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  1. Good luck to him, it can be a difficult job.
  2. It was a good game no doubt about that. Torquay wasn't bad, Notts played good football and we are looking more like league contenders now. If the results keep coming at home, with improvements being made away from it, this season could really start. Great result, the cleansheets right now are massive.
  3. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo has re-signed for Manchester United as their player manager on a 20-year-deal.
  4. QPR 0-3 Blackburn Wycombe 0-2 Peterborough Gillingham 1-1 Southend Walsall 1-0 Salford City Crewe 1-3 Exeter (Joker) Sutton 1-1 Stockport Chorley 2-0 Aldershot
  5. If I wasn't working, I would be there! Dover looks to be a great away day, I just hope Notts continues to reward the loyal support
  6. I've found games to be more entertaining, I don't think there's a vast difference between most clubs and this could be why the football seems more open. When Notts puts their class on show, there is a gulf between most but that don't take anything a way from the National League. In League Two, some just resort to being dirty as a way to make up for their lack of ability. Some teams are just poor, I have been more impressed so far but Notts needs to get out of this league as quickly as possible.
  7. Danny Rowe would be a good signing for Notts, I don't see it happening but he could do well here.
  8. I feel a slight bit sorry for him, yes he seemed arrogant, cocky and stupid during his time here. I just don't think he should have re-signed for Kevin Nolan.
  9. I hope the players perform, it's been touted as pay back for our support and this means Notts needs to put on a good display. Losing badly wouldn't be a good way to say thank you. So, DO IT NOTTS! Let's do it right for once.
  10. Derby County 2-2 Birmingham City Middlesbrough 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday Southend 2-0 Accrington Oxford 0-1 Gillingham Cheltenham 3-2 Crewe Swindon 2-0 Newport Yeovil town 2-1 Bromley Wrexham 1-0 Ebbsfleet (Joker)
  11. TheSkipper


    Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Mitch Whiley, excellent debut article.
  12. All the real reasons for supporting a football club, fantastic picture!
  13. I don't expect Notts to lose, the performance have been steady but getting anything other than a draw would show how the club is on the up right now. A boring draw might follow but some should be happy with that.
  14. Birmingham 1-0 Preston Sheffield Wednesday 0-3 Fulham Doncaster 2-2 Peterborough Rotherham 0-1 Shrewsbury (Joker) Plymouth 1-1 Cheltenham Cambridge 1-2 Swindon Torquay 1-0 Dagenham Halifax 0-2 Barnet
  15. Should Mitch Rose be the captain of Notts County? As you will have guessed, I like skippers and players who lead by example. I think the club has lacked a proper captain for sometime, whilst I do think that Michael Doyle does okay, I do think he's someone who shouldn't always be starting matches. Mitch Rose for me offers a lot of what Neal Bishop did back in the day, a calm influence who focuses on organisation rather than pointing the finger. It was Rose for me that filled the gap the last time Doyle stupidly got sent off. He did a very good job I feel, showing maturity and calming presence which I think actually helped the results. I do think Doyle is needed, however, I see him as being more of a rotational player which I don't think Neal Ardley sees himself. We can guarantee that Doyle will return once his suspensions up regardless of how the player(s) who replaces him temporarily perform. So, the captaincy is unlikely to change but I do feel I could argue against this decision.

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