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  1. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Play off final ticket cost

    I think I read all the play off games are on sky .
  2. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Where is everyone?

    Agree find them 2 social media places very negative at times
  3. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Where is everyone?

    Couldn’t agree more , this is a good community I personally don’t go on Facebook and only read twitter so although I have been away from here a short time I find it a good place to chat mainly for me all things Notts , coyp
  4. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Calls for Nolan’s head on Social Media

    Think maybe some can’t handle disappointment when bumps in the journey occur, league 2 is our status we are striving to improve and progress and we are in my view , KN needs time , the team needs time to evolve over a season or two , but hey this season is still alive and kicking and much to play for , coyp
  5. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Jamie Fullarton

    Hahaha my sense of humour , thanks for the correction though
  6. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Jamie Fullarton

    New manager bounce 2-0 win
  7. People change , he hasn't true to say this far maybe never will , I can't say he will anymore than anyone can say he won't , and I'm not as green as ya may think either , certainly not gullible , I guess the goals did it for many where Hughes was concerned , some would say no comparison , I would say really !!
  8. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Nile Ranger

    I wonder how different the opinions would be if he had the Lee Hughes quality in front of goal with all the NR baggage ?
  9. This won't be popular , sorry in advance but its my opinion , I'm for giving people a chance till the penny drops , he has had plenty of opportunities that is true , he wouldn't be my choice either but in all circumstances that we have , I would take a gamble , give him the chance at notts a good club with excellent standards and with people around him who know him who maybe can reach him , if it doesn't work then we have tried also , it would not look bad on notts in my view for giving someone a chance and trying to help them and themselves naturally .
  10. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Kevin Nolan: 'Notts County pondering potential move for free agent Nile Ranger'

    As said above well put totally agree , short term deal to end of season , we need more up top , he could bring it and with the experienced pros at the club maybe it could work , it is a risk .
  11. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Romance is alive

    Finished 2- 2 well done Rochdale
  12. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Romance is alive

    Anyone watching the romance again , Rochdale 1 v 0 Spurs at halftime , played really well as well , old topic but still the same old facup romance .
  13. Good read and bang on the money , we can't change what's gone before , but with focus can improve , it's the business end of the season we need momentum belief and unity , and consistency , COYP , we're the black and white army
  14. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Prediction League Round 33

    Burton 2 v 2 Forest Fulham 2 v 2 Villa Shrewsbury 1 v 0 Rotherham joker Southend 1 v 2 Portsmouth Crawley 1 v 1 Lincoln Exeter 2 v 1 Mansfield
  15. Who r ya?? You Pies!!

    Prediction League Round 32

    Cardiff 3 v 1 Bolton joker Sheffield Wednesday 1 v 2 Derby Charlton 1 v 1 Bradford Oldham 1 v 0 MK Dons Mansfield 2 v 1 Newport Wycombe 1 v 2 Swindon

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