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    Always try to recycle but living in a road with communal bins, gets frustrating when neighbours dont take as much care, like putting the polythene food wrapping in plastic recycling...and used Pizza boxes in cardboard recycling, which in my area is not allowed. Blue planet has heightened awareness and would welcome the glass returnable bottle for pence, to eliminate the plastic bottles. Local authorities have differing rules for say UHT milk cartons, orange juice cartons....why? There should be a national recycling standard across the UK
  4. Piethagoram

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    Tom Finney - Distillery Martin O'Neill
  5. Piethagoram

    Name all the teams' grounds you've been to

    @samwatto2008 favourite grounds been to not Notts related...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estadio_San_Carlos_de_Apoquindo watched a Santiago Chile derby match there, the ground is built into the foothills of the Andes another match was in Puerto Natales Chile, one of the southernmost places in the world to play football
  6. Piethagoram

    Name all the teams' grounds you've been to

    Yes, Darlington's old ground All grounds done I have seen Notts at, as well as Partick Thistle, East Fife, Brescia, Ascoli and even more remote Jyvaskyla Finland
  7. Piethagoram

    Name all the teams' grounds you've been to

    90/92 Forest Green Rovers and Fleetwood missed through family engagements have been to around 20 former League grounds which are in the National League now edit ....and Rushen & Diamonds ( now demolished I believe)...witnessing Matty Gill being demolished as a full back
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  9. Would have loved Dean Smith at Notts when he was at Walsall... built some great teams on little budget. I applaud Villa for making a sensible choice..If Terry can sort the defensive coaching out, then it seems to be a good fit
  10. Piethagoram

    Rhubarb cider has arrived

    Certainly over the years, one's taste changes.. from Fine Fare cans of Ruddles equivalent, to Home Bitter, Wem Ales, Samuel Smiths, Chimay Bleu at Cafe Mort Subite ( translated as Sudden Death) in Brussels, HofBrauHaus Traunstein in Traunstein, Paulaner dark beers, Guinness, Harveys Sussex Bitter, Skol in Brazil, Timothy Taylors Landlord, Doom Bar
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    The problem is Danny, the people on the other side of the argument are not offering any "positive benefits" backed by some factual evidence!
  12. Piethagoram

    Rhubarb cider has arrived

    @super_ram Thursday will be curry day at Wetherspoons... Sweet Potato curry with Doom Bar, perfect!
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