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  1. Lincoln are doing what Bradford did a few seasons back in the League Cup, could they go all the way to the final? I doubt it but it would be nice to see them continue to build on this success.
  2. We are getting stretched a little too easily at times, but the defence is doing okay. The wings need to offer more protection! I think the second half we will continue to have our backs to the walls. Orient are trying to get something from this, so we need to counter and be smarter with our play.
  3. Of all the players Notts County have within their squad, it’s often the youngsters who are referred to as being the key in order to survive the drop from League Two. In January, the club reinforced itself with the arrivals of Jorge Grant, Marc Bola, Josh Clackstone and Tahvon Campbell. However, it was the arrival of experienced veteran striker Shola Ameobi that captivated the fans' excitement the most. I value the experience that players of Ameobi’s quality bring. Mark Stallard mentioned on BBC Radio Nottingham that Ameobi has the quality to help, noting that the frontman may not be in the prime of his career but if he can regain match sharpness there is no doubt just how significant his arrival would be. Having the likes of Ameobi, Kevin Nolan and Alan Smith on our books as players, individuals who have competed at the highest level and had the careers they've had, does look naturally impressive. They process the right type of knowledge, which is beneficial to a club that is lacking leaders on the pitch, especially one that is in a relegation battle. One thing which struck me recently as I watched Notts play, we tend to be almost one-dimensional and it’s only the senior players who try to overcome this issue. The only exception has been the return of Curtis Thompson, who is a true grafter, yet position-wise, during our own attacks, players are often unsupported and this limits the chances that can be created. Ameobi has gotten stuck in, with another veteran player Mark Yeates currently failing to make any sort of impression for the most part of the minutes in which he has featured. A few good dead balls doesn’t make up for much, yet even he could be a pinnacle player and if Michael O’Connor, Richard Duffy and Robert Milson continue to step up, perhaps it will only be a matter of time for Yeates? I am unsure how much of a part the inexperienced players can play in our survival, Jordan Richards does seem to be a great young player but nowhere near first team standards. However, I am dead certain that the veterans at the club can contribute when it truly matters. The depth looks to be the right balance for survival and I am convinced we have more than enough in order to achieve that. It may be unpopular to suggest seeing Alan Smith, however he can make the odd cameo appearance and provide some real grit in the bulk of midfield. Nolan at this stage must continue to identify the players that can affect and change games, critics may argue that Smith doesn’t have any future as a player. They may argue that Yeates and Jon Stead are both past it, however Notts do look much better with them around. Survival will go down to who is the most prepared, so having a squad which is highly unpredictable, full of experience, and eagerly awaiting youngsters who can make an impact when required. I would hope that the defence, along with Richard Duffy, continues to impress, with Thierry Audel looking all the more like a new signing for the club. It does appear that Nolan does have the right types of headaches when it comes to his selection, with a surprising comeback against Exeter City. It does show that the players are responding to the training and are well aware of the importance these games have on the future of the club. Share your thoughts about this article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining the conversation.
  4. Its tight at the bottom but we have picked up as of late, so I think we will be fine. Usually Notts leave it late to start fighting but now it is at the right time, I wouldn't worry. Focus on the big games coming up and a few wins may tell a different tale.
  5. I am surprised to see him remain in the UK, I would have thought he would return to Europe. If Portsmouth can get the pre Aborah that played until Fullarton's arrival, they will have a quality signing but the question will he? Good luck to him.
  6. He could be a good manager but the Lee Hughes we knew would have to reign himself in a lot. You cannot act like he does, not as a manager or in the non league. I do think the hardworking attributes and passion would be good. Is this the right place to start your managerial career? I am not sure if Worcester City are.
  7. What with all the debt that is reported, I think its most probable that they accessed who they could release in order to bring in. The back story just makes it more plausible. No doubt Aborah was a luxury that we was not even using but there's more to the release than just his attitude training.
  8. The club seems to be a complete mess with all the debts, whoever kept the books before must not have kept a very good structure because its hard to see where all this is coming from. How does a League Two team lose so much money? I don't understand where this money owed to Pinnacle Advantage Ltd came from, isn't this the former chairman's business? I hope Hardy has a good lawyer and doesn't have all his time wasted with this.
