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  1. Stay or go I wouldn't mind to be honest , think this season he may get better service and hopefully we'll be more solid going forward with the balance to defend well also , confidence for some players is an absolute must to get them really firing on all cylinders, what would we get for him I wonder ??
  2. Well firstly your rant is bang on , all power to the rant , and yes Wales were brilliant last night , they performed manfully as one a truely outstanding team performance, with pride unwavering determination and skill to , we as in England have much to learn they were a fine example and I take my hat off to them .that vocal support was outstanding and behaviour impeccable.
  3. Hahaha yes Eric the serious or not so serious anymore you get my vote.
  4. Kind of like what we do on the red side of the Trent to but maybe a bit naughty to write down ,
  5. Yeah that's another one cos we are the pride of Nottingham
  6. Will Griggs on fire your defence is terrified, that's brilliant when I watched it on YouTube
  7. It's just a different format matey , not as user friendly many say , I'm not good on social media to be honest , but that's the heads up I think , stay on here it's a great site pal , and fall back in love with the pies again COYP
  8. That's good news another good bit of business notts COYP
  9. The plot thickens , but no cigar to the above you've just confused me more
  10. I don't know who it is , please please please someone put us out of our misery who is it, lol
  11. It's a yes to Forte from me think he would be good for us
  12. Enjoyed that read of the above , exactly my sentiments, well written notts-joe , roll on the new season I am actually looking forward to it with a measure of excitement, COYP
  13. What's past is past , I'm hoping lessons have been learnt, can't disagree with any of the above genuine comments, but I'd like to add a good bit has changed for the positive , CEO who seems upfront , a good manager in place and he is being backed to build his squad , and I feel he is doing just that , dead wood from playing staff to head of recruitment all gone to , so many reasons to be positive, let's build bridges and learn together, cos sometimes us fans don't get it correct either , so a united ncfc can move forward and we all want that I'm sure . COYP
  14. Yes Thanks for your upbeat confident words on the pies , music to my ears pal
  15. Good news indeed good strong Signing , looking forward to next season with enthusiasm and optimism, good work JS and Notts , COYP
  16. Change was needed but for me not an exit , a fight for change stronger from within , a stable economy has been put in serious jeopardy which could cause greater problems not just on our shores, feel it's a step into the dark and the disruption isn't worth the exit , recovery will happen but how long ahead ?? Who knows , people's fears are real on immigration so tougher control is needed , but for me not a strong enough reason to exit , if it was a larger margin maybe I would think differently.
  17. Think we can safely say the manager is being backed at this time , so maybe the answers to future at least in the near future ownership lies within the backing being given , let's be united and move forward and get out this league, COYP
  18. This recruitment this time around is better balanced by a good manager who can build a team, hopeful for the season ahead , not to the point of getting carried away, but a positive vibe nonetheless .
  19. Yes notts doing the business in the market, can see a good solid team being build , these guys will add a great deal to the squad , think it will have a good impact on the rest of the squad to , JS is working well and a well done notts to for the backing , COYP.
  20. Making some good signings and with the ones to hopefully be confirmed notts are taking shape for a season challenging at the top end I would hope , COYP
  21. I'll resist the use of expletives but why the ..... play with a defensive midfielder against Iceland???? Correct any reply that was going to say because we can't defend , got news for you we can't damn well attack either , poor poor poor , but I'll say a hearty well-done Iceland you actually deserved your victory .
  22. Germany looking a well oiled machine today comfortable against Slovakia.
  23. Welcome Alex Rodman to the Lane hope you get us off our seats this coming season with some exciting wing wizardry COYP
  24. Welcome Matt Tootle to the lane , look forward to seeing him improve our defensive line , and good that he has experienced a measure of success to , hope he does with us to , COYP

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