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  1. Monster films

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069341/ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070868/ Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror
  2. Ratings Notts v Stevenage

    https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/jorge-grants-goal-will-confidence-1258787 Leigh's ratings
  3. Ratings Notts v Stevenage

    Collin 5 Yes, a clean sheet, a well caught cross at game's end, but all positives negated with his inability to distribute, to build attacks. Tootle 5.5 well protected by The Hawk, defence not under real pressure Duffy 6 winning headers to help create goal scoring situations Hall 7 looking like a good player, hopefully we can make an offer to him come the summer. Nice knock down for Shola to score Dicko 6 His mistake nearly cost us a goal in the early minutes, but did make some good offensive plays, following on from such in the early minutes at Newport Hewitt 6 all the effort again but missed a great chance from The Hawk's cross Husin 4.5 Yes, he can play some neat passes but he really needs to man-up to challenges in midfield. Too easily brushed aside Hawkridge 6.5 Team looks better with his presence. Some good crosses but his defensive work always catches the eye Alessandra 4 Exactly what does he bring to the table. This should have been a game to show what he can do. Game changer was his replacement by Jorge Stead 5.5 Disappointing he chose the wrong option at start of 2nd half, a quick lay off to Shola, it could have been 1-0 on 46 minutes Shola 7 Heavily marked but consistently won 90% or so of his headers. Great reaction to Hall's knock down Sub Grant 6.5 Back to his best, an ability to hit the ball Smith 5 weakened attack when Shola went off
  4. Ratings Newport v Notts

  5. Ratings Newport v Notts

    Collin 5 well protected but never feel comfortable Hunt 5 Par performance but feel Tootle's ability for his forward prowess was sadly missing Duffy 6 Took an arm 5 minutes from time, a red card offence missed by an inept ref Hall 7 Ready and up for the fight Dicko 5.5 Some great breaks in the first 10 minutes,, which deliveries should have resulted in goals Husin 4.5 Pitch was difficult for the play maker. Caught a few times in possession Hewitt 5 Lost the midfield battle, too much head tennis. Needed more composure Noble 4 Always hoping for the Noble of old but not delivering Grant 5 Good free kick but really needs to hit the target Stead 5.5 Consistently fouled and had one good trade mark left foot curler saved Alessandra 4 Never tries to beat his man and looks for a safe pass. Defender then doesnt have to think what to do.
  6. Match Discussion: Game 34 - The Exiles (A)

    https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newport-county-0-0-notts-14304214 Two points dropped against a one dimensional Newport team. Labadie their Motm apparently, says all you need to know
  7. EFL chief Shaun Harvey rules out winter break

    For the EFL, it's all about cashflow... clubs would struggle with a winter break without incoming revenues for games
  8. Ratings Swansea v Notts

    https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/notts-county-ratings-noor-husin-1177369 and reasonably fair ratings from The Post by Barry Cooper, not by Leigh for@Northants Pie
  9. Ratings Swansea v Notts

    based on a mean of 5...though it can be difficult to give ratings only seeing the match from behind the goal Collin 3.5 Questionable of being exposed as not match fit? Some really excellent shots by Swansea but sometimes you expect your keeper to pull off some spectacular saves. I would have Fitzsimons back in immediately Hunt 4 One stray pass early on, the Swans counter attacked and scored. Needed a cool head but many times in the second half, he kicked it anywhere when he should have demonstrated his experience and looked to hold on to possession Duffy 4 Needed the captain to stand up and help organise. However the real blame was in midfield Brisley 5 Thought he did well, a learning experience against a real mobile front line of Swansea Dicko 3 Swansea targeted him for his lack of pace. Cruelly exposed on National TV Virtue 2 A good examination of him without the ball. It was like playing with 10 men, no challenges, no man marking in midfield, just drifted aimlessly around as Swansea dicted and ran through us Husin 6 Another moment of class with a slick finish. looks comfortable but missed Hewitt today. Grant 4 One good shot bringing a good save. Scouts will note he doesnt work hard enough without the ball, goes AWOL for long periods Hawkridge 4 Did show up his lack of pace with the ball but did try to protect Hunt. Tried to at least put in challenges Alessandra 3.5 Needed to show some pace and ability to keep possession. Stead 5 barely had a touch as Notts wasted what little possession we had. Subs Milsom 5 good to see him back but proved a training match towards fitness rather than any contribution to note Forte 5 at least showed some willingness to chase Smith 5 Left a mark on some Swansea players to remind them what a challenge is
  10. Embarrasing

    Having travelled to the Liberty..and waited ages for a taxi in the freezing conditions.... can't feel my feet..... Anyway, Swansea had targeted Dicko for his lack of pace and inability to put in real challenges. However, the real problem lay with Virtue.... Defensively so inept, was wandering around midfield without ever picking up a man, hence Swansea could pass through our midfield at will. Hewitt would have put in a shift, which would have given us a chance Even experienced pros like Hunt, one pass cost a goal but his kick it anywhere...when we needed to control possession. At least The General showed how to tackle and put in challenges. I hope this has opened Nolan's eyes... we missed Yates as Virtue is no substitute. We could not win the second ball to save our lives Signing off....
  11. Do you enjoy cooking?

    Easy Sunday Chicken...Chicken from Aldi at £2.35, take a lemon, slice into pieces and slit the chicken skin, placing the lemon pieces under the skin, cook in a microwave bag from Morrisons, for 30 minutes in microwave...quick and easy Sunday Roast...just add vegetables steamed in microwave For winter, do a mean pearl barley, Quinoa , lentils with beef /lamb chopped stew...recommend Sainsburys Reduced Salt Yeast (Marmite) substitute Piethagoram's cooking ratings consensus 10/10
  12. Ratings Notts v Crewe

  13. Ratings Notts v Crewe

    On my normal mean of 5 Collin 5.5.. Wonders will never cease, just seen him release the ball quickly twice in one game. #Astonishing In terms of his normal job, too static, and poor communication with Duffy and Brisley, for balls Collin should have dealt with. Hunt 6 Disciplined performance Duffy and Brisley 7 each. Solid and dependable Jones 6.5 Got into good positions Hewitt 7.5 A very dodgy opening 20 minutes with a book full of misplaced passes. After that excelled in a box to box running game, a la Andy Hughes Husin 8 Stupendous strike, when we needed it.Some studious passing , making the midfield tick Grant 6 Was well marked by Crewe which in turn gave Elliot the space Alessandra 6 Cant fathom out if he deliberately chooses not to cross in an effort to find a better ball. Offers movement but lacks the clinical edge when we looking to score 5 or 6 Stead 6 Goal scoring run, temporarily put on ice Shola 6 Missed a great chance to score
  14. Has to be Noor.... fantastic strike. Hewitt vastly improved but a sloppy first 20 minutes with over hit passing, has to make Noor the matchday supremo
  15. Ratings Notts v Swansea City

    Having a day to think about it, Swansea did make playing football seem so easy. Notts seemed at times too eager to surrender possession, especially when the full backs played the ball long down the flanks and possession was surrendered.

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