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  1. The past few games under Harry Kewell have been nothing but disgraceful. Constantly picking the same woeful players week in week out and tries to play passing football using Kristian Dennis as a target man. Today was absolutely woeful from the team selection to the second half performance. But we'll have people who didn't go saying that he should stay. Kewell out.
  2. NcfcT4

    Halifax vs Chesterfield

    It was a pretty sure game from what I saw of it. And I agree we really need to pray that Notts never reach that level.
  3. NcfcT4

    How can I improve my vlogs?

    Questions from the fans at the start of each video answering them from the last.
  4. Not for me. Seemed quite lightweight in goal and wasn't very commanding. With him playing in non league it shows he isn't good enough to play for Notts.
  5. NcfcT4

    My thoughts on Notts at the moment

    I just feel the club is falling apart. It's just not got the feel of a family club anymore. I think it's soon time for him to sell up.
  6. Day by day this club is getting worse off. Alan Hardy came in and began doing wonders for but him being on twitter is the biggest mistake he has made. Constantly causes divides between the Notts fans, his false promises are happening far too much. There has been no statement of Dougie Pullen leaving the club or any of the directors leaving. We have gone from bringing in young teams and letting them shoot and play in goal to having the owners son take the spotlight. The whole feel of a family club seems to be eradicating day by day. Behind the scenes our club is an utter shambles.
  7. Trying to find positives with this Notts team at the moment is like trying to find a fish swimming in the Sahara Desert.
  8. NcfcT4

    This is what Nolan has built.

    I literally rip the players apart on Twitter after every bad game.....
  9. NcfcT4

    This is what Nolan has built.

    I'm not only bothered about the ex manager. I'm still supporting the team even in this horrible mess.
  10. NcfcT4

    This is what Nolan has built.

    I'll give him five games to see major improvement in the team. Goals conceded need to come down a lot and we need to score more. If we are still getting beat by four goals a game then I'll have a different opinion.
  11. NcfcT4

    This is what Nolan has built.

    What positives? Please tell me
  12. NcfcT4

    This is what Nolan has built.

    How can anyone be positive? One point out of a possible 21
  13. NcfcT4

    This is what Nolan has built.

    It really won't. He has 5 games and then I'll make a judgement. Win or lose I'll be there Saturday and the Saturday after that and that...
  14. NcfcT4

    This is what Nolan has built.

    I'll give him 5 games to see major improvement in the side then I'll make a judgement. If this appointment doeasnt work out then yes Hardy has to take a lot of the blame.
  15. NcfcT4

    This is what Nolan has built.

    Blame the person who has caused this mess. Support the team by going down every week as I have done today to support them as much as I can.

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