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  1. Fan of Big Tone

    Second clean sheet of the season

    Well one swallow doesn’t make a summer but every right thinking Notts fan will be praying that the clean sheet is the turning point for Ross, hopefully it will give him confidence and he can move forward from here.
  2. Good morning all, it’s a bright, dry start here but again quite cool first thing, let’s hope it warms up like yesterday it really got quite warm. Sorry to hear @AmericanPie is feeling under the weather from yesterday’s Daily Chat Thread, hope you are feeling better soon. I’m going on a run shortly when all the kids are in their respective schools, I want to increase my pace, my son has suggested doing a shorter run so that I can go faster and get used to the increased pace before I do a longer one so I might try that. Later I need to mow the lawn if it stays dry and also phone to arrange for a service on the central heating boiler. Have a great day folks.
  3. Fan of Big Tone

    Caption this ... the winner is

    Booo, fix!
  4. Fan of Big Tone

    Caption this ...

    Mike Edwards proudly displays the football shirt his wife made out of an old table cloth.
  5. Fan of Big Tone

    Alan Hardy is worth £55 million

    Not sure this has been posted before, I couldn't see it, apparently Alan Hardy is the 29th most wealthy football club owner according to the Daily Mirror. Full story here: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/richest-football-league-clubs-based-13285535
  6. Fan of Big Tone

    Daily chat thread - Monday 24th September

    Don't let them kids run you ragged @magpiejue keep em in order, say hello to Ged for me, I wonder what he thinks of the Spireites season so far?
  7. Fan of Big Tone

    Daily chat thread - Monday 24th September

    I've not had breakfast in Toby Carvery but I've been there for a main meal, it's nothing fantastic but not bad, cheap and cheerful, hope you enjoy your breakfast and have a good week.
  8. Fan of Big Tone

    Prediction League Round 9

    Always go with your gut feeling @magpiejue never ever change your mind its fatal.
  9. Good morning PoN it’s been a chilly night here the temperature dropped to 4.2 degrees overnight but it looks like it’ll be a sunny start when the sun comes up properly. More computer work for us today, plus a shopping trip to Lidl to get stocked up with food, we like Lidl because it saves us money compared with the other supermarkets round here and it’s good quality stuff. The only problem is not being tempted by the “car boot aisle” as we call it which is piled with goodies you didn’t know you wanted until you saw them. Mrs. Big Tone says she’ll put blinkers on me because I’m tempted especially when I see the tools and gadgets. Have a great day and come and don’t forget to use this thread for your daily chit chat.
  10. Fan of Big Tone

    Is John stead the perfect captain.?

    He’s fast becoming a Notts County legend in my eyes, the blokes a true professional who always gives every ounce of effort and leads by example, yes a very good choice of captain.
  11. Fan of Big Tone

    Sunday Roasts ?!?

    Roast leg of lamb, mint sauce, mash potatoes, roast potatoes, spring cabbage, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Followed by treacle pudding and custard, all washed down with a nice glass of Merlot. Heaven.
  12. Fan of Big Tone

    Prediction League Round 9

    Oh dear only one point this week, still 10th in the table though, handily placed. Thanks @weymouthPIE I know we all appreciate your hard work on this it’s great fun.
  13. Fan of Big Tone

    Daily chat thread - Sunday 23rd September

    Got loads of computer work done with the help of Mrs Big Tone, had a walk through the park and round the houses. Enjoyed a lovely tea of home made beef and black bean stir fry and now going to watch Match of the Day 2 in bed.
  14. Fan of Big Tone

    Daily chat thread - Sunday 23rd September

    I wonder how that left wing rabble rouser @hissingdwarf is getting on at the Labour Party conference, Have they set a date for the revolution yet comrade.
  15. Fan of Big Tone

    Daily chat thread - Sunday 23rd September

    @samwatto2008 have a great time at Centre Parks, I’ve been to a couple of different ones and always had a good time.

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