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  1. It seems very bizarre that potential new owners would consider Hardy staying involved. He’s brought nothing but bad publicity and his decisions have brought about the downfall of the club. Surely we need a clean slate and to rebuild the whole structure. I’m particularly concerned that it’s not going to be sorted quickly and that’s a massive disadvantage to us for next season.
  2. Absolutely NOT! I won't be setting foot inside Meadow Lane if he's given the job.
  3. I have to question whether the people hurling abuse at the current owners on social media really have the best interests of Notts at heart?! Certainly on the other site it seems to be a personal feud going on!! It doesn't matter who owns the club because whatever they do it won't be acceptable to the keyboard warriors. I just want to get back to it all being about the football and looking forward to matches again!!
  4. An experienced manager required with immediate effect!
  5. I'm not sure how to feel about this news. Alan Hardy felt like the safe option because he's a supporter and local man. I suppose until we know exactly who they are and how much they are worth it's difficult to say! The club needs to be run properly and nobody wants another Munto as in non existent!! It would be great if we really did have very wealthy owners with ambition. I want JF replaced with an experienced manager who knows the English leagues well. Definitely want ticket prices reducing because I believe we'd get more supporters coming to games at affordable prices and thus a much better atmosphere.
  6. @NewNottsFan it doesn't feel quite as bad as it did the night we were waiting to find out if RT was going to put us in to administration! I'm just wondering how long we are going to have to wait to see who is really going to buy us?! It needs resolving quickly.
  7. Moniz getting us relegated at Gillingham with his substitutions was where it all went wrong! However once the decision had been made to sack Moniz it really was a no brainier that an experienced manager came in. Who knows if JF will ever be a good manager because frankly I don't care! I don't blame RT for chucking in the towel but the last thing we needed was an experimental manager. Winter resigning says it all!
  8. After witnessing how poor we were at York, only a miracle will see us win this game!!
  9. Jimmy hasn't been given a chance this season to prove himself. Very disappointed at this news especially as there are some rubbish players still on the books!!
  10. I am grateful to Ray & Aileen for their investment in the club and I was extremely relieved when they chose not to put us into administration after Munto. I don't agree with some of the managerial decisions that have been made and as a loyal supporter and season ticket holder I am entitled to my opinion. I'm willing to give Jamie Fullarton a chance but I do see his appointment as a massive gamble! I don't understand why people feel the need to be so abusive and vile towards the owners. There isn't a queue of people at Meadow Lane waiting to invest millions in the club so demanding the current owners leave is ridiculous. Jamie has a very tough job and for the sake of our club's future let's hope he does succeed!!
  11. I would be disappointed if we are pressing the gamble button with Fullarton as manager, but I think it's more likely that if he is coming to Notts it will be in a coaching role or as the assistant manager. All managers have to start somewhere but Notts really need an experienced league manager to get them up the table and away from the danger zone. I'm not going to throw my toys out of the pram if JF is appointed because I support my team come what may! There's no guarantees that Cooper, Sheridan or any other well known manager can sort us out but they will have experience of dealing with players and their egos!! Whoever it is please start rebuilding the team from the back and get that defence organised.
  12. Not excited by any of the names but if I had to choose one it would be Sheridan.

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