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  1. i know the nep has speculated that notts has rejected offers for two players, i dont think allowing cal roberts to leave right now would be beneficial to the club. i think his value will only be better if we can form a strong position in this season and his performances being one of the reasons for this.

    otherwise we are just allowing a good creative player leave without much thought imo.

  2. @Fozzy i think signing upcoming players is a good thing, i am just wary that we are plucking players randomly and relying to much on in game stats. i think the old fashioned way would work better, track the players but let the manager sign them after looking into them. its the manager who will see if a player can fit his system, i honestly dont feel the club should have signed anyone before the manager came in.

    the head coach role still needs to manage the players at the end of the day.

    i think a strong holding midfielder would be a good find if the club can sign one, we have frank vincent who can play with attacking more on his mind and not forgetting ruben rodrigues who will hopefully sit behind our striker(s).

  3. it seems a weird signing for both him and the club, i dont think he did that well in the championship and the scottish premier league just does not seem a good mix. it will be interesting to see how he does against celtic with callum megregor playing for them, two ex notts lads.

  4. he needed a move to refind himself, i dont think he would have come good here. too many injuries and rotation never seemed to suit him. last season i felt he was extreamly poor considering what we have seen. good signing for hartlepool, maybe efl football will give him that boost needed to restart his career.

  5. i am also getting a little nervous for the start of the season, the players signed seem to be different and most are unknown to me. i am hoping we can make a couple of signings like matt palmer, as this brings a sense of excitement.

    i still feel we are lacking a replacement for kyle wootton despite having signed the striker from the league below us.

  6. On 18/05/2022 at 09:48, Fozzy said:

    Our luck might start improving now as it's not been the best seven years whilst he has been covering us.

    i dont know if leigh is to blame fully for the coverage or because he was told what to do, it seemed he tried to get more coverage at times which he should be given credit for as others might not bother.

    i am hoping the post brings someone in who can ask questions.

    yet again, leigh did fit and become part of the community. i have been critical of him at times but i do hope the next person cares at least 80% as of he did.

  7. i refuse to judge him without seeing how the team performs, i know managers aren't built on their records or past as such as especially someone quite new to management. there is signs that hes a good coach, which appears to be what the club wants but i am hopeful that he is strong in the man management department.

    nobody should be quick to judge him without seeing at least 10-12 performances.

    hopefully, he can pick up from where ian burchnall left.

  8. sam had to go, he never really got a chance and just seemed unlikely to be what we needed. i did like him, tho we can do better. he was probably on a good wage which would seem a waste, the player in i have no idea. well the wing back, but the striker sounds promising.

    i am hoping lewis knight can keep injury free and chip in.

  9. i thought the player who had his hair similar to stanley aborah [but smaller] played quite well. i think it was michee efete but i cant say for sure. the majority of good play came through this player though and he chased everything.

    grimsby played well as a team, trying to bring in their striker. i thought he read the game well but again i am unsure what is name is.

    possibly ryan taylor.

  10. i think we build momentum to a point we are actually a good team, but then something disrupts it and that motivation [or whatever] is lost. We seem to struggle to bounce back from poor results, much like notts did earlier in the season.

    the majority of games this season i have felt we have voiced our support to a point it makes meadow lane feel intimidating for visitors.

    it would be nice to see the more than just kyle cameron attempt to spark chants, the whole squad should be doing it. there was a point when the whole ground went silent and the game became tense, i do think the players need to motivate themselves as much as we fans do.

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