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  1. We should have kept him as backup right back to Tootle before we signed Nicky Hunt
  2. I worry I do. He's took some players who are out of form. Hodgson took out of form players and players that had barely played all season. It cost him his job. I hate all this tournament experience stuff. 'Cahill has tournament experience.' yeh he's gone out in the group stages of a World Cup and the last 16 of the Euros. He's took Delph for his versatility but has earned his way into the side this year by playing well for Man City at LEFT BACK. Two of Delph, Rose and Young. Not all three. That way you can make space for a midfielder. I don't know, maybe Wilshere or Shelvey or Cook. Jones? What is a Phil Jones. Lewis Dunk and Jamaal Lascelles have played well all season and don't get a look in. Bizarre. Overall, I'm very underwhelmed but I'll still try and get behind them.
  3. With today, set to be the day the squad is announced for the World Cup, what would your England squad be? Here's mine. Obviously some of these have been confirmed that they are not going e.g. Arnold, Wilshere etc. I changed my mind over who I would have taken. Ryan Sessegnon was originally in and Wilshere was out. But after seeing comments on Twitter and seeing that Sessegnon might get the Walcott 2006 effect, it would probably be better not to take him. Wilshere has shown he can be fit and be creative and we need that spark in midfield. Kyle Walker would play centre-back because that is where has been playing under Southgate in a 3-5-2. He also likes to use Raheem Sterling as a striker with Harry Kane. So if we're playing 3-5-,2 this is my Starting X1: Pope, Walker, Stones, Maguire, Trippier, Henderson, Wilshere, Rose, Alli, Kane, Sterling GK - Butland, Pickford, Pope RB - Trippier, Arnold CB - Stones, Walker, Tarkowski, Maguire, Dunk LB - Rose, Bertrand CM - Henderson, Shelvey, Dier, Wilshere, Loftus-Cheek W/AM - Rashford, Sterling, Alli, Lingard ST - Kane, Vardy
  4. Jack Baldwin, Junior Morias, Kal Naismith definitely. Would also offer contract to Liam Nolan from Accrington before he signs since Aaron Chapman has just gone to Peterborough. And then Callum Kennedy, Rhys Bennett, Lee Brown, Elliot Ward, Will Aimson and Carl Stewart
  5. Coventry will no doubt bring 90,000 supporters to Meadow Lane since they are the greatest fanbase in world football and have literally one song. Same team but Alessandra in for Virtue. Maybe Ameobi in for Stead
  6. 442. Collin, Tootle, Brisley, Duffy, Jones, Alessandra, Hewitt, O'Connor, Grant, Forte, Ameobi Subs: Fitzsimons, Hall, Dickinson, Noble, Husin/Virtue, Hawkridge, Stead
  7. Just been released by Orient Could he be signing for us? He was on trial last month at Notts and recently started following the club on Twitter
  8. It was a parody/fake account that posted the tweet
  9. As the title says, what teams do you think have overachieved and underachieved this season Overachieved - Accrington and Wycombe come to mind but they have built their teams over the last few years and this season, they both finally got there. Newport definitely with their budget. Crawley as well, as they have had a manager, a season since returning to League Two and they couldn't score goals at all in the early months of the season Underachieved - Mansfield without doubt. One of the biggest budgets in the league and failed to make play-offs. Swindon also for the same reasons. Stevenage had one of the best strike partnerships in the league with Godden and Newton but only finished 16th. Forest Green promised a lot and only just stayed up
  10. Collin (got to), Tootle, Brisley, Duffy, Jones, Alessandra, O'Connor, Hewitt, Grant, Ameobi, Forte No Noble. Doesn't do anything at all. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad we didn't pay 100k for him. Bench: Fitzsimons, Dickinson, Hall, Virtue, Husin, Hawkridge, Stead Or you could include Milsom on the bench as he has had the experience of winning the play-offs with Rotherham
  11. Apologies for the lateness of the uploads of the Grimsby and Luton vlogs. My internet has been very poor of recent and is very slow. It keeps going off and on again very quickly and we've had to reset it a good 3 or 4 times. If someone can recommend internet that has faster upload speed than a washing machine it would be hugely appreciated.
