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  1. liampie

    Carry On Film Title Game (Revived)

    (the) night before christmas - saw
  2. liampie

    Follow On Players (Revived)

    tommy miller - ricardo fuller
  3. liampie

    The First Thoughts Game

    legend, notts manager, took notts to the top flight darren ward
  4. why was he sent back @Piethagoram?
  5. liampie

    Welcome Lewis Swinson

    Welcome to pon @Lewis Swinson
  6. liampie

    Dan Jones should he start against Colchester.?

    dan jones did well against leicester and derby for me, i would start him.
  7. liampie

    Carry On Film Title Game (Revived)

    taxi driver - (the) ring
  8. liampie

    Who should be number one.?

    pindroch looks very awful in goal, maybe he will improve with game time? i dont know i hope for a third keeper but i do feel fitzsimons will lead well in the position. he just needs to focus a bit more.
  9. liampie

    Follow On Players (Revived)

    haydn hollis - sam osborne
  10. 😂😂 i guess craig did not have the ability to force people to do what they want unlike some at the club at the time, lee refusing to do things is funny but at the same time wrong.
  11. liampie

    Best of the brothers

    1. jack 2.socrates 3. brian 4. ronald 5. gary 6. yaya 7. kevin-prince 8. fillippo 9. rio 10. eden
  12. liampie

    Notts County v Leicester

    notts passed the ball well at times and looked very bright, it was only a matter of time until they scored but i really dont fancy pindroch at all. i just dont think hes ready, notts would have looked much better on paper without him, i thought everyone else played quite well, even fitzsimons did well.
  13. liampie

    Follow On Players (Revived)

    nicky hunt - thomas partey
  14. liampie

    Carry On Film Title Game (Revived)

    se7en - naked gun
  15. liampie

    Vlogs announcement

    look forward to watching your vblogs in the new season mate.

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