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  1. If you begin the video of Sir Charlie Palmer's goal against Nottingham Forest tonight at 11:59:24, his header will hit the back of the Reds net at exactly midnight. Start the New Year right!
  2. On 20 November 1976, Notts County clinched an impressive 5-1 win over a Fulham outfit featuring Bobby Moore, George Best and Rodney Marsh in a Second Division match at Craven Cottage. Mick Vinter struck for the Magpies after just 45 seconds and went on to grab a second later in the game, while Steve Carter, Martin Busby and Ernie Howe (with an own goal) made it five before the hour mark. Although Alan Slough managed to grab a consolation, it was still a very impressive result from Ron Fenton's side. Here are the highlights from that game if you fancy having a look. Were you at that game? Let us know!
  3. Can't believe it's been a whole six years since that titanic encounter at the City Ground between Nottingham Forest and Notts County. Honestly remember it as if it were yesterday. One of those games where, even in defeat, you can't help but applaud your team. Very much like last night against Scunthorpe, to be fair, but the added element of the local rivalry just made it so much more intense. Here are the highlights of that game.
  4. From BBC Sport: Juventus have revealed their third-kit design for the 2018-19 season - made entirely from recycled ocean plastic. Adidas designer Francesca Venturini, who created the dark grey shirt in partnership with Parley for the Oceans, said the jersey has "eco-innovation and longevity at its very heart". The Serie A champions are the latest high-profile club to support the campaign to cut plastic pollution. Manchester United and Real Madrid have also worn Parley Ocean Plastic kits. Do you think this is a good idea? Should Notts County head down this direction in the coming years? Or would it be too expensive for clubs in the lower leagues to implement?
  5. One of my biggest passions in life is music - I could spend all day just going through Youtube, Soundcloud and so on listening to anything and everything from world-famous artists to little known singers and DJs. There's one singer I'm listening to at this moment who many people probably have never heard of, but I think is absolutely incredible. Karise Eden is an Australian soul singer, she was on The Voice a few years ago and completely smashed it - she's basically Janis Joplin incarnate. In this thread I want people to think about an artist they know who is not particularly well known among the general public, but think they're so good that they deserve an airing. Here is Karise's cover of This Is A Man's World by James Brown. Incredible stuff.
  6. Joe Jones

    New Notts County home kit

    Who's got their hands on the new Notts County home kit then?
  7. We all love a good bit of Twitter beef don't we? Well, our very own Alan Hardy has locked horns with none other than legendary England striker, crisp-bothered and pitch-soiler Gary Lineker himself on Twitter. It all started because of a naughty word said by the BBC MOTD man. What with all the replies and follow-ons and everything, it will requite some sifting through, but it's all on here... mostly good natured luckily (or unluckily, if you fancied seeing these two having a scrap in the ML parking lot!)
  8. Notts County have been posting teaser images of the new kits on their Instagram story function. Here's what's been put out so far... anyone else who's on Insta feel free to add on throughout the day.
  9. Tonight England wrap up their Group G campaign at the 2018 World Cup with a clash against Belgium in Kaliningrad. There was some anxiety beforehand about if England had to get a result to qualify against one of the most star-studded teams of the tournament, but with both sides having won both their group games so far, the pressure is very much off. Indeed, there is now a very weird scenario in which the losing team will arguably benefit more, as they will end up in the easier of the two knockout routes, and with Group H being so weak, it's not like facing the winner of that group will be an especially taxing prospect. So let's get your thoughts - how/where are you following the game? Who would you like Gareth Southgate to pick for his starting XI? Should England opt for a weakened team and perhaps even seek not to win (although that's very contentious ground and would lead to the team being pilloried by the press and potentially get in trouble with the FIFA overlords), or should victory always be sought?
  10. Joe Jones

    Update .. New Kit launch

  11. Joe Jones

    The First Thoughts Game

    Bleached blonde hair, Yorkshireman, adulterer Jeremy Corbyn
  12. Joe Jones

    Second team

    When I was a kid, my "gateway" team was Manchester City... back in 2002 they were a plucky little outfit with several cult names on their books, like Peter Schmeichel, Nicolas Anelka and Kevin Keegan, and in true British style I wasn't fond of supporting the dominant side at the time, Man United, and also I liked the colour blue, so it made sense. Then as I grew up I lost affinity for them, and I warmed to Notts as they were a local team, plus I made friends who were into them (and also a lot of the d*cks at school were Forest so I couldn't possibly side with them).
  13. Joe Jones

