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  1. Halifax at home. They were 2nd at the time and we were the better side easily, even with 10 men. 

    Yeovil and Sutton away we looked like we were slowly getting there but there were still other bits missing from our performances. We played well at Huish but just couldn't take our chances. At Sutton we played well but only for one half.

    Halifax was the game. We had the defeat to Bromley afterwards but then we went on that run afterwards.

    After that dodgy spell in November, the Halifax away game was exceptional. Mitch Rose had the game of his career and we played some lovely stuff and deservedly won the game. 

  2. 5th. Barrow will win it. The only team that can stop them in my opinion is Harrogate. Yeovil will finish 3rd and Bromley 4th. Notts will pip Boreham Wood to 5th and Solihull will sneak in on the final day.

    We have improved from the start of the season and have settled down into a decent looking side. The addition of Alex Lacey has helped hugely. No disrespect to Ben Turner (he is a good defender), but Lacey is more calm and comfortable on the ball and helps us play out from the back. It also helps Doyle play further up the pitch, rather than dropping deep to receive the ball. 

    We look a lot more calmer in defence now and we are a threat going forward. However, it's in them type of games like yesterday where Notts lack a bit of zip and a bit of flavour to unlock stubborn defences and turn games in our favour that are headed for a draw. It could be in them games we miss Regan Booty or Jim O'Brien in the centre to add that finishing flourish. 

    Notts have stepped up their intensity from a few months ago but we need to be more consistent with it during games. We can do it on occasions during the 90 mins but sometimes we don't do it often enough, for example yesterday's game. Notts do it 6 or 7 out of 10 in games but we need to do it 8 or 9 times out of 10. They are the fine margins in football but overall, I think we will do enough to secure a play-off place.

    I would like to look into what the final league table might look like come the end of the season and leave it as a discussion on here.

  3. Slocombe 6 - Collected crosses like General Grievous collects lightsabers  

    Brindley 6 - Had his times getting up the line but not much of note

    Rawlinson 7 - Dealt with Effiong well and came forward with the ball out of defence

    Lacey 8 - Passing to the strikers and midfield in the first half was tremendous. Solid yet again. The guy is taking the mickey 

    McCrory 6 - Lost the ball and was ran past on a few occasions but solid enough

    Osborne 5 - Still needs to work on his crossing. Should have put more power on his ball to Thomas

    Rose 4 - Too many ineffective passes. Was too deep and almost cost us

    Doyle 7 - Passing was alright and he got stuck in like he normally does. Was ready for the battle

    Boldewijn 6 - Was anonymous for quite a while but oh so close with that free kick

    Wootton 6 - Did his best to bring the ball down and into play. Sometimes his first touch was good and sometimes it wasn't

    Thomas 6 - Made them runs but needs to score that chance in the second half. He has half the net to aim for


    Tyson 6 - Really lively when he came on. Good to see

    Dennis 6 - Didn't really get much to be fair. Had a half chance 

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  4. Not a great game but defended well. Rawlo and Lacey forming a good partnership in defence. 

    Should have had the lead in the first half. Enzio with a good dink to the back stick for Sammy who blazed over when he should have broke the net. 

    Good ball by Enzio from a free kick in which Denno missed his header and Rawlinson should have tapped it in.

    Didn't create much second half. My issue is, is that when teams press us, we don't move the ball quick enough and we become rather flat and lethargic. The midfield has done better in recent weeks but when we do get it in midfield, we need to get it at our feet and run at defenders. 

    We lost too many second balls today too. Not a good or bad performance. We just seem to have two sides to us. The Boxing Day/Halifax version or the Barrow/Aldershot version. We know this team can do it but it's about doing it consistently. Clean sheet is a positive. Massive game now against Bromley and one that will truly tell us if we are in this or not. 

