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  1. Just a small point I didn't make the game but kept up with proceedings on the official site on the wall I think it was . Twitter
  2. Think continuity is something we will need to establish asap , looking at the players available for next season and hopefully another CB I feel the experience and quality needed to do that may well be in place , so many last season either not up to the job or inexperienced or out of position or out of form , so yes a must .
  3. Stead has the experience and with better players around him this time I think he can have positive influence on things , its all about confidence and momentum, with a well structured team I'm hopeful he can bring a similar goals total as last time , hopefully the gaffa can get more out of Izale to, if and it's a big if I know he can get firing he is potentially a 15-20 goals player . The manager has work on those fronts but I feel he can get the results needed from them , COYP
  4. Makes sense to keep tabs on him and see how he gets on , can't really judge him on one friendly and a few videos.
  5. Sorry , here was me putting the f word as in better opposition , please ignore my ramblings
  6. Well if he scores the perfect 3 against florist , sign him up he'll do for me , sorry been out in the intermittent sunshine and been on the shandy , but seems worth a look and trust in JS we do .
  7. Poor them I say mind you he is good at picking players for there level
  8. Having a competitive squad this season will be key even more than before with the loan system as it is, to many of our players last time around just weren't up to it , so our recruitment like that of others has to be good , it has been so far I feel , a good budget spent well this time could be a real advantage , maybe some of the smaller budget clubs may find the season long , just a thought.
  9. Yes for sure I'll be at the game to support mike for his service to the club , to support the pies against our arch rivals , a great appetiser for the season ahead , I'm looking forward to it , COYP hope it does create a buzz on both sides of the Trent
  10. @DangerousSausage good research and points well made , I agree .
  11. Yeah that is annoying, especially if injuries occur, not sure I even like that competition at all anyway, I know at the end if ya get that far it's a good occasion and yes I would go , not enough positives in it for me I'm afraid.
  12. Welcome indeed , enjoy the site , some good banter and topics to discuss, so explore and enjoy countyrich
  13. Nothing new there @ohstanleyaborah as soon as the 'big' boys get involved its all its ever about , they should use the young players or loan them out for a season to develop them , that's my thoughts tho .
  14. But good to see our own youngsters involved tho. But what a game of guess who , good job we aren't detectives we'd never solve owt lol
  15. All I can say is brilliant Mr Sausage that should bring another fan to the Lane
  16. A hearty welcome from me pal that name warms me through, this site isn't called PoN for nothing its what we are , and I'm sure you know what we do on the red side of the Trent , on a serious note hope you enjoy the site as much as I do , its brilliant.
  17. @notts-joe agree with your well balanced and well put points , let's hope the negativity of last season in particular is well and truely behind us , to me it feels like it is .
  18. Hopefully this season some of the above will reverberate around the ground making me smile for sure , ya never know the up and coming scintillating football we'll be playing may inspire 'its just like watching juve'
  19. How do you feel John Sheridan is doing so far without a ball yet kicked competitively how impressed are you with the work done so far ? Are you inspired with confidence in him and the season ahead ? How about the club as a whole? Discuss
  20. Would be another good addition if we get him defence sorted then I feel just about getting game time together to get familiar with how each other play , how many feel the squad is looking really encouraging?
  21. Yes looking forward to going to the florist and Blackburn home games , don't think it will be that friendly against our neighbours so maybe a good workout to sharpen the team up a little more than a normal lower key game , COYP
  22. Yep agree totally when possible, continuity so partnerships have a time to bed in and flourish, never happened last season so hopefully something we can do better this time around, if injuries are kind and good form is established let's hope its all adds up to a better season COYP
  23. Yeah agree no tantrums at all in the club or in the stands let's all Show patience and be the 12th man even if it's a slow burner the season is a marathon so cool heads if needed, and whole hearted loud and vocal support, COYP

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