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  1. Looking at the forecast for the next few days and heavy snow is expected Friday, I can't see the game being on even if it doesn't snow temperatures aren't expected to reach much above freezing so the pitch will be unplayable. Poor Ray must be tearing his hair out, Sheffield Utd would have attracted a big crowd for a Saturday, cash flow must be getting to be a bit of a problem with all these postponements. Lets hope we get to see some football soon.
  2. That is very, very good Joe, did you write those words too?
  3. Well let's give him a chance eh? He hasn't even signed yet let alone kicked a ball for Notts. Hopefully Keith Curle and his scouts know a bit about what is needed at Notts and if they think Craig Beattie fits the bill then I am prepared to give him a chance, lets just see.
  4. I've just found time to watch all Hughsey's goals on Magpieplayer and what a pleasure it was, it made me realise how good he is and how much we are going to miss him. I think he is my favourite player after.............well Tony Hateley of course. If and when Notts sign a replacement for him they are going to have a hard job because the fans will naturally compare them to Hughesy.
  5. The Trews have been a godsend to our football club, there will always be people who have a go at the people at the top when things aren't going so well, I just hope the Trews can see past the vociferous minority and realise that the majority of fans are truly grateful for what they have done and are right behind them.
  6. According to the Nottingham post Beattie trained with Notts yesterday.
  7. Me too, I think I right in saying he is the only one left from the Championship winning side when we came up to League 1.
  8. It's a real shame he has gone, I loved seeing him score some wonderful goals, good luck Hughsey.
  9. Yes could be a good signing but lets wait to see if its true first. According to Colin Slater on Radio Nottingham Matchtalk "Notts have no plans to replace Hughes"
  10. Anyone know the latest on Hughesy, are Port Vale going to come in for him again or now he is being played a bit more will he want to stay? I for one hope he stays, there is life in the old dog yet.
  11. I got the link from twitter I think it was a retweet by Aileen Trew.
  12. Lets hope that graph keeps going up, congratulations on an excellent site.
  13. According to Radio Red we are in talks with Luton with a view to signing Bocaud permanently, I think he would be a great signing. The two Stewarts have also been offered contracts which they are considering.
  14. Just back from the match, we lost the game in the first 20 minutes or so, MK players were given too much space, awful defending by Notts. The second half was much much better and in the end I think we were unlucky not to get a draw with Hughes hitting the woodwork. The home form is a real worry for Curle, I fear for him if he doesn't turn in round in the next home match, it might already be too late as Mr. Trew is not known for his patience.
  15. I forgot to bookmark this forum so I did a google search for "Pride of Nottingham" and to my horror a forum about a team on the other side of the river came up!!! I won't name the team because I don't swear. This forum is safely bookmarked now so I won't have to see the other forum ever again. Phew!
  16. Hi Spartan from another newbie.
  17. He's definitely still got a lot to offer in my opinion, if he keeps himself fit he is our best goal scorer by far, not one of the present playing staff can score goals like Hughes. Lets hope KC gives him a decent run in the side, I know he won't necessarily start every match and I don't think he expects to but if we use him wisely he still has plenty of goals in him.
  18. It's definitely good to have a viable alternative to the main Notts County message board that most people seem to use. I stopped going on there a while ago, I liked the magpieweb site that Paul Edgar made but it doesn't seem to have taken off after an initial flourish of interest, here's hoping that this site has better success. Good luck.
  19. How long has this forum been in existence? I have been having a nosey round (as you do) and noticed posts from 2009 , I thought it was a new site, I've obviously missed it before.
  20. Wow, thanks for the welcomes, looking forward to chatting with you all. Can't find a "thumbs up" smiley so a normal one will have to do.
  21. I sit on the left hand side of the players tunnel as you look at it from Jimmy Sirrel stand behind the dugouts. The Kop was good for atmosphere especially for the big games but as I said I like a side on view, I was originally in the Jimmy Sirrel stand but moved when they opened the kop to home fans. I guess I have been on all sides of the ground really because in the 60/70s I used to stand behind the Meadow Lane end goal. Tommy Lawton was slightly before my time but would have loved to see him play. Thanks for the welcome and good luck with the new site, I hope it takes off.
  22. New member here, I was bored as Notts aren't playing today so just having a look round and found this new site, looks good and I'm looking forward to joining in. I have been a Notts fan for around 50 years, I now reside in the Pavis stand, I used to sit in the Kop but prefer a side on view of the game so managed to get a season ticket seat near the players tunnel which was perfect. My username is that of my favourite player, you youngsters won't remember Big Tone. Other favourites include the King Don Masson, flying winger Charlie Crickmore and of course more recently Lee Hughes.

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