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  1. Smooth football, nice and neat passing. It ticks the boxes, if it continues fans will warm to Ian Burchnall. Just how many will say they got it wrong to call for his head so early? Its quite daft.
  2. At the time I weighed up the options of hiring a new assistant coach and Michael Doyle filling in the gaps. I didn't question that he can do both roles without impacting the other, I also thought it would help bridge the gap between the manager and players. If the players start to buy Ian Burchnall's way of thinking which always does take time, I do feel Doyle deserves some credit for the support. As to next season, if IB wants Doyle to remain then I hope he hangs up his boots. The decision is the best of both worlds right now. It also looks like Jake Kean is being more han
  3. He never seemed bothered about playing, one of those players who took it for granted and it makes you wonder if he actually wanted to play. Poor signing due to all things considering, if he remained for another 10 games I don't think it would've worked out. Right call it would seem.
  4. I don't believe anything has gone wrong massively, the only issue I can name is the amount of loan players introduced over a short period of time. Neal Ardley had tried to fill the spaces with players who was out of favour, DKE for example did enough at left back. Could Notts do more about the injury risk? I don't think so. I do feel the manager should've tried to afford bringing in so many players, I also disagree that Ardley panicked to bring them in but I do feel he wasn't as mindful about potential injures. Better recruitment in the loan market might have saved his job, this seas
  5. This could help Ian Burchnall win over the players further, a massive 3 points which has come at a good time. First half it looked likely to end up as a draw, I didn't think Notts would lose but turning it around for the win just didn't seem likely. All of the goals Notts scored could be reviewed and used to improve the performances over the next couple of weeks, we haven't been playing to space or attacking teams well but Woking ended up being broken down. I would also suggest the fitness of Notts helped somewhat too.
  6. The most "cheekiest" goal any Notts player has ever scored, I bet Sam still gets asked if he meant to score it. Good goals!
  7. I hope you had a good birthday, @super_ram. Happy Birthday from me too.
  8. @menzinho I almost asked what people thought of him, if he had made his debut. Could the injury just be a case of injured pride? I did not manage to get to see the live stream, caught the end of radio broadcast.
  9. It's a shame his name isn't "Gordan" instead of Jordan but my first thoughts still work, just a shame he's not a striker. Another left back would be a welcomed addition, I too can't see much room for Chickensen to prosper in our squad. He will leave at the end of the season IMO.
  10. It always came across as a gamble for Notts, I don't think his time here was a failure on his part because I saw effort from him.
  11. Barnsley 0-2 Derby County Millwall 1-1 Sheffield Wednesday Joker Ipswich Town 2-1 Blackpool Peterborough United 3-0 Crewe Alexandra Scunthorpe United 0-1 Oldham Athletic Crawley Town 2-2 Harrogate Town Eastleigh 0-1 Solihull Moors Maidenhead United 0-0 Boreham Wood
  12. Unsure if it was a shot or a cross, but who I am to spoil this special goal
  13. Welcome @SpellbindingCaskey, it's good to be welcoming you to PON.
  14. Get well soon, Granny Pie. I have seen some of the updates Chris posted. Hope to see you back when you feel better.
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