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  1. We are nowhere near the likes of France, Spain, Brazil, Germany etc. We have been placed in a cooling off period after two disastrous tournaments. Spain are having the same but they're straight back into fighting for the trophies because they went from winning both the Euros (twice) and the World Cup to losing both. We are coming off not winning anything and failing to go further than we should to getting embarrassed on the World and then European stage
  2. More chance of me managing Barnsley. Kyle Walker said a month ago that we needed a miracle to win the World Cup.
  3. Saw that. Haha. Embarrassing from Zlatan. Would still have Petrasso back tbh.
  4. Absolutely. Would sign a keeper for competition. Mark Oxley from Southend as I've recently put in another topic. He's just been released. Bring him in to add for competition for places. Pindroch not ready yet
  5. Forgot to put a keeper. Mark Oxley has just been released by Southend. We'll have him
  6. GK - GK - Ross Fitzsimons GK - Branislav Pindroch RB - Matt Tootle RB - Barry Fuller (Free from Wimbledon) CB - Shaun Brisley CB - Jack Baldwin (Free from Posh) CB - Richard Duffy CB - Pierce Bird LB - Dan Jones LB - Callum Kennedy (Free from Wimbledon) CM - Michael O'Connor CM - Noor Husin CM - Elliott Hewitt CM - Liam Noble CM - Jake Hessenthaler (Free from Gillingham)/Michael Doughty (Undisclosed from Posh) - only one not both W - Lawson D'Ath (Free from Luton) W - Kal Naismith (Free from Portsmouth) W - Lewis Alessandra W - Terry Hawkridge ST - Jason Gilchrist (Undisclosed from Southport) ST - Kristian Dennis (Undisclosed from Chesterfield) ST - Kane Hemmings (loan from Oxford) ST - Jon Stead
  7. It feels like it's been rejuvenated. Luke and Ryan I hope can come back to the site permanently. It's been really nice to share views with others and be able to just have a nice chat. It's a really good way of getting out the awful reality of life, especially what I'm going through. Everyone gets along with each other really well and it feels like a community
  8. Following on from the 'what we need in the summer post' and following todays retained list. Assuming they all sign contracts, this is what our squad looks like and what positions need to be filled GK - Ross Fitzsimons GK - Branislav Pindroch GK - New signing or youth keeper RB - Matt Tootle RB - New signing CB - Shaun Brisley CB - New signing CB - Richard Duffy CB - Pierce Bird LB - Dan Jones LB - New signing CM - Michael O'Connor (Captain) CM - Noor Husin CM - Elliott Hewitt CM - Liam Noble CM - New signing W - New signing W - New signing W - Lewis Alessandra W - Terry Hawkridge ST - New signing ST - New signing ST - New signing ST - Jon Stead
  9. Nolan has done really well there. Forte needed to move on in my opinion. I've changed my mind several times about whether to keep him or release him but I settled on being released because he's too injury prone and he's getting on a bit. We need younger strikers (other than Dennis who I would still take as long as we get another younger striker in) to take us forward, not just in terms of trying to get out of League Two, but being comfortable in League One. Most of them were in their thirties and needed to go. Dicko, Hunt, Shola (will probs retire). Smith and Edwards needed to be released from their player contracts and just focus on being part of the backroom team. Milsom and Thompson have pretty much been certain to be released for a while now. Adam Collin I was surprised about because with the amount of times Nolan defends him, I thought he was going to offer him a new deal but it is 100% the right decision. Getting on, kicking is awful, flaps at every cross, dives late, not commanding enough and he palms too many shots into the path of opposition players.
  10. Should have had more opportunities in my opinion. When Forte was not being played and we had no pace up top, he should have started. Sad day for my Twitter account as well Btw I didn't see your topic when i posted mine about Saunders. Apologies
  11. Electric turnstiles. Needs modernising. Decals along the blank white walls outside the ground
  12. Saunders has announced on his Twitter he is leaving. https://mobile.twitter.com/callum_saunders/status/998932434732404736 Sad day for my Twitter account
  13. In all honesty, i would like him or Gilchrist from Southport. Gilchrist is 23 and can have a good few years with us as our main striker. Only 5'10. Proven goalscorer in non league. As shown several players have made the step up from non league to league two well. Dennis, Doidge, Akinola, Bogle, Matty Taylor, Eisa.