    Promotion and relegation currently

    Promoted: Notts, Lincoln, Swindon, Oldham Relegated: Macclesfield, Forest Green
  14. Joe Jones

    Alan Hardy vs. Gary Lineker

    Is it me or is Alan Hardy trying to follow the route of Alan Sugar and Donald Trump in being the "Twitter-savvy open/friendly/approachable/honest businessman"? Next the Apprentice, after that Number 10?
  15. Joe Jones

    Favourite Notts Captain

    Steady Eddy, a nickname testament to his qualities!
  16. Joe Jones


    Here is the full fixture list! Pleased with how it's turned out.
  17. Alan Hardy has mentioned a couple of updates on his Twitter page. The first is a brand new pitch to be rolled out at the end of the season, and also a sponsorship with Puma... And he also said he was looking into the possibility of installing a brand new state-of-the-art scoreboard. Let's hear what you think about all three of these developments.
  18. So we're only just in June and already Notts County have made several signings in Tom Crawford, Kristian Dennis, Kane Hemmings, Andy Kellett and Will Patching (as of midday-ish today in case any more come through). Out of all those, which one are you looking forward to the most in the black and white stripes and why?
  19. Joe Jones

    2018 World Cup

    So it's World Cup eve today, tomorrow the biggest football tournament on the planet gets underway! Let's get all your thoughts and opinions regarding the WC... what games are you looking forward to? Who will underachieve and overachieve? What's your favourite shirt? And of course who do you think will lift the shiny trophy come the end of it all?
  20. Joe Jones

    Score prediction game

    Egypt 1-1 Uruguay Morocco 1-2 Iran Portugal 1-2 Spain
  21. Joe Jones

    Eating out

    Sad to say I haven't eaten out for a long time, back when I had a locally-based Mrs we'd go out every week or every other week, now I tend to just have the odd takeaway now and then with the family, or if I go out to eat it'll be with friends at a Spoons or similar. I do genuinely love pub grub but on the whole it's a rarity for me to go out nowadays.
  22. Joe Jones

