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  1. RT has kept his word and the bill settled , thankfully , maybe we can take his word also that a deal is close as he said 2 weeks ago , hope so as next season needs considerable planning with regards to players .
  2. Maybe no takeover yet if RT has to pay it like he said he would if not sold in time , or could a deal be close ? I guess we could get news at least early next week and maybe a clearer picture , hope so , would really appreciate some clear statement of where we are at ,
  3. Think the players over the season have had a combination of things to help them , a chance to play through a bad patch as individuals and a team , protection from criticism , and being told as it is basically , none of which seems to have made any lasting impression, so for me play as many as you can of the younger and fringe players as is realistically possible , and just have a good go , if we get beat but true effort and desire is shown at this late stage at least that's something COYP
  4. @tarquinbeech hahaha love the banter on here , work hard I do pal but find the time to be on sorry make the time it's kind of infectious , nurse nurse
  5. Best I've had is at home my missus does a mean curry wurst, she picked it up in Germany when she lived there years ago .
  6. Think it's time for an official statement from the owners , said it before , to much left to speculation and social media banter, for want of a better term , from 'interested parties ' , who really are interested in owning the club , please stand up .
  7. Newpie @Piethagoras @Fozzy Team , @DangerousSausage @Joe Jones @tarquinbeech member , @ivansneck @Riverleeno@Super_Danny_Allsopp
  8. Thanks for the nomination , liampie , ohstanleyaborah , notts-joe, very kind of you , just enjoy being involved in the community to be honest .
  9. This time I would like to see a young team put out with a few players who have been fringe , don't care if we get beat , they need experience and the tried and tested have been found wanting , time for change , I do fear a mauling tho I must admit .
  10. Apparently they have been watching for some time , hopefully now it's in the open and police are aware , they will deal with it before it gets a real yob stubborn following , we don't want you at notts with that behaviour .
  11. @Fozzy well put pal , can't agree more , we have seen poor players before but for me never such a poor collective group , really poor leadership to have brought us to this .
  12. Again this is a theme well said MC , what a job he has on his hands , players not getting him out the building , Rip up the squad and have a blank canvas , if only it was possible , wonder if having given the chance for the players to redeem themselves after Saturday which they have failed miserably , wonder if he will play the kids ??? I would
  13. Just poor in both boxers , given up the ghost riverleeno ? I well and truely think so , major overhaul is due, Derry and 7 up Cambridge next , oh dear .
  14. Whatever team gets put out to represent NCFC tonight , please do it with pride determination and just give your best your all , win draw or be defeated you do that and you have our backing , coyp
  15. Had a little read on MAD , seems these think it's all part of the experience , my way of putting it , to a degree we do want an atmosphere lively and vocal like mentioned earlier like palace , but on Saturday that was taken past that with the foul language , vandalism , abuse of stewards , kiosk workers and a surge that that caused injury , and could have been worse , so yes support your team be vocal but leave it at that .
  16. If they need to be discouraged from this behaviour maybe they shouldn't be let out without a proper adult , for gods sake they know proper behaviour from that stupidity surely ?
  17. Who knows anymore , but hey here goes , try some of the young lads , let's see as no pressure as we are safe if some can step up to a man's game , I'm sure they could do better than some of the established players .
  18. No firm has loyalty to its club or its clubs best interest at heart , its nothing about the club , yet it's the club and proper fans that get tarnished, sadly these events are what happen when drunken yobs go out of a weekend spoiling for trouble, just stay away , hope the authorities deal with it .
  19. Welcome to PoN , hope you enjoy this site , you'll find it enjoyable I'm sure , happy posting
  20. Not a good picture as more details emerge , surely we haven't got a 'firm' , what a joke just clear off , stay away
  21. So who's left in the running then ? About as clear as mud , maybe the other of the 2 serious bidders now have a clear run , which did the above mentioned belong to ?
  22. Mindless thugs , hope they get identified and banned

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