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    Notts County season ticket holder, camping in our small motorhome, grandchildren.

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  1. Re-signing lost/former PON members

    I think to make this a great community we need to post on a regular basis, as my little dwarf friend @hissingdwarf says the close season will be fairly quiet, so why not post on other non football related topics, just tell us what you are up to, what's going on in your life, funny anecdotes, etc., this will make a huge difference, lets make this place buzz with activity.
  2. Where does every one sit on match day.

    The only problem with a season ticket is that if you’ve got some idiot sitting next to you then you’re stuck with them for the whole season. By the way I’m not referring to when I had a season ticket next to you @magpiejue it was a pleasure sit near you, your mum and dad.
  3. Where does every one sit on match day.

    I’ve not got a season ticket at present ski pay as I go and generally sit near the tunnel if I can, the antics of the managers is often more entertaining than the match itself. However when I’ve got the grandchildren I sit in the family stand.
  4. The retained list...

  5. Re-signing lost/former PON members

    I’ve been a member on here since 2012, I had a break away from it for around two years and talked about Notts on Facebook and Twitter but being a shy sensitive type () I found that the abuse you can receive for having a viewpoint different to others was getting me down so I returned here to get my Notts fix and I am so glad I did. I love the banter and community feel of the place and I know that if I have an opinion that isn’t shared by someone else I’m not going to be name called or swore at. There is an awful lot of bullying goes on in social media thankfully this site is not one of those. I know from first hand experience how much hard work is involved in running a forum and website so @Chris deserves all the success that will surely come his way.
  6. The retained list...

    I’m surprised Collin has gone I though KN rated him. Shame Fort is going but hopefully a better replacement is on the way. What about Mike Edwards I know he was registered as a player does he leave the club or stay as fitness coach?
  7. Callum Saunders Gone!

    Not really a surprise I can’t remember seeing him play, he obviously hasn’t shown much in training.
  8. Stadium improvements

    I’d like to see continued improvement of the family stand, theres been great work done so far which is fantastic but we need to encourage more families with youngsters to get them hooked.
  9. The right decision I think.
  10. Would anyone be interested in doing a Pon day.?

    Pub crawl followed by a lap dancing club is out then.
  11. Kristian Dennis

    I’ve not seen much of him but I believe he scored over 21 in a team that was relegated, if that’s the case (and please correct me if not) then he would be a good signing if we can pull it off.
  12. Notts County Women

    I think they are starting from the bottom rung, games will be played at Ilkeston, I might go and see some with the grand children, I went to some of the previous ladies matches which were ok ...ish.
  13. now the seasons over what your plans now?

    I’m off to France for a two week holiday in a mobile home next week but back in time for the World Cup. After the World Cup I’ll be off again in the campervan around this country.
  14. Notts County Women

    Alan Hardy is launching a new female team to be called Notts County Women to differentiate from the now defunct Notts County Ladies. Thoughts? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44195466

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