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  1. i should never have put my previous status but at the time i was annoyed, now i want to see pon reach 200 posts again and for people just to enjoy the site. its all i want.

  2. first time i have felt like it, but i might quit pon.

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    2. super_ram


      @Fan of Big Tonewasn't having a go at you @liampie or anyone else  for that matter.I 'm sure he's wondering why some members have taken exception to what he said but in trying  to to explain he just dug himself further into a hole.He did go to great lengths to apologise if he'd offended anyone.I think what he was referring to was non discussion  posts .I.e  on our way to 400+ posts there were a few posts of encouragement along the lines of-'20 to go now',then another like  'can we get a few more posters',followed by something like (from Tony')I'm here now'.All posts helping to creep towards the 400 mark, which may not be be' meaningless'  but are perhaps frivolous and are not what you could call 'quality discussion' just plain good fun

      @Chris mentioned somewhere how text can come over different to how it does when spoken ..If it makes you feel any better  @liampie only last week I misunderstood a post and over-reacted (a post in ask a member a question =from @Chris

      Anyway this Rams fan has seen you grow,  over the years, from being a bit shy  but always interesting to a confident key member of PoN.So come on @liampie don't cut off your nose to spite your face(as me mam used to say) get posting again PLEASE

    3. Fan of Big Tone

      Fan of Big Tone

      Thank you @super_ram at least someone understands where I’m coming from, I sent a personal apology to @liampie yesterday I hope he accepts it.

    4. upthepies


      @liampie don't feel like quitting, you are a good member and you always put the site first. I always see you having your say, so why let a view poor chosen words effect this?

  3. its nice to see you back italian magpies, hopefully more will start visiting us again. :)

    1. Italian Magpies

      Italian Magpies

      I'm very busy with university. It's hard to work on Italian Magpies and find some time for other things too. But I'm trying to be a little more present here :)

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