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  1. Disappointing about Culverwell. Looked like he had potential and did ok in pre-season. So best of luck to him. Kennedy-Williams actually made an appearance under Kewell I believe so again maybe another one who got away?
  2. I think a few of the players we are releasing are actually non-league standard now anyway. Alessandra while he may not have the quality has always had a hungry attitude and a work ethic, something that has gone a miss this year. Budget cuts are necessary and it wouldn't surprise me if Hardy took all the parachute payment for himself. We need to remember we are a National League side now and therefore can't go into the higher leagues as much as we used to. We need some proven National League talent. Danny Rowe, Adi Yussuf to name a few. I don't know much about the National League yet so this is going to take some getting used to.
  3. Just about how it isn't all her Dads fault. Which I agree to an extent but it was almost like she was passing the blame on. He is the man at the top and makes crucial decisions which got us in this mess. No sympathy from me I am afraid.
  4. For then Charlotte Hardy to jump on the tweet causing more controversy. It seems to run in the family that they just can't stay away from social media. It says a lot when we were relegated 'Alan Hardy' was trending on twitter but 'Notts County' wasn't. Get the poison out of the club before he has a say on anything else.
  5. As @Chris is aware I have taken a step back from PON really from Christmas time. I just couldn't bring myself to talk about Notts at all through a nightmare season. Ever since the Grimsby (A) game really I have thought we were screwed. There is a long list of factors which I believe has sent us down which I will cover in an article shortly. I have also been extremely busy with work so other things around my life were put on hold. However, with the nightmare season over which I am so so happy about I will be returning to PON and coming up with some hopefully new ideas. For me the relegation is a good thing (must be the only fan taking it as a positive). Of course at the start of the season we were all expecting promotion but from Christmas on really I think the fear of relegation was starting to become a reality. I will cover my thoughts on this soon. Cheers everyone!
  6. I got a Crunchie, Smarties, Creme Egg and a Yorkie
  7. I am only 20 and can see how times have changed in the sport of football. Manchester City went on to win the EFL Cup after beating Chelsea 5-3 on penalties. Briefly before the shootout, it seemed as though Kepa (Chelsea's GK) refused to be subbed by manager Sarri as both Sarri & Caballero stood on in shock. Sarri was rightly fuming ... I don't think this is a case of he's lost the dressing room but young players getting too big for their boots. He seemed injured throughout the second half, so he's obviously faked an injury for time wasting purposes for it then to backfire on him. What would you do? I can only imagine if someone like Brian Clough was still around and see how he would've dealt with the situation. Personally, I would fine him a weeks wages and drop him to the reserves, if he refused to play in those games then sack him under a breach of contract.
  8. Best of luck to him. Hopefully make a name for himself as No.1 at a National League side.
  9. Bizzare transfer? 100K spent on him in summer and moved onto what I assume is a loan to buy in the summer for Grimsby. Fair enough it is what it is but just hasn't worked for him at Meadow Lane yet. Still on a three year deal I believe though.
  10. Cheeky 2-1 win. Lincoln will be right up for this but there are weaknesses in their game. I personally think we can have a chance with the squad below. (Going off updates and news on injuries and players etc) 4-2-3-1 Schofield Tootle - Bird - Duffy - Evina O'Brien - Rose Boldewijn - Vaughan - Craig Mackail-Smith Hemmings Use Vaughan as either a roaming midfielder or a CAM. I reckon well be shaky at the back with the likes of Akinde, Anderson and Andrade to deal with but up front and in the middle of the park we can really take the game to Lincoln. They would've focused on set pieces in training so I am going to go with a 2-1 loss to Lincoln but a much improved performance and something positive to go into the Mansfield game with.
  11. Cracking signing to say where we are in the league. Starting to get some hope back into me. It's not about quantity in the transfer window it's about quality and that exactly what we've brought in.
  12. Good decision in the long run. His time was up and it's been common knowledge for a while that he was looking to sell the club but never official. He got too involved with the footballing affairs. Numerous pieces of evidence to support this. Example, Him making a video on Boldewijn signing creating a hashtag GameChanger. You don't see other owners doing this. Too involved on social media. All club news should be reported through the appropriate channels, website, club twitter etc. All of this is his own doing. But on wards for the club now.
  13. I lost hope when he rejoined twitter following his break. The thing is with twitter you've got to be able to take the rough with the smooth. Someone like Alan will receive abuse because of where he sits in the pyramid at the club. He was loving it when all was going well but when it goes pear shaped he just received amounts of abuse. The man doesn't help himself though. - Beat George - Announcing Club Sale in a relegation fight - Posting indecent images of himself (accident I know but if he wasn't on the thing he wouldn't have done it) - MAJOR News outfit slamming him in an article. - Rumours of Player's wives affairs - Played Football Manager with the real thing. - Too involved with the footballing affairs These are just some of the reasons it went wrong for him. Will go down as one of the worst owners in history of the football club if we go down to the National League.
  14. Cracking move the lad. Good preparation in case the inevitable happens, we need some players like Tom if we do go down to that forbidden league.

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