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  1. I wouldn't read to much into the championship line , its the sort of thing you would expect to be said , we can aspire to get there maybe it's a goal we could realistically aim for , I think so with stability, the club would be a more attractive purchase to a prospective buyer then , as for whether a sale is on the agenda I don't know what to think for sure , maybe our owners want to stay and maybe RT stepped back to calm the storm and reflect , again I'm not sure , one thing I am sure of they have invested big money for where we are , so for me the intention was to move upwards , nothing in football is ever as straight forward though as the amount of cash invested . I'm looking more forward now to next season, with stability the key ingredient.
  2. Have a good holiday , indeed all have a great bank holiday weekend if you are off
  3. Let's not at this stage , have a head of recruitment, let's just let the manager do things his way , after all his job depends on it .
  4. Are you happy @super_ram , think both clubs made good appointments myself , think florist wanted Pearson , better club Derby tho .
  5. Think it's a strong management team personally no nonsense, feel optimistic for next season coyp
  6. Thanks AT and indeed all at the club , great news today , looking forward to more up building info coming out in the near future, coyp indeed .
  7. Well done all involved at NCFC for getting Sheridan in , feel it's a good appointment, and a huge welcome to you from myself , think this is a good step in the rite direction, Welcome to MC also as assistant.
  8. The official site will be making some announcements tomorrow, was mentioned by AT on another topic earlier. Looking forward to proper news .
  9. Agree with your post @ohstanleyaborah , mistakes made yes , but have backed the managers so let's hope whoever owns ncfc that continues in the future also
  10. Only one made it up that was Russell king, no legitimate project existed.
  11. I'm missing something, I'm tired , don't get it at all , help !!
  12. Great support guys , If JS is appointed, will that make others take the plunge also I wonder ??
  13. What a great story , and a great reply to the youngster from the club , sure they will surprise him in some way .
  14. ooks like tomorrow now , just been on oafc fans boards , my oh my they aren't happy , seems they aren't happy with the owner ect ect ect, I felt like I was reading our boards , Think JS will be boss tomorrow, out of embargo next week , a raft of new players , a more positive place creeping in , This is NCFC please wake me up if I'm dreaming.
  15. Seems that we will stay in embargo a while yet , refer to bbcrn Twitter, as the money withheld doesn't cover debts fully to other clubs , ???? If I have understood correctly. What is going on ??
  16. Admire that @Elite_pie , when it seems many are holding back .
  17. Looks like Sheridan in through the revolving door then , well he knows the league , hopefully he will get a good budget , and get some better players in , wanted MA myself but I'll back who we get , COYP
  18. Get the feeling lots feel like you do, totally understandable, I'm interested to see how this topic progresses, not surprised you were thinking of starting one like it @TheFostarr94 , wasn't sure if anyone had to be honest .
  19. Prefer Martin Allen personally has the credentials we need as a club now, would sort the playing side out and bring the club together
  20. With so much strong feelings both for and against purchasing at the moment , I was wondering how hard is it hitting the club , and how many have stood firm in not getting one yet , what are the thoughts of the community.
  21. I know not much time really when so much needs doing , let's hope we hear of a managerial appointment asap , I would have liked a sale first but that could be a long way off if at all , so matters football need taking care of with some urgency I feel .
  22. Well the way things are you you could be bang on with that
  23. Personally I'd like to know what the stumbling blocks are with regard to the sale if indeed the asking price has been met , direction, plan long term and short term would surely not be in the current owners domain to have a view on , don't get me wrong don't just want anyone to own us , but the current situation needs resolving and soon.
  24. When all said and done dependent on budget a cull was needed and if Ricardo gets his targets off us as well we will have scope or room in the squad size for the new boss to bring in some better additions to make us more competitive, without it being a ridiculously large squad .

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