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  1. He's got to be in and around the first team, he looks like a player that will improve and become the type of quality that Notts has missed.
  2. Uninterested with this, I think if Notts fans owned the club they would do a worse job than Alan Hardy.
  3. I want to see the squad capable of battling. Go a goal behind, regroup and be stronger. I don't see why we can't have a squad that can play to different styles, formations or adjusting to tactics. Provided they play as a team Notts will be better off.
  4. What are the chances of Kristian Dennis and Kane Hemmings leaving to join the same club, and then they do well as a pair? I think a few will go, some possibly on a free transfer.
  5. I am not bothered about any of them, you can't grow attached to players after a short time and I realise how much of an overhaul the club needs in the squad department. This is why I feel as I do, it gives the club the correct chance to bring in players who can work harder than those who have left the club.
  6. @Truefootballfan or they're out of contract and been released to give the squad a refresh start. It could be speculated that Neal Ardley didn't rate the players, but it's more than likely a case of seeing how much of the budget remains to strengthen the squad to his wishes. The National League won't be easy, Alan Hardy has come out with comments about "you can't buy success" and this upcoming campaign will be about proper hard work. Robert Milsom was a ghost of the pitch, only praised for being one of few players to actually slide into challenges. His defensive work wasn't as good as people suggest either, look at Swindon and several of the home games before that. He gets caught out just as much as anyone else who has played left back. The difference is usually his mistakes didn't cost the team too badly.
  7. Happy Birthday gaffer, have a good day @Chris!
  8. Two things crystal clear here, firstly he bought the club against the wishes of his wife. A silly decision, unless he knew exactly what he was taking on which gets to my second point, he clearly didn't. You can't buy success, this is obvious! Again, it's his fault. If you plan to overhaul a squad, ensure the right custodians are in place to help gel the new group of players together. He had a fairly rookie manager who enjoyed one season and bit of success, then decided to interfere with the operation. The amount of staff he's fallen out with his alarming too, you read tweets from descrambled employees and former ones. If he was good at overseeing things, his business wouldn't have gone downhill with eyes all focused on the limelight. He wouldn't have been the owner who relegated Notts County. Only one person to blame for the majority of this.
  9. About standard, I would be annoyed to see Osborne, Campbell or Howe leave.
  10. Some good fixtures, I have no idea which ones I will be attending but I do my share. @DangerousSausage don't you think it would be depressing to see no away fans or less than 50 turn up? That is a real risk the club faces. Meadow Lane has thrived with big crowds. Its something which either makes or breaks the match day experience.
  11. I can see why overseas fans would be disappointed but the club might come out with something themselves, I am not sure BT Sports could stop that unless they plan to televise the game.
  12. Well done to Manchester City for winning the Premier League back-to-back. They have deserved it but Liverpool can feel unlucky.
  13. I can't name anyone. Matt Tootle and Enzio Boldewijn did well at times but nobody was consistent enough.

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