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  1. TheSkipper

    PON Online Raffle

    I am surprised just how many casual members have supported this compared to the people we see daily not even bothering. It says a lot. I know some people won't be able to afford it, but it's £2.50 and PON offers far more in value than that. I hope the remaining people are found quickly so its drawn, I will be interested to see who ends up winning.
  2. TheSkipper

    Grant signs for Mansfield Town!

    I notice how some of the Notts fans who are playing this down as a poor signing are most likely the ones who hurled abuse at Grant when it seemed unlikely he would come back for second spell, yet quickly formed a line to go up his arse after he did. It's a fantastic signing for Mansfield, I might not like the club but I respect what they're building. Good signing for them.
  3. TheSkipper

    Can you help me welcome Fredrick Bardon to Pon

    Welcome to the community @Fredrik Bardon, PON is a great place to discuss Notts and general things.
  4. TheSkipper

    PON Online Raffle

    I would but I am still 17, it's against the rules of the raffle but good luck to those taking part.
  5. TheSkipper

    Happy Birthday to Granny Pie

    Many happy returns to you @GrannyPie, both you and @super_ram are missed and I hope you had a good birthday.
  6. Happy Christmas to each and every PON member! I hope the days been good for you all.
  7. TheSkipper

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas to all and every PON member! Hope we get three points tomorrow.
  8. TheSkipper

    What presents did you get?

    I got mostly DVD's and CD's, some clothes and stuff for Uni.
  9. TheSkipper

    Would you rather?....

    Spain Would you rather have a tan or be pale?
  10. TheSkipper

    Notts v Macclesfield.. score prediction

    2-1, Dennis and Jones to score but not a pretty performance.
  11. TheSkipper

    Cambridge fc .. has a toilet seat logo.?

    Yeah, I do. It does look a lot like a toilet.
  12. TheSkipper

    Still plenty of football to play and points to earn

    If the team played to its potential and as a team we could securely finish mid table. The damage seems done, I think Notts will struggle to get wins and it's going to be one of those seasons we rely on the final day of the season to know our fate. I am not confident with all due respect to Neal Ardley, I think Harry Kewell has sunk Notts and it's going to be difficult to fight.
  13. 7,121 and 802 Tranmere fans.
  14. TheSkipper

    Guess the magpie ... Answer revealed

    I thought it was Mike Edwards at first but now I am not so sure.
  15. TheSkipper

    Caption this ..!! Answer revealed

    BREAK the bank... and GO GET THEM BACK.

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