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  1. Don't want Yates, Cowley a risk for me considering the state we are in , Cotterill would sort us out but really can't it happening , if the owners must appoint then they must go for experience, a firm character who takes no prisoners , we are crying out for a leader someone who can galvanise the whole club and get all pulling in the same direction.
  2. Must say I tend to agree with you , don't know what to think , all this time which I guess you could say isn't that long in the grand scheme of things , I think someone somewhere would have let something out about being interested in the club , apart from AH I mean , without it breaching confidentiality, the whole saga is a worry I feel .
  3. Agree with that for sure on the damage from the hooligans, but that's a sad reflection again if the ticket money for the game hasn't been paid, no excuse if true , I see the lights are on at notts but no one in , must be on hols already .
  4. Going back to the cull , Tarkers should be ensconced to meadow lane to sort out the dead wood , sure he would have much work on his hands , all power to Tarkers
  5. Most of the Euphoria dance music albums , brilliant for a summer good vibe
  6. We need to get busy but really do we want those responsible for such poor recruitment last summer to be responsible again ? I personally think not , in an ideal situation the sale of the club can be completed asap then a plan in place and a manager appointed then recruitment on the playing front. That's easy don't you think , sorry this is NCFC its never easy . Depressed
  7. Put your CV in @notts-joe bang on with your comments there .
  8. All the above bang on , a resounding no from me .
  9. God no no and a third emphatic no matey , I don't bye a season ticket personally but if I did it would be a no no for me this time till the sale is done , I'm sceptical on that happening , as for any managerial appointment again sorry but no , wouldn't personally want either of those mentioned , I guess ya just putting names out for debate no offence meant at all pal , but no , and GB just do one don't know of and positive posts about him MUST go.
  10. The big question is , who will sort it , our club has no leadership at the top , it needs a person with real drive asap , make no mistake its one hell of a mess .
  11. Before any mention of a new manager , the future control of the club needs resolving , is the club being sold ?
  12. Well done I nearly broke a smile then @ohstanleyaborah only part that prevented it was the mention of GB
  13. So MC had already said Friday he was going , this whole episode leaves a bad taste .
  14. The only thing coming down from the top is utter disdain
  15. It's a complete shambles , so before the game , a statement will be released after the game , after the game MC going will start at FGR Monday, so before the game in theory he was gone , no wonder such a spineless performance by a group of leaderless misfits .
  16. See what you mean on Twitter , arrogant piece of work , GB just do one .
  17. Good luck with the photos at the J&J statue , will be in hearing distance of the events this afternoon , think it will be lively to say the least , but enjoy if you can B)

  18. Club statement due at the end of the game , clarity , well that would be something wouldn't it , don't hold your breath , MC will be gone , CS even kind of asked is the club really being sold ??????????????????? Shambles
  19. Good luck to RM indeed , he was a likeable chap and somewhat hamstrung at our club by the goings on upstairs I feel .
  20. It just sums up the total lack of direction and leadership at the top of our club , I'm not sure what to believe anymore , I try not to overreact to things and try to see logic and sound reasoning , but truely I'm baffled by most of the goings on now .
  21. Totally agree with the above comments , the rumours on the sale and manager are having a huge impact on NCFC , and just stirring up contentions with the fan base , totally zero leadership at the club , social media as a vehicle to make none statements if you like is not the correct way to release any meaningful news , wish it would stop .
  22. Seems someone else is in the running now , someone posted on MAD that AT had said as much on social media , and so it goes on .
  23. @Elite_pie we'll only know by giving him a proper chance , a handful of his own players in the mix next season could make a world of difference in my view , any manager is a gamble in all honesty but compared to what we have suffered MC is a better bet , forest green are loaded yes but that's absolutely no guarantee of success but get your concerns @Modern Fan 1862 .
  24. They need to go up I feel to get him , links to the club true , so maybe a pull for him , I personally think if RT doesn't retain MC services for next season then he could get a league one or two club , hope we keep him and let him build .
  25. I see you like your different sports @ivansneck , well done on that front , guess you are well occupied the year round .

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