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    Ratings Notts v Mansfield

    Schofield 6 Rarely troubled as well protected from the defence in front. Only real fault was a punch for a ball perhaps he should have caught. One woeful kick Rose 8 Has plugged the gaping hole at Right Back this season. Great length on throw ins and assured in defence Stubbs / Barclay share 7.5 Never expected a young cenre half pairing to do it's job so well. What is impressive is how they move the line, to compress space, very disciplined, Stubbs vocal when needed Milsom 7 Defensively did his job well, it's a case of no mistakes at the back, so not to get caught going forward O'Brien / Doyle share 7.5 Maybe O'Brien had the better game but as a pair, they are solid in midfield and didn't flinch an inch Boldewijn 7 Heavily marked so had one of his least effective games. One good shot on lay off by Gomis CMS 8 Reminders of Lee Hughes work rate...Great shot for the goal but does so much winning the midfield balls Stead 6.5 Ref didnt seem to give him any protection. Gomis 5.5 Frightened their back line with his pace, but his lack of a good touch or shooting prowess ...perhaps I was expecting more from a Championship player Subs Hemmings 6.5 Couldnt connect with a great cross towards the end Alessandra 5.5 Chose the wrong option on a couple of occasions, tends too lose the ball too easily As a team, rating at 8..... we look like a team that can compete now... https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/notts-county-player-rating-inspiring-2551949 Post's ratings Schofield Rose Barclay Stubbs Milsom O'Brien Doyle Boldewijn CMS Stead Gomis Sub Hemmings Alessandra
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    The bottom line, do you want to pay more in tax...or do you want the mega rich to contribute their fair share, by not allowing to hide their monies in secretive tax havens? This can be achieved by staying in the EU
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