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  1. i have a feeling this will haunt us and this snow wont help.
  2. i dont buy any. i mainly read stuff online because i can focus what matters to me. only odd mentions of lower footie in press etc. well done - things like this make a difference.
  3. prob best to ignore, i dont think many are reading. will look normal with posts like the new features in the mobile skin!
  4. sad it didnt go ahead. those who travelled have right to be angry, some pompey fans are but i dont know if it was the right call. probably should of sooner
  5. i dont have it. his goals would be great as a movie clip but some vids should be free. i dont due what others say about issues.
  6. awesome! glad to see him as a full magpie. well done notts.
  7. its been that long? did they ever find out what caused him to leave us so early in his life? very sad and missed. rip butch
  8. erh? didn't lee take a pay decrease. i believe they have miss reported here. i love hearing from the trews but i dont think this shows much respect for them. those moaners are suck ups and that annoys me.
  9. will try m8. its nice here, i mean that. really nice
  10. i cant make away games its awkward but if i could, i would be on the supporters coach. sounds bad i guess, support given tho.
  11. i really like the site! how is getting it out among the fans going? can i do anything to help? i dont know many fans but i am open to trying to help this site.
  12. hes back at luton now, no news. we could do with his return, fingers crossed it will be done and dusted.
  13. not bothered about them but noticed angry friends and their reaction. good result for oldham and well played to them.
  14. i see what you are getting at but how many times have united suffered the same thing. rooney, beckham, keane and co?
  15. not heard a thing about him. i dont see him going tbh, i think keith curle will play him a little more. hope i am right
  16. bart is top class, very friendly and modest. one of our best signings!
  17. hello, welcome to the community. see you around!
  18. its the media all right, just like the newcastle stuff. mario has a temper but they make him seem much worse.
  19. wasnt the best start to the year for sure. good write up
  20. i dont know of him either, how young is he? cant find anything about him
  21. i use my phone, very low on data whih is great. more fans need to get behind this site, hope they do.
  22. good interview, should of sneaked on a question asking about his contract lol
  23. hope we sign him but i wouldn't blow a large portion of what we have availible on him. risk getting when contract os up, if they want too much.
  24. lol i like quiz shows, my fav is probably dr who buti like many american tv shows as ours are pretty poor. been watching that ripper series on bbc one.

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