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  1. Which retained players would make your team?

    GK Ross Fitzsimons RB Matt Tootle CB CB Shaun Brisley LB Dan Jones CM Michael O'Connor CM Noor Husin CM ST ST ST so need to source half a team, Stead may only operate as an impact sub
  2. Where does every one sit on match day.

    ST holder Pavis Upper B
  3. The retained list...

    Collin going Surprised that contracts offered to Duffy and Pindroch Maybe there also needed some Transfer Listing of Alessandra, Noble and even Stead ( just fearful of a Jason Lee on season too many) On the whole, reinvirgorated my faith in the mgmt
  4. Would anyone be interested in doing a Pon day.?

    yes from me, even for a longer distance PON member.... always willing to discuss the merits of Stanley with @Elite_pie
  5. Luther Wildin to Stevenage

    The signing of Nicky Hunt from Orient for an undisclosed fee last summer. Was that money well spent? The owner moans that we are losing 30k a week yet we had an exceptional youth talent just released for nowt.... (IMHO)
  6. Ratings Notts v Coventry

    https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/notts-county-player-ratings-heartbreak-1585694 from The Post
  7. Ratings Notts v Coventry

    based on a mean of 5 Collin 4 Failure to dominate his area especially on comparison to the Coventry keeper. Needed some big saves from somewhere, Coventry keeper produced 2 of those, sadly our didnt. Tootle 6 Difficult to give a MoTM but thought in general, he played well against a lively attack Duffy 5 One comical moment after fouling a Coventry player, there was a 10 second pause before he fell down clutching his face. Even so, the inept ref bought it. Brisley 4.5 Needed a cool head but got involved in a fracas, which could easily have turned into a red card. Jones 5 Always strong going forward, but defensive side of his game does fall apart, when he neglects responsibilities Noble 4 In a word, ineffectual and rightly subbed Hewitt 5 No matter about his getting around the pitch, totally ineffective when in possession. Coventry had a real grip on the midfield til O'Connor came on. Pass completion rate nearer to nil than 100% Alessandra 5 Went missing second half, I would say flatters to deceive...but just feel deceived Grant 5.5 Yes scored but his market valuation continually to deteriorate...Defensive side of game goes missing Stead 5 Worked hard, had a shot well saved but never really got the better of his markers Forte 6 A good goal disallowed by inept officials. Offers greater movement that the static Shola Stead partnership Subs OConnor 6 gave midfield some purpose with some drive and passing Shola 4 a farewell cameo maybe. Never really got going
  8. Luther Wildin to Stevenage

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44139679 Really wanted him to return to Notts. A gem missed
  9. Ratings Coventry v Notts

    @Northants PieSpecsavers are open todayit's all about opinions!
  10. The things you do to watch a match

    @Fan of Big ToneJoker
  11. Ratings Coventry v Notts

    @Northants PieI have just watched the brief 2 minutes of highlights. The penalty incident would have been made irrelevant had Collin had the courage to catch the ball
  12. Ratings Coventry v Notts

    @hissingdwarfwhilst we are aligned with most, cannot agree on Noble. The first half he was chasing shadows as the Coventry midfield dictated play and picked up virtually every second ball. Maybe I have misread the game as its always harder with a view from the lowest tier behind the goal?
  13. Ratings Coventry v Notts

  14. Ratings Coventry v Notts

    Based on mean of 5 Collin 5 Again well protected, but with a few heart stopping moments, like "It's not my job guv" when remonstrating with Duffy.Still not willing to dominate his area, especially for corners. Tootle 7.5 We look far more comfortable and balanced as a team with Toots back. Ludicrous penalty decision against him Duffy 6 Ankle stamped on which the inept referee missed. Obligatory throwing himself to the ground and not getting anything aside, was strong when needed Brisley 6.5 Important interventions in the first 15 minutes to keep Coventry at bay. Jones 7.5 Powerful running in the boggy conditions... the set up for the goal was superb, a bone crunching tackle won, looked up and delivered the perfect ball in for Forte Hewitt 6 Defensive performance but littered with over hit passes as well. Noble 5 First half especially, always seemed second best for the second ball.. Tightened up in the second half Virtue 3.5 More for Liverpool's benefit... didn't have the "engine" in difficult conditions and was being carried by the team Grant 5 A few glimpses of class but again was rather lightweight. Needs to hit the target with his shots, too many shots missing in recent games Stead 5.5 Battled well but isnt a target man. Was well marshalled by Coventry's defence Forte 7.5 Movement with thought, great finish but could have scored a second minutes later.
  15. Gavin Ward

    Just back home from the Ricoh a twitter from a Paul Berry sums it up.... You Retweeted Paul Berry‏ @paulberry2303 9m9 minutes ago More Sorry but the referee at Coventry/Notts County should not be let near another professional game for a very long time. Not even sure anyone appealed for the pen? Match ratings will have to wait...... Ref nul points, a la Eurovision

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