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  1. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/matches/fixtures/ We finally start with a home fixture for the first time since 2010. Mansfield games are in December and February Grimsby three days before Christmas. How delightful Macclesfield at home on Boxing Day MK and Crawley over easter Lift the trophy at Swindon
  2. I won't be sadly But I'll claim the 200th post
  3. This one will divide opinion What are your thoughts on Liam Noble? Do you rate him or not? For me, I don't rate him. He isn't outstanding and too many times he doesn't turn up. He isn't as creative as people say he is. He got relegated with us and then had an average season afterwards. Too many times he goes missing and fails to stamp his foot on games. Since coming back, I only recall him playing well against Forest Green, Mansfield and Coventry (1st leg)
  4. I'd get them involved in the first a lot this season. I was surprised Patching dropped down to League 2 level. Crawford is highly rated and is a good signing too. Both were being chased by Championship clubs. There is some definite quality there but I still think we need an experienced CM. All four teams who went up last season had an experienced centre mid. Accrington - Scott Brown Luton - Alan McCormack Wycombe - Marcus Bean Coventry - Michael Doyle
  5. I'll believe it when I see it on Football League Zone or FL Transfer News on Twitter
  6. "Does anyone know where Leroy Sane has gone?"
  7. I didn't watch Spain-Portugal so it'd have to be Argentina-Iceland England-Tunisia was exciting as well
  8. Control possession and take time. Belgium found it difficult first half. We showed enough quality against Tunisia in the first half to win.
  9. Mark Yates has been appointed manager of Macclesfield
  10. First game (plus first home/away game depending on whether you predicted us to play home or away first) - Swindon away with first home game being Bury Boxing Day - Macclesfield away First game of 2019 - Grimsby at home Good Friday - Northampton away Easter Monday - Crewe at home Last day - Oldham away (cos why not) We will play Mansfield away in November and the reverse fixture will be in February
  11. Watching Wrestlemania 23 got me into it. But as of late the WWE product has grown stale and has become shockingly woeful. NXT has shone above it The match quality and storylines in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) are the best in wrestling today. Used to be a big of John Cena, as did everyone who grew up with him being the face of the company. Favourites now are mostly NJPW wrestlers. Mainly, Kazuchika Okada and Will Ospreay. Also a massive fan of Finn Balor. The main reason the fans are mostly in control these days is because they could probably run a show better than the
  12. Audel was a solid centre back when managed properly as shown under Nolan. I also don't think Valencic was given much of a chance
  13. Them celebrations will stay with me for a long time. Can't beat a 90th minute winner
  14. https://mobile.twitter.com/ARLukomski/status/1008784156514488321
  15. 2-0 Kane and Stones Watching it at The Talbot in Mansfield
  16. Brilliant signing. Needs to start more as, with the signings we've made, we need a ball playing centre half
  17. Russia - Stylish Saudi Arabia - Woeful Egypt - Teamwork Uruguay - Lackluster Spain - Exciting Portugal - Ronaldo Iran - Fortunate Morocco - Unlucky France- Lethargic Australia - Luckless Peru - Creative Denmark - Cunning Argentina - Defensive Iceland - Passion Croatia - Tidy Nigeria - Shocking Brazil - Wasteful Switzerland - Solid Costa Rica - Lacking Serbia - Powerful Germany - Slow Mexico - Pacey
  18. Big teams yet to perform. France, Argentina, Germany and Brazil a bit flat

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