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  1. That game just shows we have plenty to do , and are some way behind in our prep for the season which is understandable the summer the club has endured . 

    One thing about the comments from the gaffa I want to question though, our good support lifts other teams when we visit , and our ground lifts them when they come here , well just make sure it’s a positive for our lads instead of banging on it being so good for others , that’s kind of negative to me that is . COYP

  2. No , his reckless ownership has caused this mess nothing else , my own reason to be there was purely solidarity and I made sure I wasn’t in pics or interviewed , and it was from what I saw in support of Notts , it staff and it’s future , if indeed we have one , personally I didn’t expect it to achieve anything as some put it , just a mere show of solidarity 

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  3. Well just got back home from the protest , I’ll be honest bitterly disappointed with how many went (about 40) but a massive thanks to those that took the lead and organised it , well done it deserved better support, maybe it’s indicative of some of the apathy towards the seriousness of our situation or maybe people just thought it can do no good or achieve anything, I don’t know, but what I do know is it saddened me , and after in the navigation that was informative as well. I personally felt it was worth it . COYP 

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  4. Mini speaker my iPhone and and a wide range of musical taste , either on my hifi with cd’s or lots on YouTube through my phone , proper enjoy music lifts spirits and gives a right good vibe 

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  5. Agree @cheeky~k8  definitely a terrible rollercoaster, into the abyss maybe , I’ll be at the protest tomorrow with my daughter and granddaughter, for me it’s my way to show solidarity with fellow fans , some are questioning its worth or what it can achieve, for me the solidarity, to show I care in some small tangible way , maybe raising the media intensity to delve deeper . Because of how this takeover has been conducted all the false timeframes and uncertainty, it just puts so much doubt in my mind that anything will happen, so to do nothing for me at this stage isn’t an option, no matter how small and futile it may indeed be . 


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  6. Sell to the highest bidder , do me a favour, contradicts himself with , no buyers , been totally reckless in his ownership. 

    Ive seen some tough times over the years with real fears for the very existence of Notts , but this really is critical times , can’t see a way out , we would be very lucky to go into administration in my view maybe then new owners , gutted , proper sad . 

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  7. Been on the WhatsApp group lots of support, but as yet and I’m only commenting on that group not on FB , it’s early stages suggest support is good but needs to pick up momentum, real purpose, structure , and leadership, but I would take part if it’s done properly. 

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