    EFL summer conference updates

    The EFL has held its annual general meeting (AGM) today, 8 June. Here is comprehensive update of the issues, off the Sunderland website (kudos to them for putting it all up): The highlights of the 2018 AGM included: MATCH PROGRAMMES A number of Clubs had previously asked the EFL if the mandatory publication of a match programme could be addressed as a result of an overall decline in sales and the proliferation of digital and social media, which has the ability to deliver the same content in a more cost effective manner. Mandatory publication of a programme was required due to a number of the EFL’s partnership, sponsorship and opt-in agreements. EFL Clubs approved an amendment which allows Clubs to opt out of providing advertising in match programmes on the basis it is replaced with other inventory. This amendment will mean that the requirement to deliver programme advertising in the EFL Regulations will only apply if a match programme is produced. The amended regulation provides each Club with the option to determine whether or not they publish a match programme. GROUND CRITERIA – SHARED GROUNDS It was agreed that, from 5 May 2019 onwards, the EFL will ordinarily limit the number of sports in a ground share application to football, plus one other. Clubs who ground share with another sport must have a hybrid or similar pitch installed. For existing ground shares, this requirement will come into effect from 1 July 2019. SAFEGUARDING OPERATING STANDARDS A new regulation will provide the EFL Board with the ability to implement appropriate operational standards relating to safeguarding of young persons and vulnerable adults (Safeguarding Operational Standards) if and when appropriate. OWNERS’ CONDUCT REVIEW As a result of the Owners’ Conduct Review, a number of key recommendations were developed to specifically address some of the reputational issues facing the EFL and its Clubs. This followed the comprehensive consultation with Clubs that was initiated in September 2017. Three formal proposals were put forward to the AGM and subsequently voted into EFL Regulations. INTRODUCTION OF A CLUB CHARTER The introduction of a new Club Charter which will act as a statement of the EFL’s commitment to run EFL Clubs to the highest possible standards in a professional manner and with the utmost integrity. In addition, the Charter commits all Clubs to behave with the utmost good faith and honesty to each other, while complying with the laws of the game and ensuring that all Club officials comply with the decisions of the EFL and its various decision making bodies at all times. OVERDUE PAYABLES The extension of the existing rule, which sanctions Clubs for non-payment of transfer fees or loan fees, to also cover any amounts due between Clubs, including loan wages and ticket monies, and payments to staff which would otherwise rank as a ‘football creditor’ under the Articles of Association. OWNERS’ AND DIRECTORS’ TEST An amendment to the Owners’ and Directors’ Test was agreed which prohibits a registered Intermediary from engaging in activities that fall within the definition of a ‘Director’ under the EFL Regulations. This amendment brings the EFL into clearer alignment with the Rules of the FA. In addition to the changes to EFL Regulations, there were two other specific areas addressed that have been highlighted as part of the review. These were: EFL POLICY ON TAKING ACTION AGAINST INDIVIDUALS The EFL Chairman proposed the adoption of a new policy in circumstances where it is considered appropriate to take direct action against individuals who fail to meet the standards that are expected of them under the Regulations. The policy outlines that it should be reserved for the following circumstances: - A very serious single act or persistent serious acts - Relating to the operation of an EFL football Club - Where the individual’s conduct is clearly damaging to the standing and reputation of the wider profession and the game of football The Board will look to formally adopt the policy at its next meeting on 26 July. FINANCIAL CONTROLS IN LEAGUE ONE AND LEAGUE TWO Discussions with League One and League Two Clubs will continue around the principles of budgeting and funding commitments and whether any changes should be made to the SCMP Rules or existing Regulations. This debate will continue at September’s Divisional meetings. In addition, there have been changes to the EFL Cup (off BBC site): The Carabao Cup is to scrap extra time for the 2018-19 season, while all games at Premier League grounds will use VAR. EFL Cup matches will now go straight to penalty kicks if the scores are level after 90 minutes to reduce "additional fatigue issues" following a vote by English Football League clubs. Extra time will now only be played in the final at Wembley, while the ABBA penalty format is also to be scrapped. Seeding will be removed for the first two rounds of the competition, but round one will remain regionalised into North and South sections. And also the EFL Trophy: EFL clubs will now be able to include players who are on loan at National League clubs. Category One teams who take part will only be allowed to name two players who are over the age of 21 and have played more than 40 first-team games.
  23. Joe Jones

    whats everyone doing/been up to today?

    Detonate Festival, £50 pre-loaded on my wristband, get drunk beyond recognition and give my eardrums a bit of a bashing!
  24. Today, 10 May, is the anniversary of a festival / open air concert which was held at Meadow Lane in 1969 with a frankly ridiculous (as in good) line-up. Frankly I can't believe only 2,000 tickets were sold, especially when I think to something like Woodstock over the pond which has become a seminal moment in worldwide music culture. Nonetheless, this made me think about the festival scene in Nottinghamshire, which remains pretty lively to this day - and in the surrounding counties there are plenty of other cracking festivals. What is the best festival / open air concert you remember that was pretty local to Nottingham, and why does it hold such a special place in your heart? Mine, personally speaking, was No Tomorrow 2015. Here's the line-up: As luck would have it, this was my very first festival, and to this day it's the best one I've been to. The line-up was great - a good mix of mainstream acts that were very big on the radio at the time, plus a lot of more underground acts. The weather was amazing both days, the atmosphere was superb, and it was just such an incredible experience. Sadly, the organisers let the festival wither away and die in the corner the following year - I was clicking on the site and social media for updates time and time again as the months passed, like Seymour waiting for Fry in Futurama, but eventually (around March time) I gave up the ghost. A massive shame that the organisers didn't even bother to announce that the event wouldn't be going on, especially when it's the same people who do Splendour festival (which was very heavily promoted in 2016), an event which I wouldn't touch with a bargepole (I can think of better things to do with my time than being in a field with thousands of prosecco-drinking normies and screaming children and listening to washed-up has-beens like Spandau Ballet).
  25. 27 years ago, Notts County completed their remarkable journey from the Third Division to the top flight as they secured their second playoff promotion in a row. A year after going up from Third to Second, beating Tranmere Rovers in that final, the Magpies once again came up trumps at Wembley as they ran out 3-1 winners over Brighton. Tommy Johnson scored a brace, while Dave Regis got the other goal, and so did the Notts contingent celebrate once again. What memories do you have of the day? Share your thoughts!

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