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  1. We most certainly need another forward. There is no way that Ameobi and Stead would be able to play in every game. I agree fully with Piethagoram and strongly disagree with this article.
  2. Thanks for that @erindoors - surely that comment alone could be put on the official site - especially since Ray's Twitter update?
  3. Has anyone heard anything since RT went public on Twitter? His wife on this very forum said that RT can get carried away at times (from his previous posts on NCM), so was his Twitter comments more evidence of this again? I wonder how much effort into an investigation our local media have done into this.. The NEP journalist Leigh Curtis, I feel, is just another source of PR for the club. He hasn't used his position to investigate/ask challenging questions (including the accountability of Guy Branston in regards to our transfer disasters this season).
  4. @DangerousSausage Indeed DangerousSausage. I was the admin of Rivals for a few years - I do remember you from there. Post a little bit on NCM.
  5. Hi PoundPie, so it is safe to assume that negotiations are still ongoing. Are we allowed to know if it is with more than one potential buyer? Would the club tell us if negotiations were no longer being conducted due to differences? Many thanks
  6. As I mentioned to you on Facebook Aileen - there are many fans who do offer constructive viewpoints both on here and on NCM. You just have to weed out the garbage. I look forward to hearing the developments of the said takeovers in the near future.
  7. @erindoors - I have my doubts about the takeover. I have witnessed, on NCM, Ray many a time make statements that did not come to fruition. Three of those times were to do with us signing a top striker within the imminent future (over the years). This led to building up fan hope and expectation, and always ended in frustration. That is why I have my doubts - surely you can empathise with that?

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