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  1. Get the bunting out let's have a party , best news for ages , don't like to see people lose a job but in his case I'll make an exception
  2. He should go to jail that was fraud
  3. They get these idea's at times , I personally like it as it is and don't think changes are needed , I think our football pyramid as it stands is the best .
  4. Know what you mean ,it all needs sorting , just don't get why that still hasn't been paid , with no news coming out of the club on those issue's are we supposed to think a deal to sell is close ??? Remember the HMRC same kind of story and then nothing, bill paid , just pay it or say why not the fans need to know what's going on please .
  5. @notts-joe yeah agree with that , think villa and toon top 2 in championship next season, what ya think ?
  6. Well maybe things are about to improve for villa now with fresh investment, feel they will be strong in the championship now . Got a soft spot for villa
  7. A period of time has passed now since the statement from notts about paying what's due to Mansfield , has it been paid yet anyone not sure if I've missed anymore news on that one , plus it's kind of pertinent to being able to go about any business .
  8. Probably league 2 is his level could do a job for us if he was with an experienced centre back , we certainly need that part of the team sorted .
  9. I would welcome Martin Allen back definitely what we need to steady things down and make sure next season can still be looked forward to .
  10. Mixed feelings really think Stan would do better in a more balanced team where his defensive responsibilities were not to great , don't think we'll get to see that no doubt he'll be gone as for Amevor don't feel he is a good fit for us in league 2 so it frees up a little money while things are tight.
  11. Well in most of those on the lists, we would hope the club aren't interested , so That's good to know thanks for that , any snippets as to who is on the wish list from an official view point , are notts close to getting someone in would you say ?
  12. Been a nightmare for a long time now pal , GB, people ya having a laugh he is never in the reckoning this is all laughable now , the powers that be would be doing there money down the drain for sure , it won't happen , relax .
  13. If it was between those 2 which I don't think it is , I would want Martin Allen without a second thought , wishful thinking I think though .
  14. Sorry this maybe won't go down well with many , but I for one do NOT want to hear any feeble excuses from any of the players for that totally diabolical season, difficult circumstances agreed , but come on the players were the cause of much of what went on , I hate to hear players talking a good game , when you have the chance to play a good game as a united team get out on that pitch and do it , sorry don't want to hear from any of that shower .
  15. Personally you can understand both those getting there season ticket and those who feel they won't at this stage , just think it's an awful shame that the mess that is our beloved NCFC is in shows no signs of being sorted , like someone mentioned on another thread the silence is deafening from meadow lane , and when anything does come out it offers very little , and prompts more questions .
  16. When you put it like that , my word what a mess , so so much to do , very worried for what the future holds for our dear old club .
  17. Well if I understand it , the club statement said it was a temporary embargo and they were sorting payment out , then they could engage with out of contract players, really , that's another topic , season ticket sales or lack of could impact really hard I feel in the weeks ahead, for me things need to happen quickly but how likely any of that does is anyone's guess .
  18. That's a good question , I would imagine some will be tied up in the contracts of players with time left on there contracts , and as we had a top 3-6 budget I dare say a lot has been squandered, so what money available is anybody's guess .
  19. Welcome @Geoff to PoN , immerse and enjoy this user friendly site.
  20. Well we did indeed want an official statement from the club , so thank you for that , but the whole thing just leaves more questions to be answered , little to no clarity at all , or is it me not getting it ? What are the communities thoughts , can you see anything positive , please share and enlighten this worried fan .
  21. Indeed all the best Roy , good luck in the Euro's , a bit crazy at times mind .
  22. Must say I'm getting very sceptical about things , would love some clarity on lots of things notts related , but seems will will just have to wait and see , and hope , sadly wouldn't bet against what you say as things stand pal .
  23. Hope the Mansfield money issue's are sorted , let's have a statement notts , how does not paying bills enhance the the business for any potential new owners , just run the club professionally while it is yours , all this mess doesn't reflect well on anyone .

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