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  1. I'm overall happy with squad my only worry is we lack 1 or 2 players that will win the physical side of things..
  2. I was really impressed with the central back three, Richard Brindley needs a big shout up for the way he's stepped into this centre half role like he's been there his whole career. Rawlinson & Cameron look solid as can be. Love the way all three can carry the ball forward from the back. Wright had his best game for us yet which wasn't hard judging by his other games. The Wright that played against Boston - could bring the likes of Rodrigues & Roberts into the game more. Wootton does what Wootton does, perfect striker. Gutted for Knight. Good, solid all round team performance.
  3. Intrigued by this signing. On paper looks good however I am still haunted by Will Patching.. however I do have faith in Doyle & IB to get the best out of this kid..
  4. I understand what you're saying however I think we may have a handful of trialists that we will be looking at to see if they can fit into how we are trying to play. No point signing someone who then can't play in our system.
  5. Can't wait to be back in Meadow Lane again, the Chesterfield play off game seems a lifetime ago!
  6. Jimmy in the middle woooaaah! Earned this deal in the latter stages of the season fair play Jimbo!
  7. Hopefully he will do a job for them(if he puts the effort in, will know its last chance saloon for him in terms of going up to any "bigger' teams).
  8. First thoughts, let's right the wrong that was Torquay and hit the ground running. The run in at the end of season looks like an "easy" one from the 15th April onwards. Bit gutted starting away and finishing away and away on boxing day - sad times there but here we go, let's have it!
  9. If Kyle Wootton gets injured, that could kill our season. The reason for this article is with alot of games coming thick and fast the chance of our main goalscorer scorer getting injured becomes inevitable and looking at the options and facts it's quite worrying. He has 12 league goals the next highest is 3. Jimmy Knowles - great player but needs someone to play off - can Effiong/Sam do this in the league? Eli Sam - mixed bag - some games pass him by other games he's a handful capable of magic. Reliability the question mark here? Inih Effiong - so far not delivering much of anything at the moment. Somewhere in there is a good player unfortunately for Notts that player hasn't turned up in a notts shirt yet. Tyreace Palmer - young, untried, lightweight, hungry to make a name for himself but lack of any first team experience. So should Wootton get injured who do you choose to go up front and why? Is it a partnership or lone striker?
  10. This is an article basically to give a shout out to one of Notts County's most consistent performers who doesn’t get much praise on here. When he first arrived here I wrote him off as being too small and lightweight for the physicality of the national league but how wrong could I be? What he lacks in size he more than makes up in passion and fight. Dion never shies away from a battle and stands up to players much bigger than him. He flies into tackles winning the ball and making sure the opposition player knows he’s there. DKE always puts his body on the line for the cause. He knocks the ball around nicely too as part of starting our moves out from the back, something we do well as team – each player plays their part in a lot of the goals we score as a team. Last season he had a success rate of 58.06% in offensive duels. 65% successful dribbles. 75.80% pass success. So going forward he is a great carrier of the ball – which although he doesn’t get a great deal of assists he still plays a part in our transition from defence to attack. Let’s talk about the main part of his role in the team defending – he does well at standing players up and stopping crossers coming in our box. I do find it bizarre that he ends up marking the biggest players for set pieces such as Chesterfield's Denton but most of the time he does somehow manage to get the better of them. This season he has taken his opportunity with both hands, he has almost reached his minutes from last term in only 14 games into the campaign and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in with a shout for player of the season come the end of the campaign. The fact he can play on either side of the pitch is another welcome bonus. He’s a player that embodies what Neal Ardley typically looks for, a player comfortable with the ball, a player that can play in more than one position/system, a player that will scrap for the cause. At 24 he has plenty of time to grow and hopefully reach higher levels in the football pyramid, hopefully with us. What more do I want to see from DKE? Maybe chip in with a goal/assist or two. I’d to see him just have a go, take a shot every now and then, you never know what might happen.
