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  1. Best midfields to wear or have worn the famous black and white stripes from 1970 to today , to start Don Masson ,who would you add and would SA be on your list , name say 4 , over to you I'll add 3 for interest , Turner , Roeder, Probert
  2. Surely that means SA is staying and going to be used , you would hope it's that and not that another club is in the wings and trying to take him , guess we'll see Saturday
  3. To rescue the club the way they did deserves great credit , and without taking it into administration to do shows great integrity to the many who were owed money . The off field investment is creditable , and has improved matchday experience. Sadly on the negative side of this the hire and sack mentality has had a huge impact on the football side , more stability from the top in that regard may have helped . The division between club and fan base that we have now is intolerable , bridges need building and my own feelings towards that is maybe with better interaction with the fans much of this could have been avoided . Don't feel social media is the ideal place for owners to do that though , more from the club direct for me . Sorry to go on so long
  4. People talk about teams gaining momentum when things are going well , when the tide turns for the worst and a team gets into a rut who knows where it can go , maybe a couple of wins away on the spin under moniz' and the positive momentum could have built , was always a rollercoaster , but you never know , and for it to go this far wrong really beggars belief .
  5. Hahaha that's brilliant , and so so true , only just started using social media myself at 56 , so not fully conversant with it , a little techno fobic I'm afraid
  6. Hi and cheers for the welcome notts-joe look forward to engaging with fellow fans
  7. Have no fear tarquinbeech, I can string sentences together well enough , you are bang on with the user name , but it's only a screen name buddy
  8. Thanks for the welcome magpiejue , well friendly on here .
  9. What a great piece of work totally enjoyed reading that and totally agree with its content
  10. Like I say thanks again , I get the strong emotions of fans I share them , like level headed reasoning constructive criticism and good debate , plus a bit of banter , hence my User name , Who r ya
  11. Thanks for the welcome ohstanleyaborah , hope ya namesake gets back in the team sometime soon
  12. Hi to all , and thanks for the welcome DangerousSausage, been a notts fan for a long time now mid seventies started the love affair with the pies , seen plenty ups and downs , just getting started on social media , but hope to fit in and contribute to the forums regularly , enjoy this site , its lively and from what I've seen so far well balanced .
  13. First time on any site for me , but agree action needs taking asap with the managerial position , no chance at all for him to get the fan base on his side , worried for the club , roll on the sale , asap

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