll the next election as the Liberals are practically non existent in offering a third solution.
  13. To be honest, cannot remember as I think I only got to number 7 or 8. My point is that the Labour party have offered nothing during the last few months and are a bit of a shambles as they are opposition in name only. He doesn't really have the right to try and score points when he can offer no ideas in return. It's a bit like "Vote for me, we have no idea how to fix this either but haven't the government done a terrible job, so let's remove them and have more of the same". The whole political scene is a disgrace at the moment.
  14. Actually stopped reading this when I realised it was written by a member of parliament for the most ineffective opposition of the last 20 years.
  15. Plus it is dirt cheap compared to the others, so we will be vaccinated for a fraction of the cost of the Moderna vaccine. Efficacy results may be lower but it has been totally effective in lowering the symptoms and keeping people out of hospital.
  16. UK have now started rolling out vaccine booster jabs with Margaret Keenan receiving hers today.
  17. Israel are vaccinating at an incredible rate of around 1.5% of their population every other day. To put that in perspective, France hope to have 1.5% done by the end of February!
  18. Nonsense. The UK have ordered only 7 million doses of the Modena vaccine whilst the EU ordered 240 million (initial 160 and a further 80). The EU did offer for us to join their purchase program but that would have meant the 800k people already vaccinated would have still been left at risk from their dithering.
  19. Oxford vaccine being passed should really ramp up the roll out as it will enable pharmacists and other outlets to administer it.
  20. That would be called an Aeroplane mate.... I’m not a fan of this government and it has made some gigantic mistakes and wasted shed loads of money regarding COVID, but will give it (or rather the MHRA) credit with passing the vaccine for use and the NHS for distributing it. The EU’s response has been very slow and they had to bring this decision forward because countries are desperate for the vaccine. I’ll be interested to see numbers when it comes to vaccine distribution on how all the 27 countries will receive the same amount of vaccine per head at the same time.
  21. Meanwhile... UK covid-19 vaccinations administered: 500,000+ EU covid-19 vaccinations administered : 0 MHRA Passes vaccine for use 2nd December EU Passes same vaccine 21st December Sometimes it’s worth paying a bit more to get it first.

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