  12. We need to win to stay above 6th. Id put O'Connor in as well as Tootle and Grant. I'd also be tempted to put Remaye Campbell on the bench
  13. Coventry as i think we can take them the most. Exeter play decent football and Lincoln as an absolute no no. Lincoln are good in high pressure games i.e. Wembley against Shrewsbury. Send them to Exeter with only a corner of the stand to sit in, they can't create an atmosphere. Coventry, for me, weren't anything special when they came to ML.
  14. O'Connor on for Noble. Noble has not been good enough last few games, especially first half against Yeovil where he was absolute dog. Would also put Tootle back in for Hunt. Maybe Grant in for Alessandra. Depends if LA is full of confidence after that goal.
  15. That was one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed at a football match Take a bow Tom James, that was something special Has anyone seen anything quite as amazing as that in terms of own goals at Notts
  16. Same line-p but start O'Connor instad of Noble as we seem slow to start games and I don't think he's contributed much in the last few games
  17. Grant I don't know after this season. Seems to have dropped off. Wouldn't pay more than 150k for him unless he guarantees to turn up every week and be our Graham Carey. Mantom would be brilliant. We need one CM if we go up or stay here and he would be just the guy. Akpan would be good for this level (L1 + 2). Elliott is good but I don't think we'll sign him and we need more pacy strikers. Harry Forrester would be brilliant again. Wingers are where we need to improve in the summer regardless of the division we are in. There is a lot of decent players out of contract, some I would go for. REMEMBER, these are out of contract in League Two Troy Brown - Exeter (CB) Ben Dickenson - Colchester (LM) Matt Godden - Stevenage (ST) Uche Ikpeazu - Cambridge (ST) Sean Murray - Colchester (CM) Luke Wilkinson - Stevenage (CB) Kristian Dennis - Chesterfield (ST)
  18. I'm sorry for the consistent problematic sound issues in my vlogs. You will have noticed this in the Crewe vlog when Husin scores, the Stevenage vlog when Grant scores and todays vlog when Forte scores. It really really annoys me and it makes me disappointed in myself and the content I'm putting out. I want to, and try, to put out the best content and vlogs possible but it's just a constant issue. I am so sorry
  19. Win or bust. If we don't win, for me our automatic promotion hopes are over. Nolan HAS GOT to start taking some responsibility. Just because he's played in the Prem and has done well so far doesn't mean he is untouchable. Drop the underperformers. Collin out, Duffy out, Dickinson out, Hawkridge out. You know what, Noble out as well since I don't actually remember him doing anything whatsoever against Chesterfield. Ameobi out as he looks so uninterested it's actually quite scary. Bring in Fitzsimons, Hall, Jones, Alessandra, Husin and Forte
  20. Win. Just win. Win win win. All Notts have to do is win. Win
  21. Forest Green L - FGR won 3 of their last 5 games. All 3 wins came at home. Notts' away form speaks for itself Mansfield D - Typical non win in the derby Chesterfield D - TV Cameras, away from home, local derby. Of course we won't win Wycombe W - Don't rate Wycombe at all tbh Accrington L - Normal against these and especially with them having about 30 penalties in their last 10 games Coventry D - Big game, big atmosphere, be a good crowd like 2014-15 game at Meadow Lane Colchester D - Notts away form again Yeovil W - Yeovil awful side, if we don't beat them I'm worried Grimsby D - Play them just at the wrong time yet again as no doubt they'll be out of trouble by late April with the Jolley Roger in charge Luton D - Luton won't be arsed after picking up the title. We won't beat them. Not enough quality What are you thoughts on this and what results do you think Notts will pick up from now till the end of the season?
  22. Over recent weeks I've doubted whether my vlogs are good enough anymore. I feel like they are repetitive and whilst I tried to add new stuff in, in the Stevenage vlog, I don't think it made a difference How do you guys feel about them?

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