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  1. TheSkipper

    Latest Manager Odds!

    The papers are clearly running any story that they feel will get them traffic or sell them papers, I would hope Appleton is likely but it doesn't seem a positive thing right now with all the rumours about Nolan's return.
  2. TheSkipper

    Thought process to scoring a goal?

    I enjoy watching old sketches like this, its pretty funny.
  3. TheSkipper

    Players and Formations!

    I thought Notts looked okay with 3 defenders and 2 wing backs, a little too defensive but generally okay. Elliott Ward seems to be coming under fire as 'too slow' but he seems alright, I would prefer Notts to be able to play several formations successfully because then if one does work in-game the manager can try switching things around.
  4. TheSkipper

    Experienced manager required.

    No, no... Let's hire someone who can take the job forward. We have given a temporary manager the chance to handle a month before, they end up being awful and still managing to keep the job. No point re-hiring Kevin Nolan. Someone new and sensible please, a manager who works well with players and has a good track record in League Two.
  5. TheSkipper

    Welcome to PON Norma

    Hello @Norma. your names not Mark right? Welcome to PON, enjoy your stay and do join in.
  6. I think the managers linked are much better than the previous dross that gets paired with the position. It sounds like people are considering us for once and I do wonder just how much this has to do with the squad? I would be keen to manage a side that has Dennis, Boldewijn, Hemmings, Stead, Vaughan and Ward.
  7. TheSkipper

    Lee Hughes... in just one word

  8. TheSkipper

    PON Newsletters & Updates

    I have signed up to the newsletter, it's a very good idea. I think a column or guest rant would be ideal!
  9. TheSkipper

    Only 45 days till Christmas.. are you ready?

    It would be nice to think all PON members will have a good Christmas, it doesn't seem that far away to me. Stores are already getting that rush from the sales.
  10. TheSkipper

    Match Discussion: EFL Trophy - Rovers (H)

    Notts will win somehow and then they will lose again on Saturday, the same will repeat until Alan Hardy appoints another well known ex Premier League player. Alan Smith must be annoyed.
  11. Been doing mostly things to do with Uni. I have a lecture tomorrow, then I have to go to work in the evening and I now know what being busy truly means.
  12. TheSkipper

    Can you help me welcome our new member

    Welcome to PON @peg248, I hope you will join in and feel comfortable sharing your opinions.
  13. TheSkipper


    The topic seems to have been derailed somewhat. I am more than happy to speak to any Notts fan or PON member about if they're having a hard time. I commend the gaffer for being brave enough to offer this.
  14. TheSkipper

    Match Discussion: FA Cup - The Tykes (A)

    They will score a couple of goals, they have a strong team and we have a weak defence. I just hope Ross Fitzsimons can keep his head because if he can repeat his saves from the Oldham game he could keep Notts in it.
  15. TheSkipper

    Fear for KingKewell

    You could have switched to DisloyalHardy

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