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  1. If you had a brain,you'd be dangerous.I didn't say it was true,but mentioned
  2. @Who r ya?? You Pies!! what part do you not understand? Read it again.I wasn't relating just to MAD.It appeared on another forum, that is probably the most reliable for info,an hour or so before it got mentioned on MAD.
  3. @Who r ya?? You Pies!! It appeared elsewhere,an hour or so, before it got to MAD.
  4. Being said on MAD & elsewhere he walked last night.How true we will no doubt hear later.
  5. The Phoenix was dealing with Lord Lucan,thats why we haven,t heard owt.A few signings dont make things right after last season.He will look a right Charlie after his page in the programme & the twitter posts saying he was selling up.He has lost a lot of respect & its takes a lot to get it back.All these different groups that were"suppossedly in a race to the line",disappeared.Hmmmm.
  6. @liampie your topic could be bang on the money reading in the Redrag,RT pulling out of sale if deal not concluded by end of June &,taking the club off the market.
  7. They will only come back towards the end of the season,if promotion is possible,not the bread & butter games.I bet our 1st home game this coming season if RT is here will be 4k home fans if were lucky.We weren,t even getting that at the end of the season. Fans are precious to Notts,like every other club,but Notts fan base will not swell on the good times like others.Never has done. Pavis always moaned about Notts support.Look at Svens first home game.We couldn,t even get double figures against Bradford,who have a decent away following
  8. Yes Sheridan does tick most boxes,but there is hell of alot more to sort out than just the manager.As for new owners & be careful what you wish for,you can say that about anything.There wasn,t too many saying that about Munto was there?.There was hell of a lot of people calling the Trews after JF appointment & even before it was announced most were in uproar.Stories like im not setting foot in the ground whilst there here,not buying a season ticket,then we appoint a manager with a experience & all is forgiven,but you dont know if RT is pulling the strings,he could be acting on someones behalf.
  9. Don,t know about a u turn,a right or left out of ML,pity the road isn,t one way.Too many bridges burnt,but some are easily appeased by simple things like the manager.That is just papering over the cracks.some on here need to wake up.we have lost fans due to these &, believe me its hard to get them back. Makes you puke when some come on here & say "Thanks for coming on",even when you dont get told owt,big deal.Makes you wonder who wears the trousers,when you see replys on here.
  10. You know what,I wasn,t in the anti Trew camp,thought you & Ray at the start were a breath of fresh air for the club.Even when some things didn,t go just right,never took an opinion as such.But,this season,the way you have conducted yourself on forums & Ray throwing his toys out of the pram,picking & choosing what you answer,like mine(Mansfield),posting on twitter "the phoenix has risen"out of exile,what kind of an owner is that?.I,ll tell ya,not one that I want associated with my team. Yeah,I ve had a few hard years.Do you seriously think I chat about you off this message board & call you.Get real.Read what most are saying on other forums.Communication is dire from the club PS Still not given an answer to the 3 questions.Didn,t want graphic details,but for some unknown reason you can,t answer them.
  11. Well you still didnt answer.For your info,I,m not stalking you,just noticed at the bottom of the page one day I was on.As for news out of the club,I live in Ireland,not Nottingham anymore,so rarely get to games,not on twitter or facebook.Gods its easy to get your back up. Roll on when you have gone.
  12. I would doubt it, that they are even interviewing @ ML,things are that secretive.Have they signed NDAs?.
  13. Not really.Remember thinking when we won promotion after they had taken over,& some thought the sun shone out of their arses,"let me buy you a drink Ray"& all the arse licking at Torquay,couldn,t stay off Forums for love nor money.lets see how you handle things when they go "**** up".Well we have seen it.Toys out the pram.In life you take the good with the bad.Obviously these can,t in football. I actually think RT should have got outside investment & had a proper board.Yes there would have been arguements,but at least he would have seen different views from outside "the clique".who knows where we would be now.DP had a favourite saying "Hindsight is a wonderful thing".Wish I had got £1 everytime he said it.I could have bought Notts.
  14. Was registered on here in the last 24hrs &,didnt bother answering the questions.To me,that just sums everything up with what is wrong at the club,absolutely no communication at all & answer only what you want too.

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