  14. From what i hear he's not Mo Eisa but not Jon Stead. In the middle. I mean he scored 19 for a team who finished bottom. In a better team he could flourish. Apparently Chesterfield fans felt that his performances at the end of the season, he looked like he had, had enough of being there and who can blame him?
  15. According to a few sources, we have enquired about Chesterfield striker Kristian Dennis. An actual goalscorer. An actual goalscorer https://mobile.twitter.com/SpireTweet/status/998541649553887232 https://mobile.twitter.com/EFLtransfers3/status/998584786741596163
  16. He will keep on learning. He's still got a few years before he's 40. He showed he was learning when he got proved wrong by Forte. He was stubborn and ignorant in the early part of 2018 but he got to grips with the team again. Good facilities at the club will attract players. As will the fact, the club has stability and history and the potential to move forward. To be a Championship club
  17. @Northants Pie it's not that we don't want to give youth a chance, it's because some are not ready yet. Hodge, Saunders, Osborne, Howes, Campbell etc need game time and development in the National League. Bird I would maybe introduce into the first team a little but not rush him. Gradually bed the players into the first team.
  18. @samwatto2008 I was told yesterday on Twitter by a friend that we are going for Sikiri Dembele
  19. Just found out Dennis is not out of contract but with Chesterfield going down, it's a good opportunity to move for him
  20. Right so now the season has ended and the transfer window opened officially on Thursday, what do we need to go one step further. Let's start at the back and go forwards Collin is probably going to be kept on. Fitzsimons and Pindroch will most likely stay Left back and right back need some changing. Both starter and backup have to have the same traits. Both have to be fast, strong in defence and tackle and have the ability to get forward. Currently, in these two positions, we have polar opposites in Tootle and Hunt and Jones and Dickinson (even though Dicko does try bless his socks) A centre back is obviously needed. Brisley and Duffy are alright but we need someone like Hall who can reassure us in defence and help play out from the back (especially at home where we need to press the opposition from the off). Jack Baldwin from Posh would be good as he's recently been put on the transfer list there and clubs will not have to pay full value for the transfer listed players at London Road as Lincoln got Michael Bostwick and Harry Anderson for less money than people thought before the start of this season (17-18). Onto the midfield and in my opinion, we need a midfielder who will protect the defence more. O'Connor is a more forward thinking central midfielder, Husin is kind of a deep lying playmaker and I don't think 4-4-2 is his thing, Hewitt is the energy and then Noble is... well Liam Noble. Two new wingers with more end product than Alessandra and Hawkridge and two wingers who have more consistency than Alessandra and Hawkridge. Someone who is technical, pacey, can beat their opponent and someone with a good finish on them. There are a few available. Leeds, Doncaster and Crawley are currently interested in Crusaders winger Gavin Whyte. I would keep an eye out for him. Kal Naismith, Alfie Potter, Lawson D'Ath. Then there is the trouble up front. No pace whatsoever, Stead should have retired or moved on. Ameobi needs to retire in my opinion. Matt Godden is going to Peterborough so that's him out of the question. Kristian Dennis is out of contract at Chesterfield and has been offered an extension which he is yet to make his mind up about, but 19 goals in a team that finished bottom is quality. Jason Gilchrist (Southport) was the top scorer in National League North this season with 26 goals and could be worth a punt. I would also get a striker who is powerful but not exactly a target man. Maybe someone like Kane Hemmings. Mason Bennett looks like he's coming back on loan. As for Jonathan Forte, we'll just have to wait and see if he stays or not.
  21. We can probably guess Milsom and Thompson are leaving. Also get rid of Hunt, Dicko, Ameobi can retire. Hodge maybe. Smith can go to Leeds. Noble probably won't go as we've just signed him but my word, he is bad. Hawkridge maybe?
  22. Thanks @BradtheMiller. Respect to the Millers as well and good luck in the League One play-off final
  23. Wigan, Derby, Bristol City, Charlton and Leeds have all announced their retained/released list today. Out of all the players released, I would probably take: Jason Shackell, Reece James and Scott Golbourne
  24. Happy birthday Chris. Hope you're having a great day mate
  25. Updated version from the start of the season I've included Grant because he's basically been our player since January 2017

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