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  1. samwatto2008

    Latest Manager Odds!

    I can and can't. I never wanted his sacking and he has experience in relegation battles. But before he left it looked like he lost the dressing room and its way too soon for a return for him to ML.
  2. samwatto2008

    Latest Manager Odds!

    Here are the latest odds from SkyBet guys and girls, the bookies are rarely wrong so here they are: Neil Ardley = 1/1 Michael Appleton = 5/1 Kevin Nolan = 6/1 Paul Hurst = 9/1 Steve Chettle = 12/1 Kevin Nolan has been slashed from 30/1 to 6/1. I can only think he may be lined up as an assistant if this is true. Seems very odd to me that his odds have been slashed. Neil Ardley remains favourite following his recent departure with A.F.C Wimbledon.
  3. samwatto2008

    Kewell gone

    Strongly believe this is for our survival now. Kewell had an idea of playing lovely passing football and in reality all we needed was points on the board which we were not getting. THIS NEXT APPOINTMENT is CRUCIAL. Otherwise our time in the football league could be over. Personally I have no qualms over his departure. I never thought for one second he would be the man to get us up into the play-offs. A new face is needed and I praise Hardy for realising that.
  4. samwatto2008

    Daily chat topic - Monday 12th November

    Big respect to that. Love supporting local trade and ignoring the very low prices of supermarkets. I would rather go to the butcher for meat etc and pay a little extra and know where it's come from etc than buy from a supermarket and buy it as I just feel uneasy buying it from there. Eggs are a big one. Luckily I don't eat eggs because I don't like them, this may sound hypocritical but I don't agree with battery hens and the way they're pumped and force fed etc. Makes me sick but I still eat meat so does that make me hypocritical I don't know? Especially coming up to Christmas I think it's important to buy the best meat from the butchers and produce from local traders and we have to remember supermarkets will never run out of money but local traders might and they have families to feed.
  5. samwatto2008

    Neal Ardley

    I would take Ardley if he wanted to come to us. Anything is better than Kewell at the moment. I believe Kewell was brought in on name and not ability. My ideal appointment would be Darren Ferguson though if we were to cut ties with HK.
  6. samwatto2008

    Harry Kewell get out of our club

    I agree, In all competitions 14 games in charge 7 losses and 3 wins is not acceptable. I don't like his style football I think it's boring and old and can be easily countered. He has no Plan B and is just an inexperienced manager, get him gone before this club ends up in the National League.
  7. samwatto2008

    Daily chat thread - Saturday 10th November

    Will be attending Barnsley today so hoping for a half decent performance out of the boys. I am working a night shift tonight so will be tired but that's part of the job I guess. Just happy I can attend the match and go to work so should be a decent day all round. COYP!!!
  8. samwatto2008

    Match Discussion: FA Cup - The Tykes (A)

    Absolute whitewash, Barnsley good at home and will prove that they are top League 1 quality. Barnsley 4 - 1 Notts County Potts (2) Moore and Thiam scorers for the Tykes.
  9. samwatto2008

    Daily chat thread - Friday 9th November

    Just finished work but it doesn't stop there. Working both Saturday and Sunday night this week on top too. I will however still be attending Barnsley (A) that's dedication for you. Pancakes for tea today as decided to have a little treat. Then off to the pub later for a little down time before the big weekend. Hope everyones Friday goes well
  10. samwatto2008

    Elliott Hewitt can go if he doesn't improve

    I agree, Hewitt has been sub par and is gifted a first team spot week in week out. There is the likes of Vaughan, Patching, Crawford and Husin all waiting for a chance. My personal thought is that Kewell has fallen out with a few of these players hence the reason for benching 4 defenders for 2 weeks running. It looks like the fringe players don't want to play for this club anymore. There is only so much faking of injuries he can say.
  11. samwatto2008

    Is anyone watching Juve v Man U on BT Sport

    Im watching a TV series called The Job Lot. Thought about watching football but I only normally watch the games after the group stages.
  12. samwatto2008

    Daily chat thread - Wednesday 7th October

    Don't know she only cooks vege stuff as she's a vegetarian. But I am sure it will be nice
  13. samwatto2008

    Whats going wrong?

    I have about had it with this team, manager, owner and backroom staff. After all the stories I have heard about why certain people, players and staff left just prior to the sacking of KN and just after it is all coming together and making sense now. I personally feel like the majority of this was planned and Alan Hardy has gotten too greedy. I don't care what anyone says about the word 'hope'. We are going to finish mid table at best this year but from the display we put on against Oldham we deserve to go down. I have seen about 3 positive performances this season so far and the rest has been utter garbage. People have been saying 'Why are you moaning? This is what it's like supporting Notts' well ... it shouldn't be like that, things have happened this year that has been out of fans control that makes us look like an absolute laughing stock. I didn't attend the Oldham game in a sort of personal protest but my Dad insisted on buying it on IFollow but I didn't pay so just thought I would sit down and watch it with him. After what I saw I can't believe what I saw. WE HAVE A 100K STRIKER being played up top on his own playing hoof ball nd hoping he gets on the end of a few crap balls. Something has to change quick and we payed a sum for those two sorry excuses for coaches on the sidelines. Well KN wasn't given time at the start of the season so neither should HK. If November doesn't change I will be calling for his sacking. Possibly the worst managerial appointment in recent times for Notts' We had the chance to get someone like Bowyer, Appleton, Ferguson and we fluffed it. The team we have is one of the best in the league so I can't believe he's benching 4 CB's a game and claiming 'It's to combat the opposition's strengths' ... Is it balls. It's because he can't admit to the media he's lost half of his dressing room already the wet wipe. (Jones, Bird, Vaughan, Kellett, Husin, Patching, Crawford) All players who should be on the bench and can make an impact instead the bench is full of kids because no one wants to play for him. Let me know what you think but I am really angry about how everything is run at the club. Most of the problems are from higher up in the board room etc. And something has to change and drastic otherwise we won't be in the football league next year.
  14. samwatto2008

    Daily chat thread - Wednesday 7th October

    Been to work and the usual on a Wednesday. Grandmas for tea Can't beat it
  15. samwatto2008

    Roll call Barnsley v Notts County fa cup first round

    Me unfortunately

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