  5. Slocombe 6 - Commanding when he had to be

    Kelly-Evans 6 - Got stuck in when needed and made a good clearance to avoid a certain goal 

    Rawlinson 8 - Once again, puts his head in where it hurts. Aerial colossus. Could have had a goal if he stuck his toe out

    Lacey 7 - So much better with him in defence

    McCrory 6 - Got up the line on occasions and got stuck in

    Boldewijn 6 - Was doing bits on the left and then was deployed on the right where is impact limited. Had a chance at a shot 2nd half in which he did not shoot

    Rose 5 - Too many times lost the second ball and didn't go forward enough. Scrappy game for him

    Doyle 6 - Was trying to urge the team on and got involved but like Rose, lost too many second balls

    Osborne 5 - Not his day. Did well on the right first 10 but then was switched to the left for no reason and impact limited after that. Subbed early 

    Wootton 7 - Held it up really well as he battled against the Maidenhead defenders

    Dennis 6 - Made alright runs first half. Completely missed his header from a free kick. Nothing of note in the second


    Tyson 5 - Didn't really do owt in his time on the pitch

    Thomas 5 - Not much nof note 

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  6. Slocombe 8 - Comfortable for the most part but that save won us 3 points as much as Thomas' goal did. Wow

    Kelly-Evans 8 - Once again excellent in the tackle and going forwards. Found a gem?

    Rawlinson 8 - Needed a defender like him for years. Head in where it hurts. Dealt well with Solihull's physical threat

    Lacey 8 - Like Rawlo, dealt well with the physical threat. Having him starting allows Doyle and Rose to play higher. Crucial to our promotion chances

    Bakayogo 8 - Another solid game for Zoom. Didn't go forward as much but dealt with Sam Jones (i think it was him) well

    Crawford 6 - Not his game. On another day yes, but it wasn't the game for him against Land of the giants FC

    Doyle 7 - Recycled the ball well and made it tick like he does

    Rose 7 - Incredible clearance off the line late on. Tidy and neat on the ball

    Thomas 7 - Calm when it mattered

    Wootton 8 - Stood up well to Solihull's defence and held the ball up well. Pressed Hawkridge and won the ball back, which lead to the goal

    Tyson 6 - Like Crawford, just not his game


    Boldewijn 7 - Changed the game when he came on. Allowed us to play with more width. Should have made it 2-0

    Osborne 7 - Like Enzio, allowed us to play with more width. Fears no one

    Bird 6 - Came on for Wes last few minutes to see out the win 

  7. Fitzsimons 7 - Quick distribution and good hands. Good to see him have a good game

    Brindley 6 - Created a good chance in the first half when he exploited the available space and put a decent ball in. Should do it more but doesn't

    Rawlinson 8 - Comfortable on the ball and bought it out of defence. Real shout for player of the season so far

    Lacey 8 - Intelligent and good with the ball at his feet. Gave Ross an option to play out from the back all the time

    McCrory 6 - Defensively still questionable and not much going forward but put in a tackle on the odd occasion 

    Shields 6 - Ran his guts out and played on despite a knock. Gave the Halifax full back a hard time 

    Rose 8 - Wow. Mitch Rose or Frank Lampard? Exceptional volley and scored a penalty. Going forward he was brilliant and supported the attack excellently. That's the Mitch Rose we want

    Doyle 7 - Didn't play too deep which really helped us going forward. Kind of played CM rather than CDM with Rose playing further forward. Glued it together nicely 

    Boldewijn 7 - Teased Halifax and ran at his man. Got beyond his opposite man on occasions too. When told to play out wide the wingers are great. 

    Wootton 9 - This guy is just too good for this level. Two more goals. Link up play brilliant again. Positioning good too. First priority in Jan is signing him permanently. It takes all priority over everything else. Get this man in

    Thomas 7 - Intelligent runs. Spurned a few chances but him and Wootton work really well together



    Dennis 6 - Put himself about and almost scored a world class curler 

    Crawford 6 - Shored up the midfield as we saw out the game. Decent passing 

    Kelly-Evans 6 - Got stuck in and brought it forward. Putting pressure on Brindley now 


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