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  1. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Match Discussion: Game 9 - The Cobblers (A)

    Tend to agree @liampie on the radio commentary point you made .
  2. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Match Discussion: Game 9 - The Cobblers (A)

    Looking for a continued improvement from last week against Stevenage in today’s match against Northampton, another full week training so hope more has been done in shape for when we haven’t got possession, attacking wise I feel confident we’ll get chances so for me COYP get us a win 2-1 to the pies
  3. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Sport Australia Hall Of Fame

    So as the title above says Sport Australia Hall Of Fame , been announced on OS that the boss Harry Kewell is to be inducted into the above mentioned Hall Of Fame , well done first for that , a good reflection of his career thus far as a player at both club and international levels . Hope he continues to develop into a top boss also and who knows what other awards could come his way , and ours . Nice one Harry
  4. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Prediction League Round 9

    Derby 2 v 1 Brentford Middlesborough 2 v 0 Swansea joker Doncaster Rovers 2 v 0 Bradford City Southend 1 v 0 Fleetwood Morecambe 1 v 2 Macclesfield Yeovil 1 v 2 Swindon
  5. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    What’s your Winter food

    A nice chunky home made chicken soup with lots of fresh veg in it , I have the pleasure of making it and the family seem to love it .
  6. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Random acts of kindness

    What a lovely thing to have done , really are some real gems out there with hearts of gold , very touching .
  7. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Where does Cedric Evina leave Dan Jones?

    Think the addition of Evina is healthy competition for the position players / managers always say its good to have it , I believe it is and the team could benefit from it , but as above really it’s a team game , defend or attack as a unit a team , something we have lacked in consistently this season so far .
  8. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Roll Call: Northampton Town (A)

    Sadly only be at Northampton in spirit , but I’ll be kicking , heading every ball via the radio , hopefully you guys will have a great day and the boys do ya proud and bag the points , COYP
  9. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Notts v Stevenage... positives

    Plenty of positives going forward as an attacking unit look good , very dangerous, just think the new defence needs a little time to get to know each other then should be fine , still think a new keeper would help or a massive injection of confidence for Fitz , but a building block for sure yesterday , COYP
  10. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Daily chat thread - Sunday 16th September

    As above a lazy day relaxing , just put Wolves v Burnley on , not sure if I’ll watch it or have a blast on Xbox , watch some tv with the missus later , have a good one all
  11. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Call me crazy but I don’t think the playoffs are gone.

    Nothing is won or lost in September , I love your positivity you have to be a little insane pal , we’re Notts County , all to play for but a huge challenge ahead lets get some points on the board and confidence up for now . COYP
  12. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Daily chat thread - Saturday 15th September

    It’s Saturday I’m off work for a change off down the Lane in a while , want so much to be positive that today we turn that corner, nervous, but COYP , we’re the black and white army ️️
  13. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Inspired and Determined!

    Brilliant watch that , pure class , the place rocked , the crowd can play a huge part when they really get into it , #12thman
  14. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Is the Stevenage game where we turn it around.?

    Let’s hope so , seems like the new additions are ready to play according to reports , a clean sheet and a 1-0 win would do wonders for morale . COYP
  15. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    What's your current post count?

    CC = 1087

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