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  1. Match Discussion: Game 22 - The Mariners (H)

    Just keep the play simple and work hard, chances will present themselves and if we are performing well they will be taken. I don't fear Grimsby Town at all. 2-0 home win for us!
  2. Kevin Nolan for England?

    No, not yet. All this talk will only increase his ego which he hides so well. He's doing a good job in this league, but its way too early to discuss his chances as a England manager.
  3. A striker that doesn't stray from the box would be nice. Both Stead and Ameobi drift back and don't quite have the legs to get back up if we do break, countless times these two get caught out by this but I don't fault the either players work rate. I just feel that someone with a bit of speed about them would be beneficial, if they remain in a position of a natural striker and was good at their position I think they would score. I don't rate Alessandra as a striker, I don't think he has a lot of pace and he's knackered when it comes to striking the ball. He makes a better winger, so I hope we get someone who can have similar traits as to what I mentioned.
  4. Spotlight on Notts County FC Football in the Community

    I have to be honest I am not really familiar with the FITC part of Notts. It does seem like they do some very good work, though I only know what fans say and now this.
  5. Marketing the club

    I have notice there are a lot of fans moaning about how the club is marketing themselves especially via social media. What do the members of PON think? I think the club handles itself well these days, the self promotion is something that seems very important. If a club can't effectively market its own offers, how can anyone expect them to draw interest? I think its brilliant to see the increase of upcoming matches promotion, along with the hospitality and the partners in which the club works with. Why is it such a negative thing? I really would like to see someone's view point from that camp as I can't understand it.
  6. I have voted for Dicko, he deserves a bit of praise for once.
  7. Match Discussion: Game 21 - The Hatters (A)

    I listened to the game on the radio, Notts sounded like they put a very impressive performance on show and equally matched Luton Town. Things might not have gone in favour of them at Kenilworth Road but the result is one of the best this season. Notts have an amazing togetherness, in both team spirit and effort and Kevin Nolan must be delighted with how things are. I feel like I can start believing more that we are able to gain promotion, which we can sort the hoofing out once we are out of League Two. There's no negatives about drawing 1-1 to a side like Luton at all. We have nothing to fear against any side provided we respect the approaching opposition.
  8. I thought they played better at times, each time they scored they grow in confidence and caused us issues.
  9. How much has the Notts defence improved?

    The club needs to strengthen the front and the back come January. The defence has improved but they do forget the basics. Hewitt never bothered to try to block the Oxford player but given time I feel these issues will be addressed. I am hoping its something that can be fixed in training and then later in the transfer window further.
  10. Kevin Nolan: 'Jorge Grant is a special kind of player'

    Grant does give us that extra quality but he did not win us the game, he scored a tap in. The team won the match simple as that.
  11. Player ratings v Colchester United (H)

    Fitzsimons 7 - All round performance by him. Duffy 5 - Very poor throughout the game and it was a good thing he was removed when he was. Brisley 7 - Solid performance. Dickinson 5 - Usually he looks the weak link but he did alright, he offered us a fair bit going forward. Tootle 7 - Defended well and attacked nicely. Hawkridge 7 - He was an engine for us in midfield and broke down play. Yates 7 - Kevin Nolan is right about Yates, he ran himself into the ground and did very well. Hewitt 5.5 - He did better when he switched positions but offered us some running in midfield. Grant 6 - Quiet game for him but he did enough. Ameobi 7 - Brilliant play from him, he held the ball and draw some nasty fouls which nobody else would take. Alessandra 5.5 - Very poor in the first half, he came alive in the second but still didn't do enough.
  12. Match Discussion: Game 20 - The U's (H)

    Yesterday is the type of game last season we would have lost and I thought Notts did a great job at pulling ahead once they had scored. I did not see the penalty, so I can't call it but the referee did seem keen to award something in their favour. Thought Notts played solid in midfield but we do need to be more organised at the back as I am concerned about these daft penalties.
  13. Should Forte be in our plans?

    Forte is class when he's on fire. Fans don't judge players in the same way and they seem harsher on those who deliver a higher level of expectation. When Forte scores people love him, when he doesn't people turn offensive and call him crap. Nolan needs to learn to get the best out of every player rather than a select few, don't get me wrong he's done a great job with players Tootle, Duffy (to a point) and Collin but certain people seem to have bigger hoops to jump. It just seems very unfair to me.
  14. Match Discussion: Game 20 - The U's (H)

    Two half of good performances would be nice. The levels drop and its either a good first half and a poor second, or a poor first and a fantastic second. Those stupid flag runners best not be there, I think its daft for a team like ours.

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