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  1. liampie

    Happy Birthday Harry Kewell

    happy birthday harry kewell.
  2. liampie

    Daily chat thread - Saturday 22nd September

    i think i should start doing some sort of runs, what distance did you start off with? im awaiting the game to kick off, i dont turn on the radio until notts are on because i hate hearing them talk about forest so much. its odd that they do it on the dab station because now forest has both the fm frequencies i dont know why they feel notts fans want to know about forest. other than that i am just resting and trying to lift my mood.
  3. liampie

    Match Discussion: Game 9 - The Cobblers (A)

    i am listening on my dab radio, i really hope david jackson is doing the commentary and that john thompson is not on. i dont mind charlie but i prefer david. i think northampton will be looking at our weaknesses and thinking they have won before its begun. we have to make sure that if they do underestimate us that we take the game to them and just push for a goal as best we can. i think if we could learn to take the lead by two goals i think it would breed confidence. 1-0 notts win and jon stead to score.
  4. liampie

    Please join me and welcome Shepshed Pie

    welcome to pon @Shepshed Pie
  5. liampie

    Sport Australia Hall Of Fame

    its great to see this! i would imagine hes head and shoulders above many of the well known sports people from aussie.
  6. liampie

    PONcast Episode 42

    brill! i still have the podcast app @Chris told me about but i have only recently listened to the poncast. i listened to it last night and i dont want to leave. its very well done, i imagine jj could have added a bit of his flair if he was still around but i think @samwatto2008 speaks a lot of sense and passion, chris also steers the discussion well. i do agree it seems more natural and that makes it enjoyable.
  7. liampie

    Prediction League Round 9

    Derby County 2-0 Brentford (joker) Middlesbrough 0-1 Swansea City Doncaster Rovers 1-2 Bradford City Southend United 1-0 Fleetwood Town Morecambe 2-2 Macclesfield Town Yeovil Town 0-3 Swindon Town
  8. liampie

    Would you rather?....

    as a footballer would you rather quit to keep the enjoyment of something or stay and lose it?
  9. first time i have felt like it, but i might quit pon.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. super_ram


      @Fan of Big Tonewasn't having a go at you @liampie or anyone else  for that matter.I 'm sure he's wondering why some members have taken exception to what he said but in trying  to to explain he just dug himself further into a hole.He did go to great lengths to apologise if he'd offended anyone.I think what he was referring to was non discussion  posts .I.e  on our way to 400+ posts there were a few posts of encouragement along the lines of-'20 to go now',then another like  'can we get a few more posters',followed by something like (from Tony')I'm here now'.All posts helping to creep towards the 400 mark, which may not be be' meaningless'  but are perhaps frivolous and are not what you could call 'quality discussion' just plain good fun

      @Chris mentioned somewhere how text can come over different to how it does when spoken ..If it makes you feel any better  @liampie only last week I misunderstood a post and over-reacted (a post in ask a member a question =from @Chris

      Anyway this Rams fan has seen you grow,  over the years, from being a bit shy  but always interesting to a confident key member of PoN.So come on @liampie don't cut off your nose to spite your face(as me mam used to say) get posting again PLEASE

    3. Fan of Big Tone

      Fan of Big Tone

      Thank you @super_ram at least someone understands where I’m coming from, I sent a personal apology to @liampie yesterday I hope he accepts it.

    4. upthepies


      @liampie don't feel like quitting, you are a good member and you always put the site first. I always see you having your say, so why let a view poor chosen words effect this?

  10. liampie

    Champions League!

    i might watch the liverpool v psg game, is it on sky? i might need to find a stream.
  11. liampie

    "An Evening With Kevin Nolan"

    some of these questions will make for interesting replies, it will be interesting to see how openly and honest kn can be. im not going but i would be interested to know just how he replies to things. this is a great idea to open the floor to people who cant go @Lozzle1.
  12. liampie

    Where does Cedric Evina leave Dan Jones?

    this is a fantastic post. i agree with the comments about how the new recruits are not very defensive minded, it makes it harder but i also feel that jones is forced to go further in an attempt to support who ever is on the wing. the defending duties should be handled by the team, so if either left or right back get caught out of position the other three defenders should handle it. im not sure about the formation as such for me but it could work.
  13. liampie

    Roll Call: Northampton Town (A)

    i will be listening on my radio at home, so i wont be there.
  14. liampie

    Prediction League Round 8

    i have the odd bad week which punishes me the most.
  15. liampie

    Caption this

    @Fan of Big Tone beat me!! stevenage: we are all one, now lets hands hands to stop notts scoring a 4th goal.

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