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  1. Piethagoram

    Money for nothing....Notts's dire straits???

    @Wilfordpieits from the published accounts at Companies House.... real numbers!
  2. Piethagoram

    Goalkeeper Situation?

    agree with @Fozzy There is a real case to play 3 at the back and put 5 across the midfield to help "block" . Full back positions have been a weakness .
  3. Piethagoram


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-45561527 https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/business/rolls-royce-confirms-transfer-work-2319550
  4. Piethagoram


  5. Piethagoram


  6. Piethagoram


  7. Piethagoram


    and the real reason behind Brexit is..... We, the "little people," will end up paying more
  8. Piethagoram


  9. Piethagoram


    I would rather remain and pay the EU...and get electrification of Midland main Line to Nottingham...for a price less than what we pay for Northern Ireland The best use of tax payers money
  10. Piethagoram

    January Outgoings?

    I disagree with @Fozzy...Alessandra should go too ( both he and Thomas were relegated with Hartlepool, there is a real danger of completing a double with Notts
  11. Piethagoram

    January Outgoings?

    I find it incredible the sums of money being banded about...for some of these so called players. I am surprised that Oxlade Chamberlain isnt on the prior lists. No fit recognised Right Back has been a problem all season and one of the weakest central midfields in recent memory...mind you as the years pass, my memory is not at its best. I agree with @samwatto2008 that Hewitt should be on the list After Enzio, we have no wingersof real quality and not a tall ball heading #9, essential at this level I hope Hardy still has deeper pockets...but I fear we might not to be able to release some of these highly paid non performers
  12. Piethagoram


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  14. Piethagoram

    Kewell ..Aussie interview

    https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/i-still-can-t-believe-it-sacked-kewell-vows-to-bounce-back Maybe he will get a chance back in Australia?

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