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  1. Ox , not impressed one bit at all , best position at this stage left at home .
  2. Welcome to PoN guys , enjoyed the YouTube preview by the way , looking forward to the season ahead , All Notts aren’t we COYP
  3. That game just shows we have plenty to do , and are some way behind in our prep for the season which is understandable the summer the club has endured . One thing about the comments from the gaffa I want to question though, our good support lifts other teams when we visit , and our ground lifts them when they come here , well just make sure it’s a positive for our lads instead of banging on it being so good for others , that’s kind of negative to me that is . COYP
  4. Very good signing, much needed, good business for me that , welcome to Notts
  5. Welcome to the community, what a time to get on board , the difference in less than a week is phenomenal, good positive vibe around the place , a great time to @SupportTheNotts
  6. A warm welcome to the new owners, and thankfully this nightmare is over , Notts live to kick a ball another day ️️ Now once again as fans we can stop the worrying and enjoy the football. COYP ALL NOTTS AREN'T WE
  7. Terrific news , and a huge relief , a massive welcome from me to the new owners , hopefully a stable future ahead , now let’s get ready for the new season COYP
  8. Agree with you @liampie , just concentrate on the business that is running the club , please
  9. Not a cat in hells chance of another club taking Notts place in my heart
  10. Agree @Chris , dare we hope? If they do take over please be sensible owners steady the club , just hope we have a club to support myself
  11. Great professional and all that , I wouldn’t criticise him , but yes for me correct decision to let him go , time to look forward with a different front pairing hopefully.
  12. Didn’t these only come on the scene a few (3) weeks ago surely a long way to go , not got great wealth from what I’ve been reading, so hope more than the 2 brothers involved.
  13. No , his reckless ownership has caused this mess nothing else , my own reason to be there was purely solidarity and I made sure I wasn’t in pics or interviewed , and it was from what I saw in support of Notts , it staff and it’s future , if indeed we have one , personally I didn’t expect it to achieve anything as some put it , just a mere show of solidarity

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