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  1. Notts would be foolish to miss this chance, if it doesn't happen I won't be happy. I would support any reason to bring back the 09/10 squad, imagine the vibe of this testimonial/retirement game and the optimism leading into the first team players. The fans believing promotion is realistic and results go our way, two events could be remembered for a long time. It fuels the positivity doesn't it?
  2. Home shirt! I don't think the mint shirt is bad, I just don't think it's Notts. I don't personally like it.
  3. Yes, it can be like that. I think under the Reedtz it's been much better. I think Notts might bring in a striker on loan.
  4. I think with some game time and faith, Lewis Knight could prove to be a very important player in time. If he plays out wide as a forward or more as a striker, his pace and potential will only grow with any chance given. I don't think he's done bad so far, and should be considered ahead of Elisa Sam who I believe will perform better this season.
  5. Tough times has made the best of discussing Notts on here, there's no snide remarks or petty behaviour. Just a friendly place to share your views, which I think every will say they appreciate reading even if they don't agree. It gives that balance. I glad to see you joining in @steve61, welcome from me too.
  6. Looks to be a good signing, I think he's the type that is just steady and works hard. He should do very well at this level, could definitely play at League One level.
  7. @Piethagoram didn't he say, that he would have to see more of McCrory before making a judgement call? I know he said that he hadn't seen much of him before the friendly against Coalville. Kyle Bennett was mentioned by Portsmouth as linking up with Michael Doyle. They could be jumping to conclusions but it sounds to me as if Burchnall is thinking of signing them [Sherif/Bennett].
  8. Ed Francis does look a promising addition, on paper he looks to have a bit more about him than Will Patching did. Francis has experience of playing and seems to want to start, Patching looked content to warm the bench.
  9. Notts only needs one more striker, there's no worry about Sam he got a few goals and the more frequently he plays the more up to scratch he should get, even if it is just as cover.
  10. Decent friendly, Coalville looks an okay side for what they're. Well taken goals by Notts to win the game.
  11. Quality signing suitable of showing intent on challenging for the top place! Aaron Nemane is a massive upgrade over the likes of Enzio, his pace alone is enough to cause trouble. His skill and creativity should fit in to what Ian Burchnall wants to see. Very happy!
  12. I think people keep forgetting about Lewis Knight when they talk about strikers, we have Kyle Wootton, Elisha Sam, Tyreace Palmer and Knight. One more striker would be a good call, someone more natural on goal but speed isn't the issue Notts has. It's 10-15+ goal scorers. I think Knight could get a few next season, perhaps even 8 in total but it all depends on if we play him and how he copes. He needs to be in and around the first team, anything less wouldn't do.
  13. Good tie for Notts to start off with, but the TV money isn't what I thought it might be. At least double or triple that, guess BT Sports aren't in it to make the league fairer.
  14. Stockport County aren't leaving this league at the end of the season, so they're welcome to him. Very average striker, most of his goals come in braces.
  15. @heraldmagpie The loan market can be useful, but only if you get the players you want and that fit your plans. Not the youngsters or playing about to come out of the exit door, therefore you become the undesirable club for that transitional period.
  16. I wonder if Leigh Curtis will be combing through footage of the players training?
  17. I am undecided about what purchases I make, I got last seasons shirt sitting unworn mostly. I might just wear that, unless something tempts me between now and the start of the season. I don't usually buy the sports wear but a new jacket for the warm weather might be nice.
  18. Its not the worst signing they could've made, Shaun Brisley fits the bill for most teams in this league and he should be able to cope with dropping down. Is it a signing I would expect of them? No, but they have to sign what they can.
  19. There's usually no smoke without fire, but players like Tshimanga is more fan desire. I don't think Leigh Curtis would just make up pointless rumours, the club might have been or are still tracking Dallas and Sterry. They might not be in the current plans but the future? Who knows how things will work out. I would sign Dallas, I think he looks like a strong player in the making that is a realistic purchase. Tshimanga will be going to a League One team, he's better than this level. Its all about the price tag, but he should go for a hefty sum which is well beyond what we could afford.
  20. Yes, a lot more thought seems to be going into the signings and not just where they're from. To be fair, under the Reedtz brothers the recruitment has been a lot better and we have to remember that Neal Ardley would have the final say. Ian Burchnall seems to have different ideas about how we should be playing and what players are best to achieve that.
  21. I thought he would retire after last season, no doubt he loves the game but his body is broken.
  22. Good player, strong on the ball and likes to turn the opposition players marking him inside out. He should prove to be a very good signing for Notts! I would've thought Chesterfield wouldn't allow him to leave, especially to us.
  23. I sometimes get a pasty at away games, otherwise I wait until I get back to Leeds before I eat. A good breakfast at home always helps start the day!
  24. One point that I would like to make, there will be lots of free agents and it must be a demanding job to deal with processing this. Even if Notts has a short list, there's still the hassle of dealing with those greedy devils called agents. Plus Notts has put money into signing players from clubs, so they might be waiting to see what develops in the transfer market.
  25. A year deal gives us time to see if he can force his way more into the side, if he plays on the right or left back place he will do a job. I have no objections to seeing him play in midfield or on the wing where he's more natural.

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