  9. Michael O’Connor for me was the standout signing at the start of the season. As a player, he looked to have all the right qualities that Notts would require. However, for the most part of this 2016/17 season, he has been nothing short of average. I believe the recruitment at the club at the time had identified a player very much capable of being a fan favourite. Whilst the decision to name O’Connor as the captain did seem to be a good call, I would say that in hindsight it has lumbered the Northern Irish midfielder with additional pressure. He’s not an experienced head within the Notts camp, where too many players have largely gone missing. It may have been wiser to name Jon Stead the captain, yet to say this season we aimed to sign “leaders” on the pitch, Notts really don’t have many other suitable candidates. The captain [or Skipper as I prefer] must have the ability to drive other players forward, they’re the inspiration in the starting 11, the player that others look up to and demonstrates a never dying attitude. There’s been no better leader during my time of supporting Notts than Neal Bishop, even when Notts looked out of games, Bish would lead the squad to the best of his ability. As a footballer, he introduced the hard-working ethic that won over many fans. His ability as a player may have been limited, yet he had many other defining qualities that made him the perfect candidate, none more so than the sheer desire to give 100 percent. He picked others up, offered the type of personal pride that goes along way and that respect of the Notts shirt is a rare asset. O’Connor could very well redefine himself under Kevin Nolan - his performance against Crawley Town was one of his better appearances. I would like to see him communicating with his teammates more, ensuring that we attacked games and actually moved forward when possible. His encouragement to anyone who may be struggling may offer the togetherness that the 2016/17 squad lacks. You have to lead by example, something I do not feel O’Connor has been doing. Yet I wouldn’t question his dedication, more his performance and attitude to work on improving on the field. Hopefully as I have mentioned we will see a different player under Nolan, there is no denying what skills and assets he can bring, the question is will he? I think he may be one of the players who will largely improve next season, provided he stays around long enough. If he focuses more on preparing for games rather than what he is doing on social media, gives 100 percent and tries to impress in the right way. He can help to keep Notts in this division, and I am interest in seeing him alongside Nolan. If they, as a pair can offer a partnership that benefits the strikers and defenders, we may turn the season around without the help of signings made on deadline day. Yet Mark Yeates, Jorge Grant and Marc Bola all seem excellent captures, so really it’s a suitable time for Notts to find its leader on the pitch. Whilst I don’t think Michael may be anywhere near our worst player, I wouldn’t name him as someone who isn’t replaceable and as a captain I really do feel this shouldn’t be the case. Notts have some key games to play in the coming weeks, like Cheltenham Town and later Leyton Orient. These are all must win games and the inspired O’Connor that took the field against Crawley Town, helping to seal the second home victory of the season, would be like having a new signing within its own right. Share your thoughts about this article on Pride of Nottingham by signing up to the website, visiting the forum and joining the conversation.
  10. Signed until the end of the season, but its only a temporary deal. I don't think we should be that concerned, if he does well or not, I am not sure we will see him extend his stay. It seems a makeshift deal to just bring in experience.
  11. Notts starting XI: Collin, Tootle, Duffy, Hollis, O'Connor, Yeates, Forte, Milsom, A Campbell, Stead, Audel. Subs: Loach, Clackstone, Bola, T Campbell, Smith, Grant, Ameobi. We sound as if we are playing well, closing down Accrington when possible. Jon Stead has had a chance but Mark Yeates has been mentioned for his passing and crossing. He also struck a shot but it was off target.
  12. The way I see it, Aborah is a victim of mismanagement. Releasing him at this stage creates a problem that we have hardly any direct players, nobody who can pass more than a few yards. It would have made more sense to release him at the end of the season. You can't blame a player of Aborah's talent for wanting to play football. After his interview I would say I am surprised he lasted longer than the Trews.
  13. Sign of the time for Forest, can't get a manager in the league below or one from Scotland. At the rate they are going nobody with sense will go there, they don't have money and the best players are being used as assets.
  14. He looks quite useful, would like to see him deliver some of the standard in the video in a Notts shirt. Every effort helps us as we battle for points here on.
  15. I haven't joined Twitter just yet. It's something which I am considering but I don't want to be one of those inactive accounts that just shares other peoples views. I use Facebook a lot to talk with my college friends but even there I am pretty much inactive, I only add a status when something big or important happens.
  16. Last season by all accounts was just shocking. The appointment of Jamie Fullarton really stunned supporters, after being promised experience, only then to see we opt for a coach straight out of working with youngsters it was really bizarre. I liked Ricardo Moniz, I felt he was sacked harshly and wasn't given enough time to developed his philosophy. It would have made some sense had we have gone with someone like Mark Cooper or John Sheridan from the start. Yet by the time Mark Cooper left the season was a complete write-off. To some degree I felt this season was further evidence that the mistake of 2016/17 had not been learned from. At the start it appeared there was harmony and that the club was going about things quietly, though as we are learning now the curtains was just hiding and masking an illusion.
  17. Welcome to PON. I joined the other day and I am really enjoying the site. If you jump in and just have your say on things it becomes quite addictive. Its nice site here.
  18. By today's performance, it is quite the stretch to imagine any teams over in the states would be interested in Jon Stead. Then again look at what happened with Luke Rodgers.
  19. Michael O'Connor for me. Not his best game in a Notts shirt but an improved performance that showed a little bit of class.
  20. You can see how Nolan is improving the current players, defensively we are much better than we ever was under Moniz, Fullarton, Cooper or Sheridan. Tootle for me was the only weak link. It would make you think that with a few outgoing players and a bit quality arriving, we would be able to mount more of a challenge. I felt each player looked interested which made a difference. A lot more passion, much more desire and for once we deserved the win.
  21. Thanks all! My names Lewis, I am 16 years old. I currently study media at college and I am hoping to go onto Uni when I finish my course. I have supported Notts since I was 3, my father and uncle are big NCFC fans.

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