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  1. did he not get off due to claiming he has a disability and declining health?
  2. i thought the player who had his hair similar to stanley aborah [but smaller] played quite well. i think it was michee efete but i cant say for sure. the majority of good play came through this player though and he chased everything. grimsby played well as a team, trying to bring in their striker. i thought he read the game well but again i am unsure what is name is. possibly ryan taylor.
  3. i think we build momentum to a point we are actually a good team, but then something disrupts it and that motivation [or whatever] is lost. We seem to struggle to bounce back from poor results, much like notts did earlier in the season. the majority of games this season i have felt we have voiced our support to a point it makes meadow lane feel intimidating for visitors. it would be nice to see the more than just kyle cameron attempt to spark chants, the whole squad should be doing it. there was a point when the whole ground went silent and the game became tense, i do think the players need to motivate themselves as much as we fans do.
  4. i hope he starts against grimsby, i think we need to mix things up a little and try to get back that spark we had before the short break. grimsby will be an arial threat i feel, it would be a good starting point.
  5. Blackpool 2-0 Bristol City Hull City 1-1 Preston North End Burton Albion 0-1 Sheffield Wednesday Shrewsbury Town 0-0 Fleetwood Town Leyton Orient 1-0 Colchester United Scunthorpe United 0-2 Oldham Athletic joker Halifax Town 3-1 Bromley Maidenhead United 0-1 Eastleigh
  6. when i watch games, which probably wont be many i will do so thinking about the lives that have been lost. and whilst the deaths should have been avoided, i think remembering this dark side of qatar is something we should all do. so many lifes effected by the decsion and work conditions.
  7. @Fozzy frank vincent can be a huge difference when he starts, but we need to play that quick flowing football which he thrives on.
  8. i think it shows how truly lucky notts was to have colin slater, bbc radio nottingham too. very saddening loss as everyone should be feeling the loss as uncle colin played a role in many of notts fans lives. the turn out and memorials have been amazing, its hard to think we wont ever hear his voice again. i hope hes watching notts from above and commentating up in heaven with jimmy.
  9. is the commentator sat doing it from inside the toilets? why did nobody mark the player who scored for bromley? he had a free header.
  10. unpopular opinion but maybe they should have knocked it all down? i think it could have been handled a lot better.
  11. the only away game i have been to was chesterfield back when we both was in league one. i dont wish any team harm, if things are coming back to bite them in their bottom then its on them. i just hope notts can overtake them in the table at some point. james rowe has something about him that makes me feel uneasy.
  12. better with the point and clean sheet than nothing at all, need to work at these types of games tho. we could be back with a bigger gap if we are not careful.
  13. its time to either back sam slocombe or tiernan brooks. i think anthony patterson did very well and proved himself to be our number one, but i think we are overlooking what we have. i am not so sure someone else could come in and be as good as patterson or what we have. brooks needs game time.
  14. @menzinho o brien tends to be a game changer for us, he always comes on fired up and gets the players passing the ball around in different ways. i think he makes more of an impact coming on from off the bench. he played very well against dagenham! i thought we could have had several goals, joel taylor missed plating up kyle wootton. terrible decision to go it alone but it did not matter really, but the win did gives us something once again to build on. defensively, i was not impressed with the opposition and i wished we caused them a bit more trouble.
  15. mine is currently set to unimpressed, it was set ages ago and i think it was due to comments made towards some pon members by another. its nice to see it back, i will change it mine tomorrow.
  16. i dont think any talks are happening right now, i fully believe that ian burchnall will leave it until after christmas. then again notts are the type of club to announce extensions on christmas. i dont think we can replace kyle wootton, we will most likely need to adapt to a different type of striker.
  17. i feel confident notts will win but i dont think it will be easy by any means, notts will probably play well but struggle to score at first.
  18. Peterborough United 0-2 Barnsley Stoke City 2-0 Blackburn Rovers Bolton Wanderers 0-0 Cheltenham Town Plymouth Argyle 0-1 Wigan Athletic Northampton Town 0-1 Leyton Orient Swindon Town 2-0 Harrogate Town Grimsby Town 2-1 Boreham Wood Wrexham 0-1 Bromley joker
  19. in his interview the media team person mentioned he would be playing as a wing back, not sure who he would replace unless we have injuries?
  20. nothing at notts would surprise me, we have the horrible habit of allowing players to leave on a free. i would not begrudge kyle wootton for moving on, but i would hope that sees notts gave him the platform to flourish and therefore would sort something out so that he could leave helping the club obtain a fee.
  21. this is brilliant, nice that it can be shared and downloaded.
  22. saturday should be a better result, take the draw but try to go on a winning streak. the past two games could really have been better.

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