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  1. QPR 0-0 Blackburn Rovers Sheffield United 3-1 Millwall Gillingham 0-2 Doncaster Rovers Portsmouth 1-2 Ipswich Town Rotherham United 0-1 Wycombe Wanderers joker Harrogate Town 0-2 Tranmere Rovers Oldham Athletic 0-2 Walsall Salford City 0-1 Rochdale
  2. the positives are that notts did not lose or concede but its games that should be ended at the first opportunity. if we had got into the next round and found rochdale tough, fair enough but tamworth is a team i feel notts should be winning.
  3. i think it will be a clean win for notts, my prediction would be 2-0. goals coming from roberts and lacey.
  4. pleased we have cover, also glad i asked here about the loan deals as it seems some did not think sunderland would allow him to stay.
  5. Millwall 1-0 Luton Town Nottingham Florist 0-2 Blackpool Cambridge United 1-2 Ipswich Town Fleetwood Town 1-0 Crewe Alexandra Lincoln City 2-2 Charlton Athletic Bradford City 3-1 Bristol Rovers joker Crawley Town 0-1 Sutton United Exeter City 0-0 Newport County
  6. good goals from ruben, the build up play at times is a joy to watch at times.
  7. it happens a lot in football, france, spain, germany, italy have all experienced draughts, england are no different or special. southgate is still doing a good job.
  8. i have a good feeling about the game, as it should be a nice away day for fans and i think the spirit of the fa cup will give notts some excitement. i mean, if notts was at home i think tamworth would be treating it like their cup final already. it sounds like we will be making a few changes though, which might inject some life and fight i think.
  9. @super_ram shall i ask granny when shes back to confirm this? i hear you like your pubs.
  10. what fruit do you like? my favourite fruit is apples, i have always liked the taste of them. berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries are very nice. i like kiwi and mango too. not so keen on some types of oranges or bananas.
  11. should we extend patterson and brennans loan if possible? brennans loan expires on 27th November. patterson loan expires on 26th October. i think its clear we thought patterson was a short term option but i think slocombe having someone to push him for his place would help, i dont think it makes sense to rely on just slocombe. its obvious the club dont want to recall brooks, so i wonder would sunderland allow patterson to remain if he was to sit behind another experienced keeper without much game time? brennan for me is less important, although a useful player to have. if rawlinson and lacey remains fit, where would brennan fit in? i dont see him getting much game time if we arent expiring injuries at the back.
  12. i dont mind 3 at the back, provided we leave two players back and that they are drilled to focus. other players need to do more than just run back, they should try to cover and get rid. its not always about playing pretty football. if ib continues to play 4 at the back, thats fine. we have a squad that can rotate to get the best out of the form. in goal i would prefer slocombe to start.
  13. yes, i have read and seen some very stupid comments about how dke is to blame for everything during the three defeats. its from people who cant accept that notts will lose and go into a pathetic meltdown.
  14. its nice to see so many supportive messages, i think letting granny pie know shes missed and well thought off will be a nice thing during this time. i hope others come forward, as gp is a big part of the pon family.
  15. good win, hope notts can use it to build on. i dont think we can expect to be higher, we have to earn that with good results. i do think it shows how important kyle cameron is to the notts county defence, obviously its not all down to him. yeovil sounded poor, but its something to push on from.
  16. super ram and granny pie are two members who add a lighter side to pon, what with their comments about granny getting you with grannys walking sticks. some might not know that she is currently in hospital again. i think its grannys third time in 2021, i hope the doctors and nurses have gotten to the issue because i look forward to seeing grannys comments. i am sending granny all of my love and i hope you are okay @super_ram, please let her know we are all sending our well wishes.
  17. extended highlights against yeovil would be nice, but i wont watch the halifax game we all know what went wrong.
  18. i am pleased, not just for the win but ian burchnall who came under unfair fire imo. the football has largely been better and i can only see it improving over time, kyle camerons return to action looks to have settled things down. playing in the opponents half and winning the ball back quickly will always help, it was a good result against yeovil.
  19. i am not a fan of the league competition that was formed, i dont see the point in it and i think every tom dick or harry switching their nationality eligibility is ruining it. i mean those who actually play games for a nation before making a switch to either play for a stronger nation or in order to get more caps. a decision should not be permanent.
  20. i think if we put thought into whats happening, the simplest answer i can come up with is that we are not handling set backs very well. i do think its a mixture of things, possibly how we set up and how at certain stages of games the levels of focus are not at their best. losing slocombe, rawlinson and cameron have big loses in the area we are struggling the most. i dont think its a coincidence but i would say more care needs to be put into seeing out games.
  21. could this be why in the past notts have had flooding issues? anyone know?? i do remember talk of the club putting in a drainage system that would filter out but i am not sure if it was to the river. things like this are nice little finds, very interesting.

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