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  1. A new goalkeeper is the least of our priorities, new midfielder, new striker who actually has shots are much higher up.
  2. Surprised at the lack of people saying Yates, losing him in January ruined our season. @Chris @Magic magpie as for Jorgey Grant, he was a luxury player first half of the season he was excellent, second half he was pretty much invisible, so for me if I was offered him I'd take him but personally I don't feel he's the biggest miss from last season!
  3. Anyone trying to buy tickets for any of the upcoming games will not be able to for the time being as the ticket website is down and you can't but over the phone or in-store. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2018/october/ticketing-down-221018/
  4. With the squad Kevin Nolan assembled with a few additions from Kewell, who from last season's squad do you think has left the biggest hole and would be the difference maker in the squad we have now? For me it has to be Ryan Yates, he was everything that our midfield isn't and would certainly thrive in the squad we have now. Honourable mention would go to Shola Ameobi as I feel he'd do a job with a Hemmings or Dennis alongside him up front. I also feel the lack of experienced heads and strong characters in the dressing room (Smith, Ameobi, Dickinson, Hunt) haven't been replaced like for like which has left a void and when heads go down they stay down without these guys who had been there and seen it all. I don't think Jorge Grant is a big miss, yeah he is a good player but he's a luxury player, you'd have him if he was offered to you but with or without him I think we'd be in the same position. Adam Collin, no we don't miss him, his face just didn't fit and in times like this he would've been as useful as he was in the 10 game losing streak we had. Michael O'Connor, I feel had we actually made a real effort to keep him his leadership qualities and thunderous, hard tackle approach is something we completely miss. Jonathan Forte, do we miss him? I'm 50/50 on this one. So, who do you think we miss the most? And who would be the player(s) that you feel would be a perfect fit to this team to get us more points?
  5. @super_pie lack of a physical presence up front and in the middle of the park is costing us at the moment.
  6. No, however if we can push to the top half of the table and bring an enforcing battling midfield in and have a good January transfer window, who knows..
  7. Wouldn't mind seeing Dennis or Campbell given some game time. Maybe give Toots a rest and let Oxlade play, I wouldn't change too much just throwing some ideas of who could come in.. Hawkridge?
  8. Dennis will come good, if we play him he will score goals as for Vaughan meh, he just doesn't fit in here, send him away in January and bring in the battling midfielder we lack.
  9. I don't think we have a best formation, I think we set up different depending on who we're playing..
  10. I wouldn't mind Chesterfield, Alfreton or Met Police or Haringey Borough away..
  11. Ross is the only one we know.. Pindroch and Culverwell are both unknown we haven't seen either of them in enough games yet..
  12. Dan Jones is consistently inconsistent. There's a good player in there but he gets caught out of position way too much for me and after the red card I think Kewells already decided he's not going to be first choice..
  13. It is Oxlade, he's having a medical this week, he broke his leg last year..
  14. @Fan of Big Tone Edwards will be staying on as fitness coach. Now that's a bulk of the average players gone, let's see what Nolan can do. Glad we've got rid of the likes of Dickinson, Collin, Thompson, Milsom.. I'd like to see some pacey players with a couple of big strong guys!

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