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  1. My condolences to the family and friends for your sad loss , and may the notts county community come together on Saturday and give you some support at this difficult time .RIP Katie
  2. Think he should have had more chance's , maybe next season he will , can't wait to see what develops over the coming weeks , with regards to players out then in , and MC will he still be in charge , I personally hope so .
  3. As the title says the summer months , all that sunshine , barbeques , holidays in the sun , chilling out , hmmm how much do you miss the football ? My missus says I am notably different on a Saturday afternoon in the close season , I'm a bit crazy on matchdays she says the house is alive , how do you feel in the summer , do you miss it ? Does anyone notice a change in you ?
  4. Are we not believing negotiations are ongoing guys ? We need a little encouragement I feel that they are , we were assured they were earlier in this topic , wouldn't it be great if some positive news came out soon , the season is all but done , the J & J statue in place , evidence from the past that we can be successful , hope for the future I'm sure we will be back , moving forward , let's hope so , COYP
  5. Working just near by I was pleased to be among the crowd , great day sunshine wise , good crowd , fitting tribute , fantastic statue , great effort , well done all concerned, Jimmy and Jack we salute you .
  6. A hearty welcome from me also , its a great community , explore , interact ,and completely enjoy . COYP
  7. @Tarkers As ever on the ball , brilliant.
  8. Give them a hot curry wurst , should put fire in the belly
  9. He has his supporters , don't think I would like him in charge of a powerhouse like the USA like you say @tarquinbeech he is wacky , and it is so so quiet on here at the moment .
  10. Thank you for the update , I'm sure I speak for many , if not I'll say it anyway , any news that you or Ray can release is welcome and fans are just wondering what's going on , as is human nature .
  11. Hope the young guns get the chance today , nothing to worry about send them out to have a real go , here goes notts to win it 3-2 , someone wake me up I must be dreaming COYP
  12. Like to think it could be inspirational , true legends , I don't use that term easy but my oh my they were .
  13. Nice sentiment from Haydn but even 2 resounding wins wouldn't even be a start to restoring pride to this miserable season , sorry to be so harsh but that's how I see it , plus I think that's a big ask anyway, this season needs to end , and a bright new start is needed , then and only then for me anyway , pride can be restored.
  14. Always had a nice time down in Cornwall been lucky with the weather and there are lots of tiny hamlets to explore , enjoyed Majorca a few years back to lovely and warm , probably Zante is my favourite the weather the island is beautiful and was into nightlife back then and that was lively , hmmm where's my shades and sun lotion feel a holiday coming on , I wish nothing planned this year .
  15. Well the league table doesn't put anywhere else than where you deserve to be , over the season we sadly haven't been good enough , agree the sale of the club could do with being sorted asap .
  16. @notts-joe Well put , but for me the top one would be good leadership from the very top , the owner needs to know the role they have is to run the club not the team , have the trust in your manager to manage team matters from top to bottom , player recruitment to squad size to training and tactics , input from top in team matters only on budget , this would take time for that trust to flourish but in time would bring stability and real forward progress, that what I crave for NCFC
  17. It's true people can change and a good support mechanism around someone can help achieve that change , but look at notts ?? Would he be good for us or may I say the state we are as a club would we be good for the lad either ?? No from me . Just want our club sorting , its pitiful at this time .
  18. Totally agree with that it's a no from me , the mess we are in we need to bring players in 100% good characters and not add any who could be questioned on that front , before all the player hunting we need the issue of the leadership at the very top resolved , none there at the moment .
  19. Noble does possess quality , and in a better team could possibly shine , obviously his record for being sent off isn't good , to many if's at this stage for me , if a significant team rebuild is going to happen with new owners , maybe offer a new contract , but I think it's his last game .
  20. Liam Noble sent off again today ends his season at Notts , what about his career at the club ? Would you miss him if it was over ?
  21. Team , well it's different. Smith up top , 5 not starting from Barnet game , guess as much as I wanted the kids in maybe would have been unfair on them , COYP
  22. Rest easy @Who r ya?? You Pies!! to @tarquinbeech

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