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  1. It shouldn't, but I can't see them making the decision until the lockdown is extended again.
  2. I think I had mine from day one, always knew who it had to be as well. None of other than the best Skipper of my time as a Notts fan.
  3. I could give a long detailed post as to why I feel the season should be paused until the summer, but I do think the Coronavirus will be here long after that has gone. I'd like to believe that the National League would do best by its members. I see Notts and Barrow being two teams that can generate the league a lot of interest and money, I can't see them being in a rush to reward promotion for this reason. I would prefer them to wait but I suspect by the end of these next 3 weeks that null and voiding the league will be announced.
  4. Welcome to PON @Bennybigbear.
  5. This pandemic will hopefully be a one in a life time event. I have never known a football season to be paused or handled in this way, but I am wondering if any other fans have bizarre or interesting stories that have disrupted the club. It might not be as extreme as the Coronavirus but I would like to see if other fans can share some past events.
  6. It's good to see the idea worked out, it could have gone in a different direction but if it saves the club during this period it will prove to have been a great idea.
  7. Reading and writing are two key interests of mine. I go through numerous ebooks and hardback copies, at this point its something I have spent time doing a fair bit.
  8. I think we discussed this not so long ago, I don't watch but read the news. I can decide how much I want to take in that way.
  9. Sorry @super_ram, Bobby Zamora.
  10. Gordon Banks Gary Neville Bobby Moore or John Terry Tony Adams Ashley Cole Paul Gascoigne Steven Gerrard Bobby Charlton David Beckham Harry Kane Michael Owen
  11. This isn't easy at all. James Milner?
  12. I'm aware of his music, its sad news. Rest in Peace.
  13. I'm not a member, unlike to join either as I don't like gambling. I would rather support the club by buying merch from the club store myself. I know this goes straight to the club, which is all the same.
  14. Full games is a bit of a stretch, they should do extended highlights instead. I'm not sure they will have footage from before 2010 without it being key moments.
  15. I can't say it's much of an issue for me. If I am bored I'm not doing something, so keeping busy helps.

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