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  1. I want to credit Dagenham for making a game of it because early on, Notts looked a step above them and that made them play a lot more carefully. Before we scored, they had a few good chances to take the lead themselves. It made the game very open and added to the excitement. Notts needed to up their game at times, as weak passes, poor decision making meant that a lot of build up play was wasted. Good goals, but once we retook the lead I feared they would pull level and they did threaten.
  2. Notts appears to be attracting interest in players and replacing them will prove be the ultimate test for the clubs recruitment policy. What value do you put on the following players? I am also wondering if you feel we can afford to let any of them go and if so, how does Notts replace them without losing momentum? Ruben Rodrigues Kyle Wootton Cal Roberts Richard Brindley Dion Kelly-Evans I have avoided asking about players who have suffered injuries, plus players that have signed this season. I think the 5 mentioned are the most likely to attract interest from clubs willing to spend a fee to sign them.
  3. The business model of finding talent that can do well at our level, but attract interest higher up is starting to take hold. Ruben Rodrigues is attracting interest from Blackburn Rovers. Supposedly Blackpool and Rotherham United are too. I think its likely that Kyle Wootton and some of our other key players will be on the radar. Notts has not managed to sell assets on successfully for years, yes we have let go of youngsters but a club like Notts this will always be the case. Pricing players wisely and recruiting replacements will be a test for Notts and something quite new. Yes, we have been doing well with this regards since the takeover of the club from the hands of Alan Hardy, but we have been lucky to retain the best players.
  4. Great job @Chris, I am sure many fans appreciate your efforts here.
  5. Sending @GrannyPie hugs, its good to read she's feeling a whole lot better.
  6. Either team could have got another goal and won, but Notts grabbed the draw which is all that matters.
  7. I understand the worry after the 3 defeats, it looked like something had given way and Notts needed to work hard to overcome that. I wasn't one of those fans worrying about the defeats, but as I say I could understand the logical fans [not the usual meltdown responses]. The way the club navigated their way through it, whilst bring back players like Kyle Cameron, which attached a risk of seeing be ruled out was the right way. We didn't just throw him in, or rush it but I am happy with how results are progressing. I think if Notts could bridge the gap with however is top of the league, more belief will follow and then who knows? It's not that I expect or feel we will win the league, but at the same time it could happen. Myself, I take games by games but I love the passion shown by the gaffer.
  8. A nice cup run would be nice for Notts, we haven't enjoyed one for awhile now. Rochdale aren't a difficult team to play against, going to their ground will give them the home comforts but if Notts buckles down and works hard. There's no reason why a victory couldn't end up coming back home to Meadow Lane.
  9. Their chairman will come under fire as he does the right thing at times, only to end up doing the wrong thing at that crucial time where someone who knows League Two could've done more on the field. Signing higher up players doesn't always work, all the time, getting a big name in as the manager, well it looked good on paper [even made some Notts fans envious] but its not worked out. Nigel looks a bit clueless with Mansfield.
  10. Hartlepool fans have every right to be annoyed with Rodney's departure from the club. If you know, you know.
  11. @Piethagoram Is that what its supposed to look like? I don't think its befitting of the stadium. Part of me thinks the money could help bring in additional revenue, the other half thinks it could be better spent of buying a training facility outright. The club will need to hire people who can make it work and I would imagine that will cost money.
  12. I personally look to support the club using other means, but I can appreciation those that do things like this. Well done for supporting the club @Alex.
  13. Both need a new change, if they stick with him through the difficult times it might pay off but on paper it looks destined to see him sacked.
  14. QPR 3-1 Blackburn Rovers Joker Sheffield United 2-2 Millwall Gillingham 0-1 Doncaster Rovers Portsmouth 1-1 Ipswich Town Rotherham United 3-1 Wycombe Wanderers Harrogate Town 0-2 Tranmere Rovers Oldham Athletic 2-1 Walsall Salford City 2-0 Rochdale
  15. I am unsure if there's any types of fruit I dislike, I do enjoy fruit salad with grapes, apples, banana, pineapple, strawberries and oranges.

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