  11. It's just preseason, tried different formations for different scenarios, I totally understand that and no worry from me (which is concerning because if I have no worries we usually do poor) As long as we ditch the diamond we'll be more than fine! Got a good balanced squad! We will miss Dennis though but what can you do? He's left to play the likes of Celtic and Rangers rather Wealdstone and Solihull!
  12. I completely agree, this post is spot on I don't need to add anything haha!
  13. That would be correct, the then young Derby striker joined us on loan failing to make an impact has since played for Coventry, Doncaster and now Burton. Your turn?
  14. It's no secret that we've gone through a lot of players over last decade. So let's play a game...guess the player? The rules are simple - got to have been on the Notts County first team in this decade. You can ask for more clues. Who ever gets it right takes the next player and so on. This player joined us on loan and made 5 appearances for us including being sent off for time wasting. Scored no goals. GO!
  15. On paper it looks as if we have turned the corner and we're on the rise however we continue the good form, keep up the hard work and the key point would be bring in the RIGHT players and not just any players or no players otherwise our season could derail..
  16. Every man worked hard, Rose stood out as one of the hardest workers in the team, was impressed with the keepers vocalness! Great finish by Ozzy! We knocked it about nicely, think it's all starting to come together now! Hopefully we can push on, on Saturday(how many times have we said that this season?)
  17. Failure to adequately replace him and use Forte effectively was big factors that cost us that season but that's another debate for another time!
  18. There's some good answers in here! Shola and Stead are two that stood out for me! Matt Tootle is another. In terms of loan signings Jorge Grant, Marc Bola, Louis Laing(as mentioned by @Fozzy, completely forgot how good him and McLaughlin was) but my favourite loan signing would have to be Jorge Grant followed closely by Ryan Yates! As for the permanent player ooo I feel it's got to be Jon Stead due to playing for the shirt, would've been Shola had he been here as long as Stead was.
  19. I was having a think last night, we have used a lot of players over the last 5 years, we've had players we've loved and forgot about (Stanley Aborah who?), players we loved and now dislike, (Liam Noble) and many, many players who have come and gone in between. We have had good loan players like Jorge Grant, Mackail-Smith to name a few. So my question to you fellow PON users is, who is your favourite player from the last 5 years? And to make things interesting, 1 permanent and 1 loan signing. So scratch your brains, have a think and let me know!
  20. A new goalkeeper is the least of our priorities, new midfielder, new striker who actually has shots are much higher up.
  21. Surprised at the lack of people saying Yates, losing him in January ruined our season. @Chris @Magic magpie as for Jorgey Grant, he was a luxury player first half of the season he was excellent, second half he was pretty much invisible, so for me if I was offered him I'd take him but personally I don't feel he's the biggest miss from last season!
  22. Anyone trying to buy tickets for any of the upcoming games will not be able to for the time being as the ticket website is down and you can't but over the phone or in-store. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2018/october/ticketing-down-221018/
  23. With the squad Kevin Nolan assembled with a few additions from Kewell, who from last season's squad do you think has left the biggest hole and would be the difference maker in the squad we have now? For me it has to be Ryan Yates, he was everything that our midfield isn't and would certainly thrive in the squad we have now. Honourable mention would go to Shola Ameobi as I feel he'd do a job with a Hemmings or Dennis alongside him up front. I also feel the lack of experienced heads and strong characters in the dressing room (Smith, Ameobi, Dickinson, Hunt) haven't been replaced like for like which has left a void and when heads go down they stay down without these guys who had been there and seen it all. I don't think Jorge Grant is a big miss, yeah he is a good player but he's a luxury player, you'd have him if he was offered to you but with or without him I think we'd be in the same position. Adam Collin, no we don't miss him, his face just didn't fit and in times like this he would've been as useful as he was in the 10 game losing streak we had. Michael O'Connor, I feel had we actually made a real effort to keep him his leadership qualities and thunderous, hard tackle approach is something we completely miss. Jonathan Forte, do we miss him? I'm 50/50 on this one. So, who do you think we miss the most? And who would be the player(s) that you feel would be a perfect fit to this team to get us more points?

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