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  1. TheSkipper

    Welcome Lewis Swinson

    Welcome to PON @Lewis Swinson.
  2. TheSkipper

    Follow On Players (Revived)

    Sam Osborne - Edinson Cavani
  3. TheSkipper

    Carry On Film Title Game (Revived)

    (The) Ring - Ghost Town
  4. TheSkipper

    dongda he

    Think you have to click onto Twitter @Wilfordpie. He should have played more against Leicester, his ability in taking on the players was a joy to watch. He really does look like a special type of player, so Nolan needs to do his best to get Dongda He into the first team setup.
  5. TheSkipper

    Notts County v Leicester

    I thought the same thing today when I saw Richard Duffy, not that it held him back. Today's performance was much better, more passion and Notts did extremely well until Leicester equalised. After that the progress was slower, but much better all round.
  6. TheSkipper

    Vlogs announcement

    Enjoy your holiday and come back refreshed for the new season. 👍
  7. TheSkipper

    Notts County v Leicester

    @liampie Exactly! Fans don't want to pay to see a team give nothing, some can say it was to see how we did but why not adjust during the game? I am looking forward to the friendly but if some think we are moaning, wait until the game. It's far more vocal than this..
  8. TheSkipper

    Carry On Film Title Game (Revived)

    Starship Troopers - Se7en
  9. TheSkipper

    Follow On Players (Revived)

    Adam Collin - Nicky Hunt
  10. TheSkipper

    Will we miss .... Grant

    No I don't think so. I think we would be stronger with him but the squad has quality in the key areas, so I don't think we will miss him all that much.
  11. TheSkipper

    as a goalkeeper, need for concentration over drinking

    How do you recover from a foolish mistake like that? I bet the keeper wanted to hide after that.
  12. TheSkipper

    Season ticket collection on Saturday

    I'm collecting mine today, I don't mind queuing for a bit. It saves me having to go back.
  13. TheSkipper

    How many PON followers do you have?

    I have 3 followers, 12 I follow.
  14. TheSkipper

    Carry On Film Title Game (Revived)

    Loser - Raging Bull
  15. TheSkipper

    Follow On Players (Revived)

    Rob Green - Nathan Tyson

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