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  1. I can sort of understand fans getting upset over the loss and performance but I’ve seen lots of games and performances of a similar ilk and to be honest although I was disappointed I wouldn’t let it unduly upset me, it’s football, there are much worse things in life to get upset about.

    Good article @Chris I love the picture with you, @super_pie and @super_ram 

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  2. Hi Chris

    I know I don't come on here much but this blog prompted me to want to reply, I hope you don't mind.

    Since my son died I have read a lot about depression and mental health and have come to the conclusion that a good therapy is to talk openly about it, as you have done before and are doing here. I don't profess to understand your feelings and anxieties because thankfully I don't suffer but I do think it is good to talk to family, friends and even publicly about how you are feeling, in that way people can give you support. My son had thousands of on line friends, hundreds of off line friends and a loving family but he didn't open up, if he had done things might be different.

    You've got lots of good friends and a wonderful family network who I know support you and are proud of all you do.

    If you are being harrassed by online friends, just block them or unfriend them, don't suffer it, don't engage with them they aren't worth the trouble.

    Sorry to go on but I just wanted to have my say, I hope it helps and I hope you don't mind me adding my thoughts.

    Take care, Tony.

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  3. Well done Jake another excellent blog, I'd love to have a go at that drum, do you think your Dad could fix it for me? Mind you it would probably give me a headache :-)


    It'd be great to get into the scoreboard and change the score, you could have made it 6-5 to Notts. Lol.


    Keep up the good work and keep coming to the matches we need the young fans onboard.

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  4. These are worrying times, the next week or so will see a major decision being made by the Notts board about who the next manager will be, it will decide the future of our great club, everyone should be worried, there are a lot of long standing fans who are now saying they are close to throwing in the towel.


    For all our sakes and for the sake of this great club we love Mr. Trew and the board MUST make the right decision. Irrespective I will still support the club I love and have supported for the last 50 odd years but then again I am a glutton for punishment and I have been here and worse before, there is nothing new under the sun.

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  5. I don't know why I have missed this blog but I've read it now and yes you are right it is controversial and it will upset some fans......me for one but we don't have to all agree all the time.


    I think a lot of things that you have mentioned in this blog are starting to come right since you wrote it, the manager seems to have got the team playing his way and it is working, they are playing attractive football and winning, if this carries on the problem of bums on seats will be resolved as people will come and see a winning team. I have had doubts about the manager in the past and have voiced them on this forum but fair does to Mr. Trew he stuck with his man (for once) and (fingers crossed) it seems to be paying off.


    I'm not sure what you mean with your comments about living in the past, I thought that was "them over the river's speciality", in what way are we living in the past, is it the reference to being the oldest football league club? I personally think we should make the most of this as we can, the same with our links with Juventus, we can't forget our past and if it gets us noticed across the world then surely this is a good thing, not something to shrink from.


    Colin Slater comes in for some horrendous stick from some of our fans and a lot of people are much more outspoken than you are Scottpie, some of the bile that spouts forth (not on this forum but elsewhere) sickens me because the people saying these things aren't and never will be as intelligent and eloquent as Colin, I agree with Notts Joe it will be a sad day when he retires and for me listening to the away matches will never be the same again, it seems I have been listening to him half my life, if he comes on the radio Mrs. H daren't speak because I have to catch every word. He is an institution and I hope he goes on for ever.


    As I say I respect your view but I'm afraid I just don't agree with it.

  6. I sent a link to my friend and he responded to me, I was rather hoping he would comment on here but anyway here is his reply:



    ...A really big thank you for that i enjoyed it as its always interesting to hear what other fans think of our home ground.That chap must love his football to travel on expensive "days out" to see a match.The rovers Anthem song all started back in 1951 when they played away at Newcastle utd in the fa cup....grin grin the FA challenge cup as known then ,The support was in 40 coaches and 35 flew from Bristol in an old crate of a Aircraft.The song "Goodnight Irene" was a top song that month so they just had a sing a long for the fun not knowing it would stick.They drew that day but lost at home and the magpies went on to win the cup.


    When the team play now i always read every account from every Teams home evening Post news gazette fanzine Hartlepool despatch ...Chesterfield chronicle ...Pompey news Etc and love it..I notice your team are starting to climb the table so good for you.Tony Hateley was a very good player i had a mate who loved him at Aston Villa and was sorry to see him go A good goal scorer is the cream of the crop for fans as always.Wyn Davies was very similar to tony they appeared to fly and hang in the air.I wont start about Tommy Lawton.


    On our recent north tour i bought several old 1947 to 1951 football annuals and Notts co with lawton and Jackie Sewell in lots of PhotosI still have all my old books but started in 1954 so have worked backwards .In Gloucester a couple of months ago i bought some 1935 card team photos Frank Broom featured (23 cards and teams )i spend ages looking up and tracing old players careers much to Shirleys amusement.it is the Boy in the bloke type thing i suppose.Well i will let you get on.I saw a an old work mate this morning He is 10 yrs younger than me but we were in the same team once and he was limping....so i asked .....he took 20 minutes in lurid detail explainig his cruciate opperation ...after golf...never hurt himself in football...........it still is a wonderful game faults and all...........best wishes to you and Pauline..........come on you pirates and come on the Magpies

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  7. I've been watching Notts for over 50 years and like you have seen ups and downs in that time, for me being a Notts supporter is a way of life, a habit I suppose, it's just something that seems to have always been there since I was very young, I can't see me ever not being a Notts supporter.


    When I am not at the match I am desperately trying to find the latest score on my phone or whatever means I can, I hate the summer when we aren't playing and there isn't much going on at the club.

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