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  1. Gangmaster license? "Extremely concerning"... It's not a good advertisement for him is it?? Quote directly from the Nottingham Post: https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/former-notts-county-owner-ray-3077195?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar&fbclid=IwAR0c8lUWswnCXPVGI_PH2iV8UWTBrz07WpB2V1pq4MkpCpPpq_Qmwu4vAKw
  2. The agreement and contracts are supposedly being signed today or tomorrow, then it has to be finalised but the Danish buyers have been approved as fit and proper. It's not that hard is it.
  3. I think I will have finished Uni before Alan Hardy answers any of these questions, The Nottingham Post should honestly put them forward. If he doesn't answer, then we know where they stand but I was lead to believe Hardy had a good relationship with Leigh Curtis so how could it be difficult to speak to him?
  4. I know I am not, but with work and Uni work I feel like I am a fair weather fan. I haven't purchased a season ticket, I have no plans to attend many games but I will make what I can at home. Whatever away from it too, yet it wont be many I am afraid.
  5. I haven't used mine for awhile, it might be best to go somewhere that specialises in them and ask. Just don't buy everything they say, especially if they end up wanting you to look at more expensive models.
  6. And England fans though Vindaloo was terrible.
  7. This will be the last time right? I believe the club wanted two weeks and ended up being given three by the judge. I think Alan Hardy can consider himself lucky, as I am doubtful regarding the Danish buyers being able to complete it in time.
  8. I support the club,, so my loyalty will not go anywhere and I'm firmly behind wanting Alan Hardy out.
  9. If Notts was in better shape, we might feel more confidence from the fixtures but with all the unknowns. Plus the lack of a competitive squad it does look like it will be a test for Notts. It wouldn't suprise me if the clubs does a Chesterfield.
  10. How can the post spin this into being a role that could help Notts?
  11. Soon the fans will never playing, god knows where the signings will come from.
  12. Alan Hardy seems to be petty with some of the payments due, he built them up and he should pay. I dread to think what else could be hidden or unknown.
  13. Money saved for the fans if no new gear is released! Think of the few positives at least.
  14. The SLO role is meant to be a link from the fans to the board, they can only do so much but it seems like the club don’t want them to actively do the roles.
  15. It will end up like the pathetic Jamie Fullerton protest, or the one man Alan Hardy out from that season.

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