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  1. I hope the PON police can tell Harry Kewell not to moan, he's totally side tracked the defeat in classic management style.
  2. Hard work has seen Notts get into the position they are in now, fans blamed the manager but it's still happening.
  3. Simple, I wouldn't vote. People complained about Gordon Brown not being good enough to lead a party or act as the prime minister but things have gotten much poorer since.
  4. Well on the way to 10,000 posts, well done to everyone and @BigBill for making the 90,000th.
  5. [28] - I am baffled by the naive comments made by a particular PON member.
  6. Not the same player as last season, the more quality you have around him the weaker he looks. Release him come January and sign a proper ball playing utility player.
  7. No way is Fitzsimons faultless, not one fan on here can defend him and those that do are ******* deluded.
  8. Those that moan, moan, moan and moan often don't know what day of the week it is.
  9. Put a black plastic bag over it and smear it with dog **it. You may not need the dog doo, I forgot about the Forest badge.
  10. Good start by Notts but the defence seems a little sleepy, we are giving Cambridge a lot of space at times.
  11. People are forgetting why many Notts fans refer to it as 'radio red'. They have no done themselves any favours here.
  12. Sold to Wolves academy, the clubs a joke.
  13. Attack, defend, create good chances and try to win the game. It's not that difficult Notts. Keep the ball a way from the sky, use your feet and pass to a player in your own colour.
  14. If he lets one miss get to him, he shouldn't be playing football. Let alone earn money as a professional footballer!
  15. The reason why Pennant never achieved any actual success in his career is because he was always over hyped. Technically a gifted player but remove his speed and skill, he had nothing.
  16. Stag fans will soon be calling him because he's overrated. Job worth player.
  17. I hate when Lynn stands talking to staff rather than serving customers, I waited for her to finish drinking her cup of tea once before she bothered to ring up my purchases. It's not like she was on a break either. Very rude person!
  18. Good and bad today. colchester should have won, they had three wasted chances and none of ours came close. Disappointed but I agree it’s a start.

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