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  1. Piethagoram

    Steve Chettle joins Notts

    Very worried that the Chairman imposing his choices, rather than advertising the position?
  2. Piethagoram


  3. Piethagoram


    The difference in the USA, the waiters etc rely on tips to make their salary...i.e. the restaurant owners pay such staff very little as a basic salary. I far rather have the UK slant of restaurant owners paying their staff a good wage. Any tips given then is a result of exceptional service
  4. Piethagoram


  5. Piethagoram

    Your favourite locations away from Nottingham?

    Torres del Paine National Park, Chile Salta and Ushuaia Argentina Cesky Krumlov , Trutnov Czech Hallstatt Austria Albarracin, Caceres, Aguero Spain Civita di Bagnoregio Italy
  6. Piethagoram

    Match Discussion: EFL Cup - The Boro (A)

    just to correct Natty's otherwise excellent report...Duffy was subbed after 55 mins by Brisley
  7. Fitzsimons 4 Lack of a defence exposes Fitz, but made some good saves Bird 4 A nervous opening 15 minutes but grew into the game Duffy 5 a typical Duffy performance Hewitt 3.5 Losing count at the number of failed passes. Kellett 6 Neat but will he be up for the physical battles of L2 Crawford 5 took goal well but needed to gt into the game more Jones 4 Inaccurate pass allowed Boro to break to score their 3rd Hawkridge 3.5 Anonymous and that's being kind Husin 6.5 MotM always uses the ball well, never a misplaced pass...a focal point of what a side should be built around Alessandra 4 Boro easily pick pocketed the ball off him too many times. Coolly taken penalty Stead 6 Back on the scoring trail after the horrific miss at Cambridge. Thought penalty was well signalled and keeper saved comfortably
  8. Piethagoram

    Is the US ways of doing things taking over?

    @AmericanPie Can you offer a full apology on behalf of the american people that colour is spelt correctly and not as "color"
  9. Piethagoram


  10. Piethagoram

    A tale of two goalies

    @Fan of Big Tone I pointed out on another thread, Collin was perceived to be a big earner, so the focus of the budget was moved to allow to bring in 2 strikers with fees being paid. The 3 goals conceded on Saturday were much to do with Brisley and Duffy not doing their jobs It's about how you spend the budget and last season apart from his "gun to head moment", there was no criticism of Fitzsimons.
  11. Piethagoram

    Jimmy and jack in just one word.

  12. Piethagoram

    Is Fitzsimmons your number.?

    He wasn't helped today by some inept defending by Brisley in particular. Cambridge's 3rd, defenders just not marking, what can a keeper do with that
  13. Piethagoram

    Match Ratings Cambridge v Notts

    Based on a mean of 5 Fitzsimons 4 Confidence shot to pieces with Brisley's impersonation of a central defender. Goals conceded well taken by Cambridge players Tootle 4.5 Another quiet match but out of all the back 4, the one to escape without any harsh criticism Duffy 4 Yes, scored a goal and another run in with the ref, as per usual. Brisley 2 Never marked Brisley so badly before, but his performance alone cost us the match Jones 3.5 Caught out of position too many times, mentally switches off Vaughan 5 Seems an obligatory caught in possession at least once a match but he is a neat footballer with pass to feet Hewitt 2 Pass completion rate the lowest yet, if you want to give possession away, Hewitt is your man. He is Nolan's blind spot Thomas 5 Struggling to get into games at times but has a neat pass Boudewijn 7 Stunning run and goal but strike partners let him down. Set up Stead on a plate, only for Stead to miss a certain goal inexplicably shooting into side netting Stead 3.5 Reminders of Jason Lee's swansong. Leggy Hemmings 5 Guilty of a terrible miss, overall holds possession well but some players don't have a natural strikers instinct, is he one? Subs Husin 6.5 Some class touches and passes and tried to get into shooting positions Dennis 5 Missed a great heading chance and seems to wander offside a la McParland Kellett n/a
  14. Piethagoram

    How did we play? (Game 2)


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