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  1. TheSkipper

    Neil Cox “Hemmings and Tootle looking sharp”

    His forms paramount to the club right now, with Jon Stead being distant and Kristian Dennis out on loan it looks quite bleak up top.
  2. TheSkipper

    It’s time for the lads to step up

    We have been saying this all season, IF Notts survive it will be down to few of the squad players and not them all.
  3. TheSkipper

    Will Alan Hardy Sell This Season?

    Not this season, I feel he will sell once all of his assets dry up and he must sell. Right now I think he has the golf course and his other business, so despite the Paragon company having issues. I feel he will only sell for the right price and to a buyer willing to take his investment on.
  4. TheSkipper

    Are you interested in the Premier League?

    Yes I am interested, I like football a lot and I hope to work in the industry after leaving Uni.
  5. TheSkipper

    Happy birthday Ellie_Pie 10

  6. TheSkipper

    It's always darkest before dawn (a lesson from Germany)

    It would be nice to think Notts could have a fairytale ending, I would just accept seeing the club retain its football league history.
  7. TheSkipper

    Notts County v Morecambe ..who’s going to meadow lane.?

    I didn't make the game in the end, I was hoping I would.
  8. TheSkipper

    welcome to pon j1894s

    Welcome to the community.
  9. TheSkipper

    What did think to yesterday’s game any positives.?

    Better defensively but not a whole deal else to say.
  10. TheSkipper

    Are we staying up?

    20% is how I feel. Winning Morecambe could have seen it rise to 40%, if the form continues it could give more hope but it's looking desperate.
  11. TheSkipper

    Remaye Campbell needs a chance for Notts

    I feel it's a good call, I would just instruct Enzio to come to the byline to support the winger. If he doesn't drop too deep, it would allow him to cut inside and that's where he's most dangerous. On the turn and pushing forwards with a run on goal.
  12. TheSkipper

    The Pride of Nottingham Alumni print range!

    I really like the Alumni range, very classy looking and I wish the sales well. I am interested in a few but I will wait to get home from uni at the end of the term.
  13. TheSkipper

    Next season needs to be a reset year at meadow lane.

    The club needs to think about the pathway into the first team, whilst signing the best players for the squad. This might now always be the best names or reputation, sometimes its the players who will give 100% over a consistent period of time. If the club could get this right, resetting would be a lot easier. I just hope when the takeover happens money isn't thrown into the club and no pressure is asserted from the fickle fans encouraging the club to spend big.
  14. TheSkipper

    Michael Doyle In just one word

  15. TheSkipper

    You fancy a prawn sandwich?

    Oh dear @Chris.

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