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  1. Wow what a game Hungary Portugal, I mentioned Iceland a couple of times saying well-done now England have them next , come on England what do you think peeps?
  2. Not sure how many of the players mentioned are real targets, but if they all were then you could possibly say for sure we won't get them all but I would be more than happy if we did , but it's good to see the club being linked with those kind of potential signings, aiming high hopefully, coyp
  3. Agree with the comments of the above mentioned, last season was a horror show for sure , opinions ran high and with good reason so maybe not easy to brush off , me personally speaking support ncfc and as such if lessons have been learnt and forward progress is happening then I for one will be behind the club lock stock and smoking barrel , I see some good steps having been made already in my view so let's hope it continues into the season no matter how it goes early doors let's hope we pick up momentum and have a lot better season, I feel we will , coyp
  4. I'd take him again that's a good goals ratio from before , so yeah would be a good addition I think .
  5. I'd be happy to see his return, liked him before .
  6. Hope for much better than last season and feel that we will get that , a steady and progressive season where we improve as we go , hope the squad is improved more it needs to be , then with a fully united NCFC on and of the field I hope for a top 7 finish, COYP
  7. @liampie oh yes , but a late equaliser and even then nearly an even later winner for Iceland but it wasn't to be , but we'll done Iceland, what is it with all these late goals ,. exciting stuff to the end of games .
  8. Just watching Iceland again against Hungary, halfway point Iceland 1-0 up, come on Iceland , love the underdog, would love them to make the knockout stage
  9. Totally deserved victory , was worried we wouldn't take our chances , but thankfully we did and we move on , Yes the fans aspect does need to change a lot , but no way should England be sent home , its a small minority that causes the problems, the support that goes is huge , many countries support have that it them from a percentage of support that is far less , If that tournament was here it would be better managed policed better and I'm confident less trouble, lessons need to be learnt . Our fans do need to show much more respect abroad agreed .
  10. Yeah in shezza we trust, won't break the bank coyp and England today against the welsh
  11. Welcome indeed good competition now in that position , coyp
  12. How about trapping ain't dead by the section boys , Our players couldn't trap the ball last season so it was at notts
  13. Do you remember when super notts super notts once reverberated around the lane
  14. He is a good player and I would welcome him , so long as it's not because we are a shorter commute if he was to sign .
  15. I'm all for banter and making new songs you need variety and a f good range that are easy on the ear and catchy , but sorry maybe it's just me , I don't take offence at language at football either , yes a but , do we need one like that at the top about Mansfield??? I think not , come on guys , am I really in the minority that find that distasteful??
  16. Massive well done Iceland spirited gritty performance, just love the underdog in games like that .
  17. Yeah as above hope the signing is completed, thanks to @BradtheMiller for the info to , seems a solid signing hopefully done soon , a step in the right direction in the rebuilding department.
  18. For all the pace you need an end product and for me sterling offers the pace but when in such promising positions lacks quality in his final delivery , if he could improve that he would be a real talent, milner should have done better at the end , but the game really should have been put to bed earlier .
  19. Agree with @Fozzy about subs , think they pushed up a good amount second half maybe Kane who didn't have his best game , could have been replaced by Vardy to exploit the space behind , but hey I'm still upbeat the performance was good for the majority , bring on Wales let's see if we can match or better there pride and passion. See this morning the football authorities are looking to punish Russia, decision Tuesday before there next game , a fine the likely outcome.
  20. Well wrote @notts-joe , totally agree , on the football it was bright entertaining and indeed how did we not win , some of the movement and passing was so good to watch, I enjoyed it , should have seen the game out but hey the positives are there to see. On the violence from what I've seen on different news fronts , English fans look like they are being targeted, think the policing should be examined it looked poor, I guess when you get mindless thugs hell bent on trouble its hard to stop but this level at a major tournament for me shows something is lacking , its not numbers either plenty there to keep order . Send Russia home as punishment. France should be careful also as there fans seem to be involved to . Let's just hope it all stops and a football fest can be enjoyed .
  21. Just sing your hearts out for the lads , England England England England
  22. Don't agree with this at all it's a comp for bottom 2 divisions not youngsters of top teams to get competitive experience, send them out on loan or play them to develop them .
  23. @DangerousSausage great homework, not at all shabby going by your research, any of those 3 mentioned by @ohstanleyaborah would be a good addition, its going to get interesting in the weeks ahead seeing all the rumours kind of wets the appetite to see who we get in . COYP
  24. Agree with @TheFostarr94 , hopefully a start to the rebuilding, one addition at the back definitely not enough think the manager will bring more in for sure , hope we get Dickinson a solid start for me .we need some pace up top in my opinion.
  25. Agree with above good luck Liam , great talent but at times a liability, time to look forward not back , so for me correct decision.

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