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  1. Easter Monday goal hunt at the lane , how hard do you feel it will be for notts to find the back of the net ? Are we going to find the way through ? Are we going to be able to stop Wycombe in there quest for victory ?
  2. Good thread , not at all the fans fault , its a results driven industry the results have been poor in the main getting people sacked , but enough is enough fans need to be supportive now more than ever even though some may still be angry at performances , the season is nearly over calmness is now the order of the day surely , then at the end things can be sorted new owners or current owners
  3. Totally agree with your comments , this isn't easy to turn around , will take time , the fans need to stay calm now and try to support the team over the line this season , we need no more hostility at the lane now , the players in my view good enough or not need our support for the rest of this awful season coyp
  4. This season has been a mess on and off the field sadly , on the pitch its lacked structure I personally think that's due to ultra attack mined RM , the players had to much freedom to attack lost all sense of the discipline needed to really succeed, some exciting moments along the way true . JF well best forgot a totally demoralising manager whose tactics totally choked the team the other way , not sure we know how the players are as a result of all this , some aren't good enough others look demoralised and lost , Coops has a real job on , but given time will get more out of the ones who are good enough or developed into good enough players .
  5. Today was a baptism of fire in the end , come Monday these players will still be broken in spirit , you would think anyway, as many as it is possible to change I feel should be , keep a core of experience put steady Eddie in smith in loach in stead in , Stan in , try some fringe or younger lads in , not to sure that is good for them , but maybe they could play with freedom , not sure what's for the best really , the season end really can't come quick enough
  6. Is this a lack of confidence ? Is it a lack of ability ? Or no pride in the shirt ? What do you think . Just heard MC bang on , how refreshing , is that the only plus , for me yes , well said MC , real job on .
  7. Absolutely well put , you write well sum up brilliantly , totally agree , lots of good has been done by RT and AT , thanks to them we are here and fighting to move forward , coyp
  8. SA has some quality in his calmness on the ball in difficult positions, in my view is a good outlet for defenders with maybe limited distribution skills , so for me can help them by being available to receive the ball and we go from there, in a 5 man midfield he will rock I'm sure , glad he is back in the fold , also good PR from MC nothing like getting the fans bang on side , having said that think all notts fans are in his corner anyway , coyp
  9. A business transaction of this scale simply is not conducted in the public domain, patience and trust is what fans/supporters need to demonstrate as and when information can be released it will be
  10. I don't think cooper will have a problem getting the points required , feel confident he will get more out this squad than both JF and RM , there are significant points I feel he will guide us towards if he can instill much needed confidence or players self belief
  11. I personally am confident SA will now feature and be managed in an appropriate way , I hope to see him play very soon , got quality we have been lacking for sure , not the cure for all ills tho but will be a big influence if selected
  12. Good appointment , will be interested to see how much more he gets out these players , my guess is we won't recognise them from the team that played for JF , coyp
  13. Must be appointment till the end of season surely ??
  14. Hahaha just love , this site is tops , great humour
  15. Must say its kind of exciting and nerve racking also , my own preference is AH , notts fan local ect ect , but who knows how even an overseas owner may do what all notts fans would love, and that's bring stability and forward movement , all without jeopardising our very league status
  16. Jimmy was just a top manager and man , what you say shows his values , could do with those qualities across society not just in the cut throat world of the beautiful game , .... My word that team could play , will we see the likes again ???
  17. Oh what memories and what a class goal , remember it well , so much to enjoy on this site , just love it , still exploring PoN
  18. Go on A H , hope he is successful in the take over and can steady the turbulence and take the club forward , coyp
  19. Just read on another site , club could be sold in a month , if not the HMRC will be settled ??
  20. Thank you to erindoors for taking the time to reply to PoN , made good reading for the fans/supporters with a balanced view
  21. It's a complete joke its not resolved by now Joe , whatever anyone's thoughts are on SA , this doesn't make our club look good at all , SORT it Notts !!!
  22. Agree totally that's why I joined this site , some humour in some postings makes it a good read , don't see abuse unlike other sites , well done PoN and all its members , long may it continue
  23. Consistently poor , well done JF , supporters consistently disappointed , well done JF
  24. JF must go for SA to have any chance of playing in the first team , the stats are stacking up against JF , but will the trigger be pulled and will he get the bullet ??
  25. I wouldn't bet on it though , I'm just glad the bottom 2 are so poor , as if it was tighter not sure we would remain in the league

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