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  1. Do we know if these chaps have any money? They obviously have enough money to keep the lights on for 2019-20, but I've seen no evidence they have real money to invest. I am so glad Notts is safe, but I doubt Football Radar has been keeping much data on National League players.
  2. I see in the 2017-18 accounts that Notts employed 100 people full-time. That is what a League One club like Charlton employed. I have to assume it will be closer to 50-60 this year in the National League? I can't see Notts affording to hire many people when revenues are so low.
  3. It's been two years since I posted here in a thread where I started talking about how much your club reminded me of the my Green Bay Packers. I've still be watching your situation the last two years and I am so happy to hear you have new ownership. And they sound like smart owners, too, always a plus. On other club message boards, I can't think of anyone that has not hoped your club would eventually get through this crisis. I hope your club is able to right itself and build a future for you all. You have a lot of people rooting for you, even if you don't know it.
  4. Just peeking back in to say I have not forgotten about you all. Congrats on the recent success, it looks like you are staying up after all. Oh what a difference a good owner makes!! Maybe there will be some money for a few transfers and you can start making a promotion push into L1 in the next year or two? That would be awesome. So glad for you all. Right now, you are probably the envy of the club down the road. It's been a long time since you could say that.
  5. Your situation reminds me so much of Swansea in 1996-2002. Their attendance was about 4,000, they were in trouble... and the did it right with a lot of fan engagement and just slowly built the team and rose up through the leagues. In ten years, were in the PL, selling out 20,000 seats every match. Such a well-run club. Until this year. But for me they are the model.
  6. Your neighbors will regret their new owner. He is very good at getting local politicians to invest many millions in making a stadium better and also fixing roads around the stadium, etc, all in order to make more money for himself. I saw this first hand with the San Diego Padres when he owned them. He will front some money early to lull people to sleep and to get taxpayer money. After that is done, he keeps all the money himself, waits for the club to get a higher valuation, then sells out, even if the club is doing poorly. Add in the fact Forest loses so much money that future transfer bans and fines are coming, I think they face a rough road ahead. This leaves an opportunity for Notts.
  7. Thanks, all. Between 1972-1986 the Packers never won more than half their games in any one season. They were outscored by opponents in 14 of 16 seasons. It looked grim. If I had to explain why they started to turn it around it was probably a combination of the following... 1. Youth. They built through the draft. As a small town club, they could not compete with the big boys for free-agents, so they developed from within. It took several years but it paid off. 2. Just a couple key trades (transfers) in key areas to fill a hole that they could not fill with youth. And when they did those trades, they tried to get the best available, blowing their budget on just one key player. But the player was always a no brainer. No risk. 3. Developed a pride/mythos around the club and turned what many thought of as a negative (small town no one wanted to go to) as a positive. This build upon itself over the years. We became "more than a club." 4. Emphasized, even when we stank, that we were one of the original teams, created in 1921, even before the NFL existed. The old stadium, ugly uniforms, etc... all became part of the lore. 5. We became a lot of people's second-favorite club because of #3 and #4 and this made us popular underdogs for years. Now that we are a big club once again, that has gone away, but it carried us for years. We are respected by almost everyone and hated by almost no one. 6. Incremental, but consistent improvement in the stadium. Little things like better seats, one section at a time and other small things really added up over the years because they never took a break from making the fan experience better. I don't know how applicable this is to Nott's situation or in English football, and it took a decade to get it done. But eventually it worked!
  8. This might be my only post. I joined just to post this. As a fan the only publicly-owned American Football club, The Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin, who have sold out every match since 1960, average 73,000 attendance per game in a town of just 200,000 and have a wait list for season tickets of 60 years on average, I am so happy to hear of your new owner and hopefully, a fresh start. I am a more recent fan of English football (last 2 years) and I am not the only new football fan here in America. Several of us know of the dilemma of Notts County out here and we have talked about how the "original" football club deserves better. Packers fans like myself are naturally drawn to underdogs from smaller cities like you. So we are all happy to hear of this step in the right direction. Lifetime Green Bay Packers fans can relate to you, for many reasons. There are many of us who are quietly rooting for you. You are not alone. Good luck!!

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