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  1. Both Osbourne and Campbell looking sharp, to say Port Vale fielded a strong side I think that was a fair result. Good to see the youth getting a chance against some good league proven players in Port Vale. The likes of Kanu, Worrall who both scored a goal play regularly in Port Vales league side. Not sure about Culverwell's goalkeeping though seems to be a bit dodgy so perhaps he needs to go out on loan in January to maybe get that National League North/South Experience.
  2. samwatto2008

    Favourite comic books

    Wasn't into them I'm afraid Mark. Just something that never really interested me.
  3. Didn't really do much for us so probs say no. However Scott Loach might have been a different story.
  4. samwatto2008

    Notts v Northampton.. who would you select as your starting 11

    My Lineup: Fitz / Turley - Ward - Brisely - Evina / Alessandra - Vaughan- Milsom - Boldewjin / Stead - Hemmings Fitzsimons has to be more confident otherwise were shot and he'll be at fault for a poor season. Theres literally nothing wrong with the defence now on paper so its important he starts to get some clean sheets to his name.
  5. samwatto2008

    Match Discussion: Game 9 - The Cobblers (A)

    I will be attending the game. I think it will be a tough one for both parties. Northampton seem to be struggling to score but Kevin Van Veen is their main goal threat so he must be marked well and even stick two men on him if we have to keep him quiet. Hopefully we can turn this dreadful away form around and actually bring home the three points from Sixfields. My Lineup: Fitz / Turley - Ward - Brisely - Evina / Alessandra - Vaughan- Milsom - Boldewjin / Stead - Hemmings Fitzsimons has to be more confident. I put Turley into the side because I think well need the hustle and bustle of a strong defender to settle and calm the nerves of The Cobblers attack. If we are 1-0 at half time or 0-0 at half time I would bring Tootle on then to really stride forward in the attack. I am going to go for a 3-1 ... yes 3-1 WIN away from home with the scorers being (Alessandra, Hemmings (2))
  6. samwatto2008

    Daily Chat Thread - Wednesday 19th September

    Bit of a slow start, just got up after being on nights and starting the day off now. Going to see my other half and then me and my sister are off to play badminton. Then round to my Grandmas for tea as we go every Wednesday now to keep her company and we both like to see her at least once a week. Then back to work at 8pm tonight
  7. samwatto2008

    Have you ever been fired from your job?

    @super_ram Brilliant Story I am OK about it now though, but it put me off retail and I would never go back there not now I have got a career. Just saw it as a petty part time job thing.
  8. samwatto2008

    Champions League!

    Will anybody be watching Champions League tonight? Some exciting games on tonight. Inter Milan vs Tottenham Hotspur Liverpool vs PSG Some exciting players on show tonight ... Salah, Mane, Neymar, Mbappe, Kane, Perisic, Brozovic.
  9. samwatto2008

    Daily chat thread - Monday 17th September

    Cooking tea tonight, with homemade grilled chicken with a marinade with a side salad with homemade dressing. Done a few errands running to the bank etc and just been to see the other half for a few hours. Really keen on learning how to cook and started doing a new fitness trend to increase my metabolism by doing something called intermittent fasting and so far it's working. Fasted yesterday which hurt but today I am absolutely fine, just plenty of fluid to fight back the pain for a few hours. This then allows me to fill up on a healthy nutritious meal at around 5pm then a snack before I go to work tonight.
  10. samwatto2008

    Caption this

    Jon Steads on fire your defence is terrified
  11. samwatto2008

    Prediction League Round 8

    @Chris As usual Chris I'm bottling it here. Was running away with it and it all goes on its head haha
  12. samwatto2008

    Where does Cedric Evina leave Dan Jones?

    Either way it is healthy competition.
  13. samwatto2008

    Roll Call: Northampton Town (A)

    I know it is a bit early and @Magic magpie normally takes the lead on this. However I am attending my first away game of the season at Sixfields so it would be interesting to know who will also be making the trip down south. If so maybe a few of us can meet up for a beer. Ill be getting there about 1:30pm So I will have plenty of time.
  14. samwatto2008

    "An Evening With Kevin Nolan"

    @Lozzle1 If you could ask him this I would be forever grateful as I can't attend due to me being on nights. Question: In the summer of 2018 were you in charge of all incoming and outgoing transfers including releases from the club from the previous season? If so what would you have changed about your recruitment looking back.

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