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  1. samwatto2008

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    Jersey Dudek - Liverpool Christian Doidge
  2. samwatto2008

    January Outgoings?

    He is only 19/20 I think, he was bought on a 3 year contract as a development player. We never officially got cover for Tootle. We partly bought him on the fact hes Alex Oxlade-Chambo's brother I reckon but he's a work in progress not the finished article.
  3. samwatto2008

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    Alan Smith - Leeds United Christian Doidge
  4. samwatto2008

    January Outgoings?

    Similar to @ARLukomski's but with a little more light shining on it. An article released yesterday inlcuding an interview with Neal Ardley about the January transfer window. https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/notts-county-boss-neal-ardley-2308069 He hints at the fact were without a current fit RB with Jamie Turley being forced to play out of position. He also goes on to say we have 5/6 CB's. This makes me feel as if he will look to offload a few defenders. Elliot Ward currently on a reported 3,500 a week with David Vaughan our highest earner at 5,000. For me as much as I like Elliot Ward he seems a logical choice to offload. If we need to free up wages then he is a good choice to offload. I disagree with peoples views on Vaughan I think he provides class and quality. We saw in both MK Dons and Mansfield that if given the opportunity he can rise to the occasion and provide some cut through passes to kill teams. Tootle is another player that I think we should let go. He's constantly in and out the team due to injury and I don't think his head is in the right frame at the moment to be even playing football. I haven't really seen him fit all year. My Outgoings are as follows: Tootle, Ward, Duffy, Jones, Hewitt, Loans: Culverwell, Osbourne, Howes, Dunn, Etete Cover: Hawkridge, Davies, Bird
  5. samwatto2008

    Still plenty of football to play and points to earn

    I think we'll be ok but it's just an OK. We won't climb and go to mid table I think It will be a just stay up and I think Macclesfield and Yeovil will go down. I don't buy into this 'We're too big of a club to go down' Anyone can go down.
  6. samwatto2008

    Guess the attendance game v Tranmere

    7,234 with 420 Tranmere Fans
  7. samwatto2008

    Caption this ..!!

    We sit in Forest U23's while teams who need us are suffering.
  8. samwatto2008

    Kewell ..Aussie interview

    I am not sure how he will get back into coaching with his poor form and managerial statistics. If Macclesfield chose Sol Campbell over Kevin Nolan then Harry Kewell has got no chance in the football league. National League or abroad I would say.
  9. samwatto2008

    Your Notts player of the month for November?

    Alan Hardy. Not a player but has given us a fighting chance of saving our season. Sacked the worst appointment I have ever seen in my time supporting Notts and then bringing in one of the best.
  10. Forest Green Rovers, unbeaten to not that long ago and making a real go of things despite their budget and losing Christian Doidge in the summer.
  11. samwatto2008

    Mansfield v Notts county score prediction

    3-2 Mansfield (Walker (2) , Rose) (Dennis, Thomas)
  12. samwatto2008

    The most fierce derby in England?

    I agree, it's probably one of the most tame games in English football. City like you say only sell out for the big games (United, Liverpool) etc. United is just full of glory hunters and tourists. The only reason people get hyped for it because it's the two money giants going at it. It's the most over hyped game in England because a lot of the fans are only there for the pictures and merchandise. Sky contribute to this saying it's fierce ... it's not at all. Maybe in the past but not anymore.
  13. samwatto2008

    The most fierce derby in England?

    I disagree with this statement. Millwall vs West Ham has been the rival for years. Couldn't agree more. I don't hate Forest but it's funny how as soon as some money is pumped into the club they all come flooding out and supporting a team that's winning. There average attendance has gone up from 21K to 27.5K so where were these 6000 fans when they were struggling for survival in the Championship ... non existent.
  14. samwatto2008

    The most fierce derby in England?

    There is loads to choose from, current day I would say Birmingham vs Villa I would agree. If you're talking 1970-1980 I would say Millwall vs West Ham was fierce. A lot of violence in that game. Derby vs Forest was awful sometimes I have heard horror stories from an ex-Derby hooligan and what he had to tell me about that match post 1980 was horrendous. European I would say it's the Galatassaray vs Fenerbache rivalry. Awful and If i am not mistaken has religious meanings behind it.

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