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  1. FA Cup fourth-round draw: Notts vs. Wolves/Swansea

    Wolves would bring some away support in bigger numbers....but hopefully either team will field a second string, to give us a chance of progressing. Whether Yates or Grant will still be with us, that IS the question
  2. Ratings Brentford v Notts

    sometimes, when one writes the ratings, it is from an initial gut feeling. fresh from the game. After posting, this can change say by watching the Saturday night highlight shows, when maybe you see something else in closeup, not apparent to you when watching the game..and then come Sunday, after deeper thought, maybe my opinion changes again. What I will say following Saturday's game, te sum of the individual parts exceeded an average across the individual ratings...as a team, we were close to 9 out of 10. Nolan's ability to set up a team is a reminder of Big Sam's days. COYP!!!
  3. Who is your preferred first choice keeper and why?

    For those that went to Scunthorpe for the League Cup tie and witnessed Fitzsimons' debut, I have never doubted this guy. #NottsCounty'sNumeroUno
  4. Ratings Brentford v Notts

  5. Ratings Brentford v Notts

    Fitzsimons 7 A second clean sheet, some good saves. Just one missed cross but overall, a keeper that gives an impression that he is hard to beat Tootle 6.5 Defensively positioning excellent Duffy 6.5 Steady. Took a professional booking for the team Brisley 7 Reads the game well Jones 7 Gives momentum for offensive work Yates 6.5 a more subdued performance in front of a watching Graham Alexander Hewitt 6 all the energy as usual, just wished he had a more controlled pass at times Hawkridge 5.5 Caught a few times being too slow in decision making. Makes up for in terms of effort. Grant 6 Could have killed the game but keeper made a good save. Again drifts in and out of the game Alessandra 5.5 Losing possesion too often Stead 7 Had a good chance in first 3 minutes but made up for it for an exquisite finish in the second Subs Noble 6 a yellow card welcome back but was good to see him back Smith 6 "The General" looking so much fitter Walker 6
  6. @TheSkipper 125k allegedly paid to JS as part of tribunal settlement...so we are 25k down still
  7. I am more concerned over speculation over the futures of Grant and Yates. The first year pro's cannot really progress, maybe at the standard they should be looking for. I think Pierce Bird does have a future but players like Walker, may not have the physicality to cut the mustard at this level IMHO. What this transfer window will show, is exactly how good our recruitment scouting is vis a vis our competition
  8. My worries about Notts

    Arquin was released by Mansfield I believe at the end of last season?
  9. My worries about Notts

    @Northants Pie setting bar too low...Neymar for Notts!!!!
  10. My worries about Notts

    Recruitment determined also on Grant and Yates situation. Definitely a new centre half, a quick striker, a centre midfield and a winger. Obviously we have Noble to come in, O'Connor is still too far away from a return and another Milsom injury doesnt help matters
  11. https://www.port-vale.co.uk/news/2018/january/match-report-notts-county-v-port-vale/
  12. Ratings Notts v Port Vale

    ased on a mean of 5 Fitzsimons 7 So great to have a keeper to come out and claim difficult balls. Held nerve in the last minutes Tootle 6.5 What a difference a year makes. Worked very hard Duffy 6 a needless booking but kept his head. Some good blocks Brisley 6.5 Solid as usual Jones 6 Didnt get as forward so much but held position well Yates 6 played astutely Hewiit 5 too many wasteful passes despite his running to cover the midfield. Needless booking Allesandra 5.5 a good first half but seemed to slow in the second Grant 6 another match passes him by but when you need a few seconds of quality, he does provide it Stead 6.5 took a battering but stood up well. Smashed the penalty well Forte 5.5 wasted a great chance. Not one of his better performances Subs Saunders 5.5 still have doubts if he can physically cope with L2
  13. The prawn team...

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/34025187 29Aug2015 I would go back further to this date. I made the journey in eager anticipation following a good performance at Villa Park. Genaro scored a beautiful goal and all was looking good come half time. The second half Notts fell apart. Leyton Orient topped the table...how fortunes change...
  14. Match Discussion: Game 23 - United (H)

  15. David Conn Guardian article

    A year on, it's been a rollercoaster. I am just pleased to have remained in L2, as we were staring the National League in the face. Orient have found it is far